Why is Carpet Cleaning So Important For a Healthy House?

Why is Carpet Cleaning So Important For a Healthy House?

By : Angelina

Installing your choice of delicate floor coverings can uplift the entire visual appearance of your house. The best part is that carpets and rugs warm your floor and provide a comfortable place for your kids and pets.

Unfortunately, regular wear and tear can make your floor coverings look dirty and stained. Carpets accumulate dirt, pollen, allergens, debris, grime and pet hair, leading to indoor air pollution. This can cause various health problems, like respiratory disorders, flu, skin allergies, hay fever, and much more. It is important to clean your carpet and achieve a healthy home regularly.

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However, you need to take extra care of your carpets regularly if you want to ensure a healthy indoor environment.

What are the Key Health Benefits of a Clean Carpet?

Regularly maintained delicate floor coverings can enhance the look of your house and promotes the following health benefits:

1. Keeps Dust Mites At Bay

Dust mites are real threats if you don’t keep your carpets clean. Dirt and grime embedded deep inside the fibres can attract dust mites and lead to various health hazards.

Apart from sneezing and runny nose, it can also trigger your asthma and other respiratory issues. These small organisms love to eat dead skin. So, it is good to vacuum your carpets twice a week using a brush attachment. You can use a HEPA-filtered vacuum machine to capture 99 % of dust mites, dead skin cells, germs and bacteria.

This  way, you can maintain a healthy home and keep the diseases like pollen allergy at bay.

2. Prevents Mould and Mildew

Mould and mildew quickly attack a moist and dirty carpet. These small spores can eat up the fibres and damage your floor coverings. In fact, areas around the couch and other bulky furniture where airflow is reduced can also thrive these nasty moulds and mildew.

According to some surveys, mould can be more harmful than smoking as it produces lung spores. If you treat juice spills and splatters immediately, the carpet won’t stay wet, and this will prevent mould infestation.

You can blot the affected area with a cloth dampened in a vinegar solution. Blot with gentle hands, and after that, sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda to kill germs and bad odours. Make sure you vacuum the surface to get rid of baking soda residue.

3. Promotes Indoor Air Quality

Dirt, dust, pollen and allergens tend to collect deep inside the fibres of a carpet and pollute the indoor air quality. If someone in your family is suffering from hay fever, cough, cold, weakened immunity system and other respiratory disorders on a frequent basis, pay attention to your carpet.

Vacuuming and removing stubborn stains regularly can make a huge difference and also improves the indoor air quality– which keeps health hazards at bay.

4. Removal of Hazardous Pollutants

Delicate floor coverings retain sources of indoor pollutants. Plus, pet hair and urine stains and other toxic airborne elements easily trap in the carpet. It is good to vacuum your carpets and remove stubborn and lethal germs using safe and sound products.

Also, use a high-powered vacuum machine to remove deeply embedded pollutants.

How to Keep Carpets Clean and Shiny?

Instead of using harmful chemicals and fancy products, you can use eco-friendly products to maintain the pristine shine of your carpet: You can also teach good cleaning habits to your kids and keep your abode shiny.

1. Vacuum Your Carpet

Make sure you get rid of accumulated dust, dirt, dust mites, pet hair and other allergens using a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner. Use a HEPA-filter machine to trap germs and bacteria. It is good to vacuum your carpets twice or thrice a week.

2. Use Vinegar Solution For Spills and Splatters

Prepare a homemade cleaning agent by mixing one part of vinegar, one part of warm water and 2 tablespoons of dish soap. Spray the solution of spills and splatters and blot it with a clean cloth.

Do not rub, as it will ruin the fibres of your carpet.

3. Treat Tough Stains with Hydrogen Peroxide

If you want to remove mould, mildew and stubborn stains from your carpets, mix one-part 3 per cent hydrogen peroxide and one part of water. Now, dampen a cloth and blot it over the surface.  It is good to treat pet stains with this magical cleaning agent. Make sure you keep house cleaning tips in mind if you have cat or dog.

Professionals also use hydrogen peroxide and other green cleaning products while performing a thorough end of lease cleaning Canberra to keep toxic fumes and other chemicals at bay.

4. Disinfect and Deodorise Your Carpet With Baking Soda

Sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda after removing mould, mildew and stains from your carpets. Leave it overnight. Baking soda is a natural disinfectant and deodoriser that can kill germs and banish bad odours without causing any discolouration.

Make sure you vacuum to clean it to get rid of baking soda powder.

5. Hire Professional Carpet Cleaners in Canberra

You can hire the best company for carpet cleaning in Canberra. They will remove mould, mildew, stains and grime from your carpets without giving you a hint of stress. They follow a proper method to transform your dirty carpet into a shiny beauty.

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Wrapping Up

A clean, germ-free, sparkling carpet keeps dirt and grime at bay and promotes a healthy and hygienic home. If you want to keep allergens at bay, regularly vacuum your carpet, act on spills immediately and banish bad odours using environmentally-friendly cleaning products.