Tips And Tricks For DIY Window Cleaning

Tips And Tricks For DIY Window Cleaning

By : Angelina

Are you avoiding cleaning your windows because it will take too much time and energy? Cleaning your windows is no easy task as you have to scrub off stubborn dirt and bird droppings from your panes. You also have to ensure no streaks remain after wiping your windows so the sunlight can stream through properly. However, if you follow the right cleaning hacks for your interior and exterior windows, you can make this process easier and get bright, airy windows in no time.

This will improve your home’s curb appeal, as your dirt-free and shiny windows will leave a lasting impression on guests and new tenants.

You can also take the help of end of lease cleaning Canberra experts to deep-clean each corner and crevice of your windows at the end of your tenancy. But if you are doing a DIY window cleaning, you should use the following tips and tricks to help you out:

Tips And Tricks For DIY Window Cleaning

Over time, your windows can accumulate dust from outside, bug droppings, cobwebs, and mould spots. Also, during pollen season in Canberra during September and October, your windows can collect pollen dust that can trigger allergies like asthma and rhinitis. Therefore, it is important to deep-clean your windows to remove all these contaminants and make your windows shine and sparkle.

You should also clean your window screens and blinds as dirt and dust can gather in these areas and affect your indoor air quality. To help you clean your windows and blinds on your own, bond cleaners in Canberra have suggested the following tips and tricks:

1. Gather Multiple Cleaning Supplies In Advance

Bond cleaners in Canberra recommend arranging your window cleaning tools in advance and keeping multiple supplies. This will help you clean all your exterior and interior windows in one go, and you won’t have to wait to purchase more cleaning tools. You should also keep multiple microfiber cloths, squeegees, DIY cleaning solutions, glass spray bottles and old cleaning rags.

2. Clean Your Windows On A Cloudy Day

If you clean your windows when the weather is sunny, the sunshine will dry the cleaning solution quickly, leaving streaks on your windows. Thus, you must clean your windows on a cloudy day so that your cleaning solution has time to loosen and remove dirt and dust from your windows.


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3. Use A Cleaning Solution That Is Free From Chemicals

Next, professional bond cleaners in Canberra suggest that you avoid using harsh, abrasive chemicals to clean your windows, as these can damage the structure of the glass and weaken it over time. Also, these chemical solutions can drip down to your window tracks and frames and wear out the material and finish.

Thus, it is best to use natural and homemade solutions that you can find right in your pantry, like white vinegar and dish soap. To make this solution, mix one teaspoon of white vinegar with one cup of water and a few drops of dish soap and keep the solution in a glass bottle. The acetic acid in the vinegar will loosen and remove tough stains and dirt from your window panes and will not damage the structure and frames.

4. Remove Dirt From The Frames With A Microfiber Cloth

You should also start by cleaning your window frames, as the dust can drip down your panes and dirty them later. So, dip a slightly damp microfiber cloth in a few drops of dish soap. Wipe your window frames with this cloth from top to bottom and dry the area with a clean old rag or microfiber cloth. If you have wooden frames, avoid using too much water, which can cause moisture and dampness and attract mould spores.

If the window frames have mould spots, saturate the microfibre cloth with white vinegar. It is an effective mould killer which also prevents regrowth or fungus. Just make sure the surface is dries completely after applying the vinegar to get the best results.


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5. Use A Squeegee To Clean And Dry Your Window Panes

To clean your window panes, it is best to use a squeegee with a clean rubber blade that will easily wipe away dirt and dust. Start from the topmost corner of your window and move your squeegee in an S motion to cover each corner and part of your window. Start with this motion and then use horizontal and vertical strokes to remove the vinegar-cleaning solution.


Always move from top to bottom and left to right when cleaning your windows to avoid dirty water dripping onto a clean area.

6. Deep-Clean Your Window Blinds With Tongs

Lastly, cleaning your window blinds and screens using tongs and a microfiber cloth is also a good idea. Wrap two cloths around each part of your tongs and then slowly move one tong from left to right and switch it once it becomes dirty. If stubborn stains won’t come off with just the cloth, spray some vinegar solution on the cloth and then wipe the blinds.

Some Additional Tips: 

  • Clean your window tracks with a toothbrush dipped in baking soda.
  • Always wipe your squeegee after wiping each section to remove dirt.
  • Never use a razor blade on tethered window glass, as it can scratch the surface.
  • Spray the cleaning solution on the microfiber cloth, not directly on the glass, to avoid streaks.
  •  Tip: 

    If you are looking for a professional finish to cleaning your window, here are some useful tips.

    7. Hire Professional Cleaners

    Window cleaning is especially challenging when the fixtures are heavily soiled and the glasses are cloudy. You can try to restore the fixtures to their former glory, however, if your efforts fall short don’t hesitate to hire professionals for window cleaning. Since the experts have the training, expertise and right supplies, they can easily remove built-up grime, mould spots and stains from windows.

    Additionally, they have the expertise to clean windows without causing damage. Taking professional help is necessary when you are ending a tenancy. Hire professionals for bond cleaning in Canberra who specialise in deep cleaning fixtures and help get your bond back without hassle.


    Using the above tips and tricks, you can clean your windows like a pro and have them shining in no time. It is important to deep-clean your windows at least every three months and call a professional cleaner to scrub and remove dirt from high external windows.