What Property Managers Really Look For In A Rental Inspection

What Property Managers Really Look For In A Rental Inspection

By : Angelina
Keeping your rented house neat and tidy is routine for families and individuals. However, accidental spills, built-up grime, food debris, pet hair, stains and accumulated dust allow others to question your hygiene levels. Maintaining optimum cleanliness becomes even more challenging when you have an upcoming rental inspection, which usually happens twice a year in Canberra.

However, there is no need to lose your sleep over the rental inspection, which is done to check the maintenance levels.

During the assessment, the property manager checks whether the tenant is responsibly taking care of the property and reporting damages to the landlord. 

They do not consider fair wear and tear and are only focussed on the upkeep of the leased house.

What Is Rental Inspection in Canberra?

Rental inspection is a routine procedure carried out by the landlord or the property manager to identify the need for repair work and assess its condition. They conduct the first inspection before the tenant leases the house and document the details in the condition of premises report. A copy of the report is handed over to the tenant to avoid bond-related disputes at the end of the tenancy.

Besides this inspection, they conduct two annual rental inspections during the tenancy. It does not require the presence of the landlord or the tenant and can be conducted by the property manager alone. They have to provide a notice for the same to the tenant a week before the due date as per the norms in ACT. If the lessee does not get the notice in advance, they can decline access to the property and ask for rescheduling the inspection date.

Both parties must mutually agree to the time and date. The notice period is the best time for tenants to hire a service provider offering end of lease cleaning in Canberra. It helps ensure the property gets systematically cleaned and sanitised as per industry standards and the property manager is satisfied. However, if you are preparing for the inspection on your own, you need to understand the expectations of the property manager.

What ACT Property Managers Look For In A Rental Inspection?

Property managers review the leased real estate on behalf of the owners to determine the maintenance of the house and check for any breach of the lease agreement by the tenant. Here is a list of things they check during the inspection.

Cleanliness of the Leased Property

They check whether the house is reasonably clean and in good habitable condition. It should be in the same condition as it was at the time of moving into the house. Thus, if the carpet is dirty, stained and soiled due to regular use, you need to get it pressure cleaned by expert end of lease cleaners in Canberra. They provide comprehensive cleaning services that cover every nook and cranny.

They use industry-grade vacuum cleaners to get rid of the fluff and dust and remove the tough stains. If you are cleaning yourself, sanitise the bathrooms and degrease the kitchen countertop, stovetop and oven to showcase top-notch tidiness. The property manager will quickly identify shabby and dirty spaces and send the report to the landlord.

The Condition of the Fixtures on the Property

The property manager will examine the working condition of the fixtures, lights, light switches, smoke alarms, exhaust fans, range hood, etc. They will inspect the bathroom fittings and appliances, so make sure to degrease the range hood and clean the filter of the air conditioner.

Also, the floorboards should be shining and the sliding doors, doorknobs and walls must appear well-maintained. If you are pressed for time, you can hire a Canberra end of lease cleaning company for stunning results.

The Condition of the Exterior of the House

The outside areas of the property are given the same importance as the interiors by the property manager. Thus, the tenant should pay attention to cleaning the garden, mowing the lawn, sweeping the garage and the patio and checking for damage to walls and lime on windows. The outside of the house should be dust and damage-free.

Required Repair Work in the Rented House

Maintenance problems like leaking taps, seepage and dampness of walls, burst pipes, cracked tiles, broken air conditioners etc., will be instantly picked up by the property manager. However, you need to know that the repair work is the responsibility of the landlord and should not be afraid of these issues.

As the tenant, you are responsible for informing about these problems before the inspection and asking the landlord to fix them. If the reason for the damage is beyond the scope of fair wear and tear, you may have to pay for the repair and also arrange for it. So, make sure to care for the house.

 Infestations and Pests like Mould and Mildew

The presence of mould in the house can lead to health issues and turn into a bigger problem if neglected. They can be easily spotted during the inspection. Tenants should use natural ingredients to get rid of this problem to ensure optimum hygiene levels in the house. Professional bond cleaning in Canberra includes mould removal from walls with the help of organic products. So tenants can leverage the service during rental inspection.

Wrapping Up

House cleaning is a necessary and moral responsibility when living on leased property. It helps maintain a good relationship with the landlord and meet the property manager’s expectations during the rental inspection.