Ten Reasons to Clean Your Carpets Year Round

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Ten Reasons to Clean Your Carpets Year Round

By : Angelina

When the climate is warm and people go outdoors, it is imperative that the custodial departments do not forget about what is supposed to be done indoors. Carpets form a vital part of the indoors. Usually during cold seasons, the carpets come really handy. Hence it is also important that such carpets shouldn’t be neglected.

These delicate floor coverings add comfort and warmth to your feet. However, it collects a lot of dust, dirt, grime, pollen and allergens that can pollute the indoor air quality and lead to various breathing problems.

Cleaning the carpet year round becomes really essential. And here is why!

Ten reasons to assert that proper maintaining and cleaning the carpet year round is important!

1) Because Cleaning Increases The Lifespan

You would have invested quite a fortune on the carpet and it is normal to expect them to be worth of what they are paid. Cleaning the carpet extends its lifespan. If the carpets are frequently cleaned with the help of extraction method, it can significantly prolong the life of the carpet and secure your investment on floor covering.

2) Because Health is Important

The air is very essential while we stay indoors, and purer the air, healthier we will stay. Carpets play a major yet unnoticed role in this regard. They actually secure the air quality indoors. Carpets have the property of trapping the pollutants that are airborne. Nonetheless, these pollutants from the carpet must be removed regularly so that the carpet continues to regulate the air quality indoors.

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3) Makes The Regular Cleaning Easy

We all love to do what is easier rather than do tasks that are tedious. Well, if you frequently just clean the carpet, the whole maintaining issue turns to be effortless. The carpet soiling usually consists of dry soils. When you keep the carpet cleaned on a frequent basis, these dry soils are easily removable just by regular vacuuming.

4) Would You Like a Carpet With Stains And Spots?

None of us like spots and stains, do we? Well, cleaning the carpet year round can result in removal of stains and spots. Just like other soils, stains and spots can attract the soiling more. So, it is good to treat spills and splatters as soon as you see them by blotting it with a paper towel. You can also use white vinegar and soapy warm water solution to treat stubborn stains from your beautiful carpet.

You can also consider 10 carpet cleaning secrets if you want to save extra money while restoring its beauty.

5) Carpet Soiling May Be The Reason of Various Infections

Health is an important concern in a family and we all are aware of it. But very few of us do all it takes to maintain the health adeptly. We might stay conscious about our food habits and hygiene, but what surrounds us, also can affect our health. The soiling of the carpets actually results in accumulation of various unhealthy contaminants like bacteria and allergens. Cleaning the carpets frequently will help you evade the risks pertaining to health.

6) Because Your House Needs To Be Presentable!

The outlook of the home speaks for us. We all invite guests and they happen to come over to our place only to find our home is in good Nick. How pleasing is that! A cleaned hygienic home can impress anyone. And as we have mentioned earlier, carpets form an integral part in the looks of our homes. Clean and nicely maintained carpets can tell loads about the all over hygiene of our homes or a facility for that matter.

7) Cleanliness Affects Your Mood Too

If we are to consider our workplaces, even there it is vital to have the carpets cleaned thoroughly and here is why. Needless to say, our surroundings can definitely affect our moods. If our surroundings are pleasant, our minds are always rejuvenated and active.

In work places, this is very important. A nicely maintained environment in the work places can enhance the morale of the worker. The worker is able to feel better about his or her surroundings when it is neat and clean. This will positively affect the mood and leads to better work efficiency. And when we say environment, we are also talking about the carpet! Hence, they need to be cleaned often.

8) For a Pleasant Atmosphere?

We, as humans, always seek for a fresh and clean atmosphere. If the carpets are made to look and feel fresh and clean, our atmosphere will be pleasant. That’s why regular vacuuming is important because it can keep pollen, allergens and dust mites away from your home.

9) Because you won’t like insects invasion at home

A lot of insects can make their residence in the carpets and this can be really irritating. Especially, we all undeniably hate bedbugs and dust mites. If dust mites can cause allergies, the bed bugs can snatch away a good night’s sleep from us. If we have to stay away from these problems, it is important we clean our carpets regularly.

10) To cope up with the warranty

Every carpet comes with a warranty. If the warranty of such carpets is supposed to be maintained, it is essential we keep the carpet in good nick. Many of the carpet warranties require that the extraction method must be used to clean the carpets within a particular amount of time which is often twelve to eighteen months.

Now, that you know of all the reasons which will want you to keep your carpets clean year round, it’s on you to make a call between doing it yourself, or hiring a professional. However we suggest you go with the professional carpet cleaner.

Why Should You Hire A Professional Carpet Cleaner?

Most of the people are inadvertently unaware of the fact that the carpets, upholstery and rugs are different and are made up of several different fibres. A professional cleaner will know exactly how to deal with every single kind and also will know the appropriate methods to be employed for particular spots and stains.

If you chose to rent a machine and try to get rid of stains off a costly carpet, the results could prove to be dissatisfying. There are risks of damages that involve browning of the carpets, shrinkage, setting of stains and also problems of odour that are a result of too much wetting of the carpet.

If you manage to hire a professional carpet cleaner often, say every 18 months, you could be lessening the risks of allergens and pollen allergy, which will in turn keep a healthy atmosphere. They will also know methods to increase the lifespan of the costly carpets you own.


To conclude, people hire an expert carpet cleaner because of the successful results they can generate. So what are you waiting for?! You can also hire certified end of lease cleaners in Canberra to get your bond money back without any dispute.