What’s Included In A Bond Clean?

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What’s Included In A Bond Clean?

By : Angelina
If you are moving out of leased property or running out of your lease, then your landlord will come to inspect every nook and corner of the premises before returning your bond amount.

According to the tenancy laws, a tenant has to hand over the rental apartment/house in a pristine state before the final move out. On the other side, a landlord has the right to withhold a part of your rental bond if the property is in a dirty condition.

This means thorough cleaning is required without leaving anything grimy. That’s the reason why most people hire a trained team for a detailed end of lease cleaning in Canberra. Whether it is about removing dust from a ceiling fan or scrubbing off stains from bathroom walls, they will do it with precision.

However, there are some inclusions and exclusions in a professional bond cleaning service. Before hiring any company, make sure you know what is includes in a thorough end of lease cleaning so that you can prepare the property accordingly.

How Bond Cleaning is Different From Regular Cleaning?

Bond cleaning or end of lease cleaning is beyond regular cleaning. It is a detailed activity which involves a lot of time, elbow grease and pro skills. It is not about vacuuming carpets or mopping floors. You have to prepare the entire leased property for the final inspection for the sake of your bond money.

Professional end of lease cleaners in Canberra clean according to the standard checklist approved by REIQ, which includes all rooms from top to bottom. There is no room for overlooking important areas around the property because your bond money is at stake.

From dusting to scrubbing off stains, sanitising to disinfecting, this type of cleaning includes everything to bring back the flawless condition of the rental apartment.

However, some companies don’t include certain areas or things in their cleaning service. They will quote separately for carpet steam cleaning or pressure cleaning. It means you will have to pay extra for additional services along with the bond cleaning solution.

End of Lease Cleaning Inclusions

This is a standard checklist followed by most of the bond cleaning companies in Canberra. To know what includes in a thorough end of lease cleaning, have a look at this checklist.

General Cleaning: A Living Room and Bedrooms

First, arrange all the important cleaning supplies before getting into the process to achieve quick and effective results. Also, start from the top of the room and then move downwards. So, here we go:

  • Getting rid of dust, cobwebs, insect marks and other debris from the walls
  • Cleaning exhaust fans, ceiling fans and air conditioner
  • Wiping off light fixtures and fittings, switches picture frame and baseboard
  • Cleaning skirting boards, doors, and doorknobs
  • Eliminating grease from the tracks of a sliding door
  • Cleaning window glass, sills, frames and edges
  • Dust blinds and curtains
  • Vacuuming mattress
  • Wiping down side tables
  • Washing bed sheets and other bed linens
  • Cleaning cupboards, drawers and shelves
  • Vacuuming carpets and floors
  • Mopping the floor.

Tip: Use microfiber cloths to fetch tiny dust particles, pollens and other debris from different surfaces.

Kitchen Cleaning Inclusions

Have a look and see what includes in bond cleaning while sprucing up the kitchen. This is a checklist followed by trained bond cleaners in Canberra:

  • Remove collected dust from the exhaust fans and ceiling walls
  • Clean your cupboards and drawers inside and out. Do not forget to clean the top of it.
  • Wiping down kitchen countertops, stovetop, knobs and rings
  • Clean and sanitise sink, faucets and unclog drain holes.
  • Polish splashback area
  • Removing built-up grease, burnt food particles, tough stains, and leftover chunks from your oven and microwave
  • Clean refrigerator, the dishwashing machine, coffee maker and BBQ
  • Clean the area underneath heavy appliances
  • Sprucing up the dustbin
  • Mop the floors.

Tip: Use eco-friend cleaning products, such as white vinegar, salt, baking soda, lemon, Castile soap, magic erasers, etc to remove stubborn stains and splatters.

Inclusions in Bathroom Cleaning

A landlord thoroughly inspects the bathroom at the end of your lease because most tenants don’t clean this part of the property thoroughly. Here is what includes in bathroom cleaning

  • Cleaning of windows
  • Cleaning drawers and cupboards
  • Eliminating Dust from Exhaust fans
  • Removing soap scum, mineral deposit and other stains from the showerhead, shower glass, side walls, bathtub and soap holder
  • Cleaning tile grouts
  • Cleaning and disinfecting sink, faucets, and towel rails
  • Polishing mirrors and glass doors
  • Remove gunk, stains and other deposits from the toilet bowl, and behind the area.
  • Mop the floor

A Laundry Room and Other Key Areas

This is one of the most overlooked areas. However, trained cleaners come with a checklist which includes a laundry room and other important areas:

  • Removing dust and dirt from drawers inside and out
  • Cleaning the windows and doors
  • Getting rid of soap residue from a laundry tub
  • Cleaning the washing machine, areas around the appliance and other hard surfaces
  • Disinfecting taps and doorknobs
  • Mopping floors
  • Remove dust, cobwebs and other debris from the walls of your patio area
  • Clean the light fixtures
  • Wiping off balcony railings
  • Remove stains and dust from garage walls and floors.

While these areas include in a professional bond cleaning service, there are various areas which do not include in the standard cleaning. You can contact the company you are hiring and clear your doubts before making the final decision.


There is no escape from an attention-to-detail end of lease cleaning in Canberra. This article helps you know the inclusions for better understanding. For the fast and hassle-free retrieval of your bond, hire professional bond cleaners and pass your final inspection.