Simple Tips & Tricks To Save Money On Cleaning Supplies

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Simple Tips & Tricks To Save Money On Cleaning Supplies

By : Angelina
Keeping your house clean is essential and thus a significant part of the household expense. If you visit a supermarket, you will notice that there are different cleaning products for different things – from the carpet to the toilet and oven to bathtub.

Investing in each of these products frequently can be costly for you. But do you really need to spend that much money to keep your property clean? Luckily, there are a few ways to minimise your cleaning expense. If you ever hire professionals who offer end of lease cleaning in Canberra, try to notice how brilliant they execute the cleaning task without spending too much money.

Here are some simple tips & tricks to save money on cleaning supplies. Let’s have a look!

Do regular cleaning and dusting

If you regularly clean and dust your rooms, then it will reduce the need for vigorous cleaning. As a result, you will not require more cleaning products, and that will save some money.

That is why it advisable to get rid of the spills and stains at the earliest. Regular cleaning and dusting will keep your home spick and span without the need for cleaning products in huge quantity. It will reduce the frequency of purchasing various types of cleaning products, so you will save money.

Use cleaning products in an appropriate amount

People usually have a misconception that the more cleaning products they will use to clean a surface, the quicker and better it will get clean. However, it doesn’t work like that. By using the cleaning products in excessive quantity, you are not only wasting the money but also causing problems.

These products have many harmful chemicals, so the excessive use of the product means more chemicals on the surface. It will damage the surface in the long run and pollute the indoor environment.

Use natural products to clean

One of the best tricks to save money on cleaning supplies is to use natural products to clean your home. Experts believe that instead of wasting money on different types of cleaning products, you should use natural household products such as baking soda, white vinegar, lemon, natural salt, hydrogen peroxide, borax, castile soap, essential oil, etc.

All these products are equally effective and easily available but more importantly, these chemical-free and way cheaper than the commercial products. Professionals, who perform environment-friendly end of lease cleaning in Canberra, opt for these cleaning products. A little research will help you to know which product is more suitable for which surface in your house.

Declutter your house from time to time

If you want to save money on cleaning supplies, you must remove unwanted and irrelevant items from your home from time to time. Getting rid of such items that you don’t need will not only cut short your cleaning time but also the cleaning expenses significantly.

Time to time, inspect all the room and look for things that you don’t need in future. You should also clean your room daily and keep it in an organised manner. It also reduces the need for more cleaning products.

Avoid specialty products

There is a specific cleaner for all the different spots these days, such as dishwasher, sink, oven, etc. so you will different types and brands of cleaners in the market. Many people purchase all these cleaning products and use them to get optimum quality cleaning.

However, you need to understand that this is nothing but a marketing strategy to sell more products. So, by purchasing different products, you are only wasting your money. Instead of buying different cleaning products, prepare an all-purpose cleaner at home.

The professionals who carry out end of lease cleaning in Canberra also use such cleaner. Take 2 cups water and add hydrogen peroxide (3/4 cup), liquid castile soap (unscented one teaspoon), distilled white vinegar (1/2 cup), and tea tree oil (10 drops) in it. Mix all the ingredients properly and pour into a spray bottle, use it whenever you want.

Use reusable cloths and mops

Disposable cleaning items can reduce the hassle of cleaning and might be a healthier option, but it the long run such items can affect your household budget. Therefore, if you want to save money on cleaning supplies, pick cleaning products that you can use again and again.

So, you should minimise the purchase of paper towels, disinfecting wipes and other similar cleaning supplies. Invest money on duster, mops and gloves that are washable.

Purchase the store brands

Do you know the difference between the cleaning products of a specific company and the products that a store sells under its own brand name? Well, experts believe that both the cleaning products are similar, but people believe that the company brands products are more effective.

So, they usually opt for the company branded cleaning products. Experts believe that if you want to save money on cleaning supplies, then go for the store brands because they are also providing the same products and at a cheaper rate than the branded ones.

Purchase quality products

When people want to replace their vacuum cleaner or mop, they go for the cheapest model, and that is where they make a mistake. They focus on the short term saving, but they do not consider the fact that how much money they will have to spend on its repair or replacement.

In such a scenario, people spend way more money than what they save by purchasing a cheap product, and it can be frustrating. So, if you also make the same mistake, it is time to change your mindset and purchase good quality products that assure reliable performance in the long run.

Use cleaners to the last drop

Many people have the habit of throwing their cleaning products the moment they realise that is it almost empty. However, they do not realise that this habit in the long term leads to wastage of money. Thus, you should always use cleaners to the last drop.

For instance, if there is a little laundry soap in the bottle, you should put it upside down and allow the solution to drip into the cap of the bottle. There is another excellent way! You can pour a bit of water in the container of the detergent, put back the lid and shake it well for a minute or two, and finally use it. These two tricks will help you use the product at least one more time.


People spend a lot of money on cleaning supplies without any hesitation. They do not realise how much money they can save if they follow the right methods. The tips & tricks mentioned here will help you to save money on cleaning supplies.

So, the next time you clean your home, consider these tactics to accomplish your cleaning perfectly and without spending too much money.