What is Bond Back Guaranteed Cleaning?

What is Bond Back Guaranteed Cleaning?

By : Angelina
Planning is one of the crucial things when moving out of a rental property. A responsible tenant/renter in Canberra always pays attention to the maintenance and cleaning aspects because most rental disputes happen due to the property’s untidy condition.

You have to take extra care while sprucing up the leased property. As per the residential tenancy laws in ACT, a landlord has the right to withhold a part of your hard-earned deposited security or bond money.

This is one of the main reasons tenants prefer hiring an experienced company for quality end of lease cleaning in Canberra. They follow the REIACT-approved checklist, which includes all rooms, hard-to-reach areas, and hidden spots so that you can impress your landlord.

However, many don’t even understand the meaning of bond-back guaranteed cleaning and make unnecessary adjustments. As a result, the landlords refuse to hand over the full deposited security.

Here is a complete guide on bond back guaranteed cleaning for every tenant or renter:

What is Bond Money?

It is a payment made in advance by a renter to cover the cost for which they may be liable at the end of the lease. This includes damage to the property, unpaid bills and rent, dirty premises, etc. You can have to pay this after signing the rental agreement.

It will be a sum of any amount up to a maximum of four weeks’ rent. You will get a receipt from your landlord or property manager. Keep it as proof of bond money payment.

What is Bond Cleaning?

The residential tenancy agreement clearly states that a tenant has to clean the rental property before the final move-out. The objective is to get the property back to its pristine condition. First, make necessary repairs and then spruce up every nook and cranny according to an approved checklist.

Gloomy window glasses, dust-laden vacuums, or stained faucets can hold back your bond money. It is good to hire professionals for a bond back guaranteed cleaning in Canberra. Trained cleaners know the process and can do detailed cleaning without giving you a hint of stress.

What is Included in Vacate/End of Lease/Move Out/Bond Cleaning?

It is one of the most detailed cleaning types because a landlord or property manager in ACT inspects every inch of the premises and may find excuses to hold back a part of your hard-earned bond money. A professionally trained end of lease cleaner Canberra follows a proper checklist and maintains a cleaning standard. The inclusions of Bond Cleanings are:

General Cleaning

  • Get rid of cobwebs, dust, insect marks and grime from ceiling walls
  • Clean fan blades, air filters and ducts of your air conditioner
  • Remove accumulated dust from light fixtures and fittings
  • Spot clean walls, power points and light switches
  • Wipe down doors, skirting boards and architraves
  • Clean picture frames, shelves, cabinets and other hard areas
  • Wash windows inside and outside if they are accessible.
  • Vacuum blinds, sliding door tracks and carpets
  • Clean the tile flooring before the rental inspection.
  • Sweep and mop hardwood floors
  • Kitchen

  • Start by cleaning the cupboards, drawers and cabinets- inside, outside and top
  • Remove stains and grime from a stove top, rings and elements
  • De-grease your microwave, oven and BBQ
  • Deep clean a fridge, a coffee maker and a dishwasher
  • Clean behind and underneath heavy appliances.
  • Wipe countertops
  • Clean and disinfect a sink and faucets
  • Unclog the garbage disposal
  • Range hood cleaning
  • Clean the splash back area.
  • Bathroom

  • Vacuum exhaust fans to remove collected dust particles
  • Clean inside and out all drawers and cupboards
  • Remove soap scum, hard water stains and grime from your shower head, screen
  • Clean shower curtains and glass door
  • Remove stains and mineral deposits from a bathtub, soap holder
  • Deep clean and disinfect toilet, behind ‘S bend and around the rim
  • Remove stains from tiles and grout lines
  • Clean sink and polish all towel rails and tap
  • Polish mirrors.
  • Laundry

  • Remove dust and grime from cupboards and drawers
  • Clean inside and outside dryer
  • Sweep beneath the washing machine and dryer
  • Wipe tapware, tiles, shelves and cabinets
  • Clean walls and floors
  • Use best methods to clean wooden blinds
  • Mop the floor.
  • Other Important Areas

  • Remove cobwebs from your garage walls
  • Deep clean patio area
  • Sweep and mop the area
  • Tips to Find A Good Bond Cleaning Company

    If you want to retrieve the full bond back from your landlord, book an experienced company specialising in end of lease cleaning. Here is a quick guide to help you find the right option:

    1. Consider recommendations

    It is good to ask your friends, family and neighbours about a reliable company in Canberra that can give you quality cleaning with a bond back guarantee. This will give you clarity and peace of mind.

    2. Read Online Reviews

    Look for reliable sources on the internet where you can find genuine reviews about the shortlisted companies. Do not fall for sugar-coated reviews. Instead, consider the genuine ones and avoid hiring a company having extremely bad reviews.

    3. Ask Questions

    This is one of the best ways to lock your final decision. You can also register a complaint if they ask you to pay extra dollars for unnecessary things.


    As a responsible tenant/renter, you should know the meaning of bond back guaranteed cleaning and other key aspects to avoid disputes. This guide will make your end of lease journey a bit easier. Make sure you hire the most-trained end of lease cleaning Canberra and retrieve your full bond amount.