Why It Is Important to Have a Clean House?

young woman wiping a glass surface with a cloth rag

Why It Is Important to Have a Clean House?

By : Angelina
The emphasis on cleaning and sanitising your house by doctors, health experts, and media can be overwhelming especially for people who usually lack the motivation for regular cleaning. For many cleaning is a chore which is procrastinated frequently, but experts believe not tidying your abode can have several ill-effects.

There are reasons why it is given extreme importance and why you should start sanitising your house regularly if you don’t already. Want to know why is it important to have a clean house according to cleaning experts in Canberra? Have a look at the benefits outlined below.

Helps with Stress and Anxiety

One of the prime reasons why you should clean your house on a regular basis is because it helps with stress and anxiety. Many homeowners don’t realise that clutter and untidiness can weigh on the mind subconsciously and be a reason for anxiety. It is common to worry about cleaning the house and maintaining its appearance daily.

Prevents Household Members from Falling Sick Repeatedly

Due to accumulation of dust, dirt, and other contaminants, the house can become a breeding ground for bacteria, viruses, fungi and other pathogens. Since a house has many common objects of contact and high-touch areas, it is easier for illness-causing germs to transfer causing household members to sick simultaneously if one person is sick.

In addition, the microbes can remain on the objects and surfaces of the property if not cleaned and disinfecting, increasing the risks of household members getting ill repeatedly.

Reduces Accumulation of Germs

Naturally, a property that is soiled by spillage, dust, dirt, messes, and other contaminations has a higher accumulation of germs such as staph, E. coli, salmonella, yeast, mould, and many others.

Although any object or surface in a home cannot be completely free of pathogens according to expert microbiologists, by maintaining a regular cleaning schedule, it is possible to reduce the accumulation of disease-causing bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

The best way to ensure your abode remains sanitary is to use the two-step method of cleaning then disinfecting used by professional end of lease cleaners in Canberra. Experts first clean a surface to remove contaminants and then disinfect it to kill the germs. It is important to follow the steps in the right order because cleaning will not remove germs, and disinfecting will not get rid of microbes.

House is Maintained

Cleaning your dwelling is necessary not only for keeping household members healthy but also for keeping it maintained. Properties that are sanitised regularly have lower risks of attracting pests, mould growth, dirty carpets, and dusty areas. Tiles, floors, countertops, mirrors and other surfaces have better shelf lives when they are dusted and wiped frequently.

What’s more, with regular cleaning you can ensure your home remains clutter and odour free making it more inviting and liveable. Property contents also function optimally as dust, dirt, and grime doesn’t hamper their productivity.

Decreases Risks of Sick Building Syndrome

Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) is a phenomenon that happens when a property remains unclean with poor indoor air quality for long. People who live in such spaces suffer from the syndrome, which causes a variety of nonspecific symptoms like headaches, sneezing, colds, allergies, sore throat, asthma, irritation, skin rashes, etc.

SBS commonly affects people who have mould, dust mites, pests, dirty carpets, dusty surfaces, and poorly ventilated rooms. These pollutants and pathogens are reasons why many people unknowingly suffer from various respiratory and other health problems. By keeping your house clean at all times, you can prevent sick building syndrome by eliminating the factors that cause it.

Why is having a Clean House Important for a Tenant?

As a tenant understanding your responsibility to keep the rented primes is of utmost importance because it helps you with the end of lease cleaning and to move out successfully at the end of the tenancy.

Barring fair wear and tear you have to keep the property in good condition and by maintaining a regular sanitising schedule, you can ensure it remains free of pests, fungal infestations, stains, spots, and other problems that may cause you to spend additionally when the lease gets over.

In addition, if you keep the house clean, then your hired end of lease cleaners in Canberra can deep clean it easily and in time. In addition, you don’t have to shell extra money for additional services and your chances of getting the full refund are higher.

The Bottom Line

Whether you live in a rented house or own it, maintaining cleanliness is important because it helps with stress, keeps household members healthy, prevents the accumulation of germs, and for reasons mentioned above. Thus, it is time to start paying attention if you don’t clean your house regularly. Along with sprucing it daily don’t hesitate to seek the assistance of professional cleaners in Canberra to maintain optimum cleanliness.