What Is a Property Condition Report Why Does It Matter?

What Is a Property Condition Report Why Does It Matter?

By : Angelina
According to the rental statistics in Australia, around 31 % of people live in rented homes. The demand for leased accommodations has been increasing with each passing year. Unfortunately, most rental disputes and complaints are lodged at the end of a tenancy.

As a tenant or renter, you must check the entire property before signing the tenancy agreement. You are also obliged to return it in a clean condition for the hassle-free retrieval of your bond money.

In the middle of this, a property condition report plays a crucial role. It is important to complete the property condition report after inspecting the entire premises, from top to bottom. This document describes the condition of the rental property in a detailed manner.

You should mention everything from property damages to broken windows to mouldy surfaces before moving into a leased apartment. It is important to be aware of your responsibility for any maintenance and repairs of a rental property. You can fill the report accordingly and move out with ease.

This will also help the professional end of lease cleaners in Canberra to spruce up every nook and cranny for the best outcomes. They also follow the pre-approved checklist to help you get the full bond back.

What is a Property Condition Report?

It is a crucial element of any residential tenancy in Canberra, ACT, as it outlines the current condition of the premises at the beginning and end of a tenancy. The report should include details on a room-by-room basis.

This means the exact contents and condition of the rental house. It should state if anything around the property is in poor condition or broken, such as a crack in the wall, stained carpets, broken windows etc.

The property condition report should include the rooms or items that are dirty, stained or mouldy. Images, text and videos can be used for this report. The best part is that it can be used in resolving disputes about damage or dirty areas at the end of a lease.

Make sure you remove all furniture to clean carpets, floors and other surfaces before the arrival of professional cleaners. This will make the process easier for them.

vNecessary Steps for a Property Condition Report in ACT

  • A property owner or manager, also known as a lessor, inspects the entire property and creates a property condition report. Two copies of the report will be handed over to the tenant.
  • If a tenant or lessee disagrees with the condition within the report, they have seven days from receiving it to note their changes or make additions within both copies and return one copy to the landlord. This means you, as a tenant, have the right to inspect the property thoroughly and mention everything, whether a broken door or a chipped bathroom tile. You can also click photos and add this to the property condition report.
  • If a tenant doesn’t provide the landlord with an updated copy of the property condition report within seven days, he is taken to agree with the report.
  • Note: The proper procedures must be followed to avoid any dispute related to the report.

    Why Does a Property Condition Report Matters to Tenants?

    When a tenant moves out of a rental property, an end of lease inspection is conducted, and the property’s condition will be compared to that of the original condition report. Landlords and property managers go through the entire premises to check for any damage apart from general wear and tear.

    They will return the entire bond money if nothing is dirty or damaged. That’s one of the reasons why tenants prefer hiring professionals for a detailed end of lease clean in Canberra.

    However, before signing the agreement, a tenant must walk around your new rental property and mention any issues or damages. This way, you can avoid unnecessary disputes when moving out.

    It might seem like an overwhelming task, but it is essential if you want to protect yourself as a tenant. You don’t want to be held responsible or pay for the fixes or issues at the end of your tenancy that you were not accountable for. So, inspecting the property, filling out the entry condition report and submitting it before the deadline is good.

    You can use photos and videos as evidence so that you can show them to the landlord if he disagrees on a certain aspect.

    In short, a property condition report can help you get the bond money back at the end of your tenancy.

    At the end of a tenancy, make sure you remove dust from hard surfaces, vacuum your carpets and clean the file flooring before the rental inspection for the sake of your bond money.

    Why is a Condition Report Essential for a Landlord/ Property Manager?

    A condition report is important for a landlord because it records the actual condition of a rental property before a tenant moves in. It documents any existing damage, wear and tear, or other issues related to the property, providing a point of reference for both the landlord and the tenant.

    This helps ensure that the tenant is held responsible for any damage or deterioration during their tenancy.

    As a landlord or property owner, this report helps you see exactly where your property needs repairing work. A landlord has to clean before the tenant move in and prepare a condition report. This can decide if you want to claim for any damages or dirty areas at the end of a tenancy.

    On the other hand, the tenant can do repairs if damaged during their tenancy and hire professional end of lease cleaners in Canberra for a meticulous cleaning before the final move out to get the full bond back.

    Wrapping up

    This is a complete guide on a property condition report because it helps protect the interests of both the landlord and the tenant. It provides a clear and agreed-upon understanding of the state of the rental property in Canberra. Make sure you read renting and occupancy laws  and get your full bond back without any rental conflict.