The Best Way To Effectively Clean Grout Discoloration

The Best Way To Effectively Clean Grout Discoloration

By : Angelina

Tiles are visually pleasing, durable and often easy to clean. However, the story is completely different when it comes to tile grout. Grout is known to get stained easily and frequently. The reason is simple: it is light-coloured and comprises a porous composition, and that is why it is prone to staining. Dirt and grime are normally the culprits when it comes to tiled entryways. While in the kitchens, spills are the ones that should be blamed.

But the good news is that cleaning grout is not expensive at all, especially if you are willing to do it yourself. It is fairly straightforward to restore your grout through the usage of household products. Hiring budget end of lease cleaners in Canberra is best if you are leaving your rental property soon. But at other times, you should learn to do it yourself. Here is the best way to effectively clean grout discolouration. Follow this procedure to ensure your grout is as clean as ever.

1. Prepare the DIY Cleaning Solution

It is essential to prepare an effective and eco-friendly cleaning solution for cleaning the grout. Avoid using commercial products as they are filled with harsh chemicals which are not ideal for maintaining a healthy environment. Get a bucket out and prepare a mixture of warm water and a small amount of mild dish soap.

For every gallon of water, use one teaspoon of dish soap. Stir thoroughly, and the solution will be ready. This cleaning solution is not only effective but is also gentle. By using it, you will ensure that you are not causing any damage to the surface.

2. Treat the Stubborn Stains

Before dealing with the entire grout area, cheap end of lease cleaning in Canberra recommend tackling the stubborn stains. Start by carefully inspecting and identifying the tough stains. They will most likely appear as darker patches. They will be more resistant to common cleaning methods.

Get an old toothbrush and dip it in a soapy water solution. Next, apply the solution to the stain. Let it sit there for a few minutes. It will enable the solution to infiltrate and loosen the discolouration. It will make the process of removing it easier.

3. Start Scrubbing the Surface

Once you have pre-treated the stubborn stains, it is time to scrub the entire grout area. Remember, the primary goal is to eliminate the stains without causing any damage to the grout.  Firstly, get a scrub brush that has stiff bristles, as it is one of the best cleaning brushes. It should be in a good condition.

Next, dip the brush in the DIY cleaning solution you prepared. Apply it to the small sections of grout lines. While scrubbing, use circular motions to effectively get rid of the discolouration. This method assists in dislodging the dirt and stains. Apply moderate pressure, specifically on the areas that have much more visible discolouration.

4. Thoroughly Rinse and Dry

Once you are done with scrubbing, it is crucial to follow up with rinsing the grout through clean water. Use a fresh cloth or sponge to make sure there are no signs of soapy residues left. This step is essential for guaranteeing that the cleaning solution remnants are not there to gather dirt and grime in the future. After rinsing, carefully dry the area using a clean and dry cloth.

The budget end of lease cleaners recommend using proper drying techniques to keep potential moisture-related issues away, including mould growth. Consistent and thorough cleaning is an integral part of achieving and maintaining your grout’s new-like appearance.

5. Repeat The Cleaning If Needed

After completing the cleaning process, carefully inspect the grout lines to confirm that the entire discolouration is eliminated entirely. In a few cases, specifically the ones where you are dealing with tough stains, there will be visible stains left. If you see it, then it is a must to repeat the entire cleaning process once more.

The tough stains often require multiple rounds of cleaning for full removal. Avoiding a second round is a grout-cleaning mistake. Being persistent and doing what is necessary is important to keep your grout in a pristine condition.

6. Apply a Grout Sealer

An optional yet beneficial step for maintaining your grout’s condition is to use a grout sealer. Basically, it acts as a protective barrier and keeps future discolourations and stains away. For proper application, follow the guidelines and instructions provided by the manufacturer. Appropriate sealing assists in keeping your cleaned grout looking amazing for a prolonged period of time. It provides maximum protection against future staining.

It serves as a shield, repelling potential pollutants. Grout sealer helps immensely in making cleaning tasks easier in future. By using a grout sealer, you are making way for long-term preservation. Although this step is optional, expert end of lease cleaners in Canberra highly recommend it for maintaining the grout in exceptional condition.

Wrapping Up

Keeping your tile grout in good condition is hard work. Restoring your grout to its original form will require quite a bit of effort. Following a proper and effective cleaning process, along with doing it on a regular basis is vital. Use this step-by-step guide to ensure that you are cleaning your grout the right way and are able to maintain its visual appeal.