What To Expect From Your End Of Lease Cleaning Company?

What To Expect From Your End Of Lease Cleaning Company?

By : Angelina

Are you shifting homes in Canberra and want to ensure you fulfil all your obligations as a tenant before you leave? Then you must make sure you pay your rent on time, complete your dues and keep your rental property in good condition. When you complete these duties and obligations, your landlord will inspect your home and return the bond you paid when you first moved in, which was a form of a security deposit to maintain your rental home.

In Canberra, your rental bond can be up to four weeks’ rent and must be lodged with the ACT Revenue Office. At the end of your tenancy, you can claim a refund for this bond, but your landlord can contest this claim because you damaged the property.

Thus, it is important that before you leave your rental home, you need to do a thorough cleaning and follow a checklist to make sure there are no damages and dirt and grime present.

You can always hire end of lease cleaning Canberra experts for the same, as they are well-trained in deep-cleaning your home and will help get your bond back. If you are still wondering how this works, here is what you can expect from your end-of-lease cleaning company:

What Is End-Of-Lease Cleaning

First, it is important to see what an end-of-lease cleaning is and what it entails. An end-of-lease cleaning in Canberra is an intensive and thorough cleaning of each corner of your home to remove any damages and dirt so the property can be ready for new tenants. Once you have completed this end-of-lease cleaning, your landlord will check the property and return your bond if satisfied.

Thus, it is important to do this end-of-lease cleaning in a highly organised and orderly fashion or, better yet, hire end-of-lease cleaning professionals in Canberra who provide quality and timely services. Here are some things you can expect from these end-of-lease cleaning companies:

What To Expect From End-Of-Lease Cleaning Companies

1. Ensure That You Get Your Bond Back In Full

Your end-of-lease cleaners follow industry standards and pre-approved cleaning checklists to ensure you fully get your bond back. These experts will study your conditional report that shows how your home was at the beginning of your tenancy. They will then use their best tools and solutions to clean every nook and corner of your home and restore it to its former glory. You must make sure your cleaning professionals take photos before and after the cleaning as proof to show your landlord.

2. Provide Detailed Cleaning Of Your Rental Home

It is a good idea to hire an end-of-lease cleaning company in Canberra with years of expertise, as these professionals know how to provide detailed and meticulous cleaning of your rental home. These experts will scrub your toilets, wipe away grime from your windows, steam clean your carpets, vacuum your floors and shine up your mirrors to make your rental home look brand new.


Here are some tips on how to hire the best cleaners in Canberra.

3. Have Advanced Tools And Cleaning Solutions

In an end-of-lease cleaning, you can expect your cleaning staff to work around the clock to spruce up your home using the most advanced tools and cleaning equipment. Each staff member is also trained and verified by the police to ensure that they will do their job safely and professionally. Most cleaning companies will also provide protection value insurance for your items to cover anything in case it gets damaged during the cleaning.

4. Tailored Cleaning With Organic Products

Besides advanced tools, end-of-lease cleaners in Canberra also use organic products that are eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable. These professionals scrub and clean your rental home with natural solutions like baking soda and vinegar, which do not leave any toxic fumes and thus promote good indoor air quality in your rental home. These experts also use biodegradable products that leave no carbon footprints and are thus good for the ecosystem.

5. Free Recleaning Within 72 Hours

If you have hired good quality and experienced end-of-lease cleaning services in Canberra, you can expect that they will do a thorough and good job and meet your landlord’s expectations. If your landlord is still unsatisfied, these cleaning professionals will do a free re-clean within 72 hours to ensure you get your bond back and your home is spotless.

6. Budget-Friendly Packages That Are Tailor-Made For You

Experienced and trustworthy cleaning companies in Canberra will provide you with a range of tailor-made packages for your home. These cleaning experts will first ask you about your home and what needs to be cleaned and will then provide you with an upfront non-obligatory quote. These experts know your moving expenses and costs and will only charge you according to what services you need and include in your cleaning and will provide you with the most budget-friendly options for your rental home.


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 Thus, you can expect your end-of-lease cleaning company to be professional, clean your home in a detailed manner and help you get your bond back. Getting three to four estimated quotes is always best before finalising the company you want and analysing their budget-friendly packages and included services.