The Art of Having a Pet and a Clean House

The Art of Having a Pet and a Clean House

By : Angelina
Australia is a pet-loving nation, as two third of its households have a pet, meaning there are more pets in the country than people. Most people enjoy having a loving animal(s) at home because they are a source of happiness, companionship, humour, and belonging. However, keeping a pet is not easy as they need love, care and attention. Furthermore, the struggle to have a clean house with a pet is real when you have dogs, cats and other fur babies that leave behind hairs, smells and dirt marks everywhere. A dirty house is a serious problem, especially when you are a renter. Landlords in Canberra cannot have a no-pet policy, but you need their approval if they ask to disclose your pet status. It also means you are responsible for damage and cleanliness-related issues and can lose your bond if they are unaddressed before your tenancy ends. Many people hire professional end of lease cleaners in Canberra to thoroughly clean and disinfect rental properties to help get your bond back in full. However, you must maintain optimum house sanitation with pets generally to keep your home neat and odour-free at all times. Thus, here is your complete guide to mastering the art of having a pet and a clean house.

Clean Your Pet’s Paws after Outdoor Visits

Make sure to thoroughly wipe your pooch’s paws with a soft brush or cloth to remove dust, dirt, and grime. Cleaning their paws every time you bring them indoors after an outdoor visit will reduce dirt spots, dust and scuff marks on floors, carpets and baseboards. Keep the cleaning supplies in the mudroom or at the entrance to always remember to sanitise pet paws and their legs as well if they are dirty.

Invest in Stain-Resistant Furniture

Get stain-resistant couches, chairs, pet beds and other furniture to clean quickly and prevent bad smells in your house. Pet stains on household furniture are difficult to remove when the upholstery absorbs them, and the stain spreads. You can use enzyme cleaners to eliminate these messes immediately after they happen. However, moisture or spills will run off if you get good-quality furniture with stain-resistant fabrics. Also, you will only need to wipe with a microfiber cloth to remove dust, dirt and smudges.

Remove Pet Hair Regularly

After a tiring day, you can skip removing pet hair from the couch, carpets and other areas. However, the more you procrastinate doing this task, the more difficult it becomes to get rid of pet fur in your home. Thus, develop the habit of removing pet hair daily to prevent excessive strands from gathering in one place. Use a rubber squeegee or latex gloves to bunch pet hair and easily pick them up, then throw them in the garbage. Do this activity before vacuuming household surfaces and fixtures.

Get an Automatic Vacuum Cleaner

Robotic vacuum cleaners are a godsend for pet owners because you can schedule them to clean carpets and floors remotely. These advanced machines have superior technology and sensors to navigate their way around your house without your manual intervention. They can independently vacuum your entire house collecting dust, debris and pet hair. You can set a timer or turn the vacuum cleaner on your mobile device.

Create Daily Cleaning Checklist

Cleaning your house routinely is key to having sanitary surroundings and keeping pet smells at bay. Therefore, streamline your daily tasks by creating a complete house cleaning checklist. Include necessary chores like dusting, vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, and others on the list. Using a checklist is a professional technique of trusted cleaners who offer end of lease cleaning Canberra. It helps them complete house cleaning without wasting time, energy or effort.

Groom Pets Outside

Avoid mess indoors by grooming your pet in the yard or deck. Whether you want to bathe or brush their fur, do it outside to minimise pet hair, grime and dirt in your home. Taking this measure will also keep away dust mites and illness-causing germs in the house. While grooming your pet outside, keep everything you need on hand to avoid running inside to grab them and dirty household areas in the process.

Get Area Rugs for Pets

Every pet has a favourite spot where they love to sleep, sit and relax. To keep these areas from becoming smelly and dirty, get area rugs that you can place where your pet sits. This way, you can protect floors, carpets and the couch from wear/tear and damage. Vacuum the area rugs to keep them fresh and fur-free at all times. Additionally, please give them a good wash every week to maintain sanitation and increase their shelf-life.

The Bottom Line

Once you master the art of having a pet and a clean house, you can enjoy the love and care of your pooch even more. Thus, use the tips above to keep your home neat and tidy, even with pets. However, at the end of a tenancy, hire professional end of lease cleaners in Canberra to deep clean the rented premise and ensure you can get 100% of your rental bond back.