Smart House Cleaning Tips Every Cat And Dog Owner Should Know

Smart House Cleaning Tips Every Cat And Dog Owner Should Know

By : Angelina
According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, over 38% of households in Australia own a dog, and 27% own a cat. These pets bring a smile to your face when you walk through the door and brighten up your mood when you are having a bad day.

But owning a dog or cat also comes with the responsibility of tidying up after them. According to a study, homes with pets had a huge amount of bacteria and germs.

Even though most of these bacteria are not harmful to humans, it is important to clean and dust your home and remove pet hair and dander. Doing so will help you breathe fresh air and have a tidy home, and even your pets will be cleaner and healthier.

Here are some smart cleaning tips given by expert cleaners who offer end of lease cleaning Canberra to help you out:

Cleaning Your Home

1. Gather Your Cleaning Caddy

Your first step should be to arrange a cleaning caddy full of supplies so that you have everything you need whenever there is a pet accident or food spill. Your cleaning caddy should consist of the following:

  • White vinegar
  • Warm water
  • Spray bottle
  • Shaving cream
  • Microfiber cloths
  • Dish soap
  • Toothbrush
  • Microfiber sponge
  • Baking soda
  • Latex gloves
  • Baby wipes
  • Vacuum
  • 2. Place Indoor Doormats Around Your Home

    You should place indoor rugs or doormats in all areas of your home where your dog or cat likes to lounge. Place doormats under your sofa, near your dining table and at all entrances and exits. You can spray white vinegar on these rugs and then clean them with a damp microfiber cloth. You can also use carpet tiles around your home so that if there is a pet spill or accident, you can replace the tile.

    3. Scrub Mud Off Carpets

    If your pet has muddy feet from running around outside and spreads it on your carpets, then you should let the wet mud dry. You should then use a toothbrush to brush off all the mud and vacuum the remains with a vacuum cleaner.

    If there is a mud stain, you must spray white vinegar and leave it for 30 minutes. The acid in the vinegar will lift the stain and dirt, and you should be able to wipe away the stain with a clean microfiber cloth.

    Important Tip

    Before you use vinegar on your carpet, you should test it on a hidden portion to see that it does not damage the fabric or colouring.

    1. Deodorise Floors And Surfaces With Baking Soda

    Professional bond cleaners in Canberra recommend that you use baking soda if your cat or dog has peed on the carpet or rugs or if their particular scent has filled your home. Baking soda is a powerful deodoriser and can remove strong urine and pet smells in no time.

    Sprinkle as much baking soda as you like over your carpets, surfaces and floors and leave it off for 15 mins. Lastly, vacuum all these areas and watch the smells disappear.

    2. Use Shaving Cream For Stains

    If your dog or cat has had an accident on your carpets and has left a stain, you should spray shaving cream on it. Leave it for 5 minutes, then wipe the area with a damp microfiber cloth dipped in warm water. Shaving cream is powerful enough to eliminate even the toughest stains like cat urine and dog vomit.

    3. Rub Latex Gloves On Your Sofas And Upholstery

    If your sofas and chairs are full of pet hair and dander, you do not have to spend hours trying to scrub them off. You should just put on a pair of latex or rubber gloves to remove pet hair from your carpet and furniture. The pet hair will stick to these gloves and come right off. You can then wash these gloves with water to remove pet hair and dander.

    4. Wash And Disinfect Pet Toys And Tools

    Did you know that your pets’ hair and urine are full of parasites that can transfer to you and cause major infections and diseases? Among these is the deadly leptospirosis disease that is spread through pet urine and causes vomiting and fever. It can even cause kidney failure, liver failure, and heart disease in severe cases.

    Therefore to prevent the spread of these harmful parasites, you must hire bond cleaning experts in Canberra to do a deep cleaning of your home. You should also regularly wash your pet’s toys and clothing in a bowl of dish soap and warm water to prevent these infections from spreading. Wash and scrub each item separately to eliminate germs, leaving them dry.

    Additional Tips

  • Clean your pet’s muddy paws at the door to prevent the spread of dirt and germs in your home.
  • You should use baby wipes to clean all the small dead skin cells and hair between your floor tiles.
  • Make sure you regularly brush your pet’s hair to prevent it from spreading, and have a clean home.
  • Place throws and blankets over your sofa and upholstery where you and your pet can relax. You can easily wash these in the laundry and keep your home clean.
  • Lastly, you should use more durable and pet-friendly materials like velvet and leather for your furnishings as they are easy to clean.
  • Conclusion

    Thus, if you follow the above cleaning tips, you can keep your home clean even with a cat or dog. You must also regularly groom and bathe your pet to prevent infections and diseases and keep your floors and surfaces in top-notch condition.

    For more deep cleaning of your home, you should hire bond cleaning professionals in Canberra who will eliminate even the toughest pet stains and spills.