Your Ultimate Christmas Cleaning Checklist

young woman with a bucket and a mop planning to spruce up her house for Christmas

Your Ultimate Christmas Cleaning Checklist

By : Angelina
Everyone waits for this time of the year when the holidays begin, and you get to enjoy plenty of time with your family to celebrate Christmas and other festivities. Traditionally, most families decorate the house, exchange gifts, and most importantly have filling dinners with near and dear ones.

During this time, there are a host of things to do, like shopping for Christmas, putting up decorations, and cleaning the house. Ensuring your house is clean and disinfected before near and dear ones come to visit or stay is essential, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Additionally, cleaning for the holidays is crucial for tenants with an annual or bi-annual lease agreement that would end with the year or at the start of the New Year. It is useful when your hired end of lease cleaning experts in Canberra arrive to deep clean your rented property. Thus, if you want to sanitise your home before the holidays, here is your ultimate Christmas cleaning checklist by professional cleaners.

Declutter Rooms and Sort Christmas Decorations

One of the most important tasks to perform while tidying your house for Christmas is to declutter it. Over the year, you accumulate a host of things that you don’t use or haven’t used for over six months. Additionally, many things become broken or obsolete that need to be thrown away.

Therefore, before you start cleaning, declutter your house and divide things into four categories – keep, donate, resell, and discard. Besides the things to keep, pack everything else securely and label the boxes properly for easy identification of contents.

After decluttering, sort through the Christmas decorations to check which ones work and which ones to discard. Some decorations may be broken or worn, and these items should be packed separately and disposed of responsibly. Sorting the decoration will also help you know if you need to get new ones.

Clean the Kitchen

During Christmas, the kitchen is among the most visited and used areas in the house. Household members and guests all come to the kitchen, and it is used for cooking a variety of meals. Therefore, you need to clean it deeply to prevent cross-contamination and make the kitchen look welcoming. Here are the tasks you need to perform for sanitising it.

  • Declutter the kitchen
  • Take out the trash daily
  • Vacuum the walls, corners, storage units, baseboards etc.
  • Wipe windows, cabinet doors, countertops, slabs, appliances
  • Clean the oven, microwave, sink and dishwasher
  • Sweep and mop the floors

Clean the Bathroom

Similar to the kitchen, the bathroom is a frequently visited and commonly used. Listed below are the tasks you should do to deep clean your bathroom like the professional end of lease cleaners in Canberra.

  • Apply cleaners to toilet, bathtub, and washbasin and give them required dwell time.
  • Vacuum the storage units, walls, windows, and other fixtures.
  • Descale and clean faucets, showerheads, bidets, and spouts.
  • Scrub and wash the toilet, bathtub, and washbasin.
  • Clean mirrors and glass surfaces.
  • Wipe countertops, windows, doors, and slabs.
  • Sweep and mop the floors.

Spruce the Living Room

To spruce up your living room, you have to do the following activities.

  • Vacuum all the surfaces and fixtures in the room.
  • Wipe furniture, tabletops, slabs, counters, and other flat and visible surfaces.
  • Clean and disinfect electronics, gadgets, remote controls, etc.
  • Organise things in the room parallel and perpendicular to each other and the walls.
  • Sweep and mop the floors if you don’t have carpets.

Pay Attention to the Carpets

Make sure to sanitise your carpets if they are dirty and smelling bad. To clean the carpets, treat the spots first by applying a mild and safe cleaner,f then dabbing until the stain disappears. Never rub stains as it can make them embed deeper into the fibres of the carpets.

After spot-cleaning, sprinkle the carpets with baking soda generously and let the powder absorb the dirt, grime, moisture, and smell from the carpets for at least 30 minutes. Vacuum the carpets to collect the powder along with other pollutants. This method is often used by the end of lease cleaning experts in Canberra to sanitise plus deodorise carpets effectively and efficiently.

Clean Windows and Doors

To make your home sparkle for Christmas, you need to clean the windows and doors in all the rooms. Use a mild cleaning solution and microfiber cloths to sanitise these fixtures top to bottom like the end of lease cleaning professionals in Canberra. In addition to cleaning the glass, handles, knobs, and other surfaces; make sure you vacuum the tracks and frames too using the crevice tool.

Wrapping Up

Since during Christmas, family members and friends visit your house, it is necessary you spruce it to look inviting. Therefore, please use this Christmas cleaning checklist to clean and disinfect your kitchen, bathroom, and other areas of the house effectively and efficiently. Having a checklist is beneficial as it helps you streamline your work and get things done without spending too much time.