The 10 Best Upholstery Cleaners of 2023

The 10 Best Upholstery Cleaners of 2023

By : Angelina
Upholstered furniture looks elegant, welcoming and characteristic, which is why most people keep it in their homes. Besides being aesthetically appealing, upholstery on furniture serves a greater purpose. It aids comfort because it includes the fabric, padding, webbing, foam and springs that cushion the furniture. Since the upholstery cover material is exposed to environmental elements, it collects dust, dirt, stains and grime.

If you fail to clean it routinely, millions of bacteria, fungi and other pathogens develop on it, causing bad smells and increasing the risk of allergies. Dirty upholstery can be home to 1.5 million dust mites. What’s more, if you live in a furnished rental property, unclean upholstery makes bond cleaning in Canberra challenging & reduces your chances of getting your bond back.

You must regularly perform upholstery cleaning to keep pollutants and germs at bay. You need a good upholstery cleaner to get effective results and sanitise furniture covers efficiently. You should know natural/commercial products and equipment that sanitise upholstery well. Thus, listed below are the 10 best upholstery cleaners of 2023.

The Best Natural Upholstery Cleaners

Since chemical cleaners already impact the environment, the need of the hour is to go green and use natural upholstery cleaners. Thus, here are some products that come in handy while you are performing upholstery cleaning and even bond cleaning Canberra.

1. Aunt Fannie’s – Cleaning Vinegar Surface Spray 

It is a multipurpose cleaning spray comprising the goodness of distilled white vinegar and essential oils like rosemary, lavender, eucalyptus and lavandin. You can spray this solution on the upholstery to routinely remove stains, spots, dust and grime. This natural cleaner is free from ammonia, bleach, parabens and other harmful chemicals.

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2. Wipeout – Baking Soda Bicarb & White Vinegar Spray

Combing the power of baking soda and white vinegar, this organic upholstery cleaner can effectively wipe out tough and stubborn stains from upholstery, carpets, kitchen and almost all surfaces. Thus, it is perfect for upholstery cleaning, regular domestic cleaning and also bond cleaning in Canberra. It is a non-toxic, versatile product that you can use without worrying about exposure to harsh chemicals.

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3. Isopropyl Alcohol 1L Pure 100%

Isopropyl Alcohol, popularly known as rubbing alcohol, is another green and effective cleaner for removing grime, pet stains, normal stains and spots from upholstery. All you need to do is mix 1/4 Isopropyl Alcohol, 1 teaspoon dish detergent, 1 cup of water and a few drops of essential oil in a bucket. Next, dampen a microfiber cloth with the solution and wipe the upholstery to clean it.

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The Best Upholstery Cleaning Equipment

Vacuum and steam cleaners come in handy while performing upholstery cleaning. These equipment tackle dust, dirt, germs and allergens embedded deep into the fibres of upholstery materials and padding. They also are great for cleaning carpets, floors, mattresses and other household surfaces. Therefore, you must have one of these machines in your home.

4. BISSELL SpotClean Pro

Need a powerful machine to vacuum upholstery quickly and keep it sanitary for longer? Get the BISSELL SpotClean Pro, the perfect machine to remove spots, spills, dust and stains from upholstery, carpets, rugs, car seats and more. This machine utilised vacuum suction, brushing and cleaning solution to provide excellent results without applying elbow grease.

5. Hoover CleanSlate Plus Carpet & Upholstery Spot Cleaner

Got small children or pets at home? They can make keeping upholstery spot and odour-free challenging. However, if you have Hoover CleanSlate Plus with a pet kit, you can permanently tackle most common stains, spots and messes on upholstery and carpets. It has features like hose rinse, dual tanks, and pet tools that make it a perfect cleaner for family homes and pet owners.

6. Tineco carpet Complete Cleaner

Often people want a versatile equipment that can clean upholstery and works well on carpets. If you are among them, the Tineco icarpet Complete Cleaner is the best option. It is a heavy-duty wet and dry cleaner that washes carpets and cleans upholstery with a handy stain remover and hose.

7. McCulloch MC1375 Canister Steam Cleaner

Steam is a natural and non-toxic cleaner that instantly removes pollutants and kills germs. Therefore, it is suitable for upholstery sanitation and keeping other household surfaces clean. If you want an effective steam cleaner, the McCulloch MC1375 is a good choice. It comes with microfiber and scrubbing mop pads in addition to 20 other versatile accessories for house cleaning.

Best Commercial Cleaners for Upholstery Cleaning

Natural cleaners should be your primary choice for upholstery cleaning, but if you need a quick fix for stains and spots on furniture, you can use the following commercial upholstery cleaners.

8. Rocco & Roxie Supply Co Professional Strength Stain and Odor Eliminator

For effective and efficient upholstery cleaning, the Rocco & Roxie Stain and Odor Eliminator is the ideal product. It is an Enzyme-Powered cleaner that treats stains and odours from common spills, pet accidents and kid’s messes. You can use it on other surfaces besides upholstery as well. It leaves no residues and is non-toxic, making it a pet and children-friendly cleaner.

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9. Weiman 3-in-1 Deep Leather Cleaner & Conditioner Cream

If you have a leather sofa, chairs, bed boards and other upholstery, the Weiman 3-in-1 is a must-have upholstery cleaner. It is a non-toxic cleaner that removes smudges, spots, and stains from leather upholstery in your home, car or other areas.

10. Scrub Daddy Astonish Upholstery Cleaner Spray

If you need to deep clean the upholstery or carpets in your rental property for bond cleaning in Canberra, then the Astonish Upholstery Cleaner is a godsent product. It is a deep cleaning spray that removes tough stains and neutralises bad odours. It has a thick and foamy shampoo that is also suitable for wool and synthetic fibres. Thus, you can clean most fabric upholstery with it and get excellent results.

Wrapping Up

Upholstery cleaning is challenging without the right cleaning products and tools. Therefore, if you struggle to keep your upholstered items neat and spot-free, use this guide to get the best upholstery cleaners of 2023. Use them for regular sanitation or bond cleaning to get great results and reduce your stress.