Questions To Ask When Hiring End Of Lease Cleaners

Questions To Ask When Hiring End Of Lease Cleaners

By : Angelina

If you are nearing the end of your tenancy, one of the major tasks you will have to deal with is end of lease cleaning. If your home is not in the best condition, then you may not get your bond back in full. This makes the cleaning process the most important task. The landlords and property managers expect to get the residence in the same condition as it was when your tenancy started.

Completing end of lease cleaning by yourself is very difficult because cleaning the entire home while preparing for the move consumes a lot of time and energy. This is why homeowners prefer hiring companies that offer professional end of lease cleaning in Canberra. However, before you do the same, it is a must to ensure the company is genuine and reliable. Here are the questions to ask when hiring end of lease cleaners. The answers will help you identify the company’s authenticity.

1. How Much Experience Do You Have?

One of the most basic yet important questions to ask the cleaning company is how long they have worked in the cleaning industry. When communicating, ask about their experience and request examples of successful end of lease cleaning. An authentic company will confidently use such examples or case studies to showcase their abilities. Generally, any company with over 5 years of experience in cleaning rental properties can be trusted. So, research properly before choosing a company and ensure they have at least 5 years of experience in the industry.

2. What Services Do You Provide?

Before choosing any company, it is a must to know the type and variety of services they offer. Most cheap end of lease cleaners in Canberra offer more than one service. Some of them offer weekly as well as monthly home cleaning services. Additionally, check if the services include the coverage of all areas, including the kitchen, bathroom, walls, floors, carpets, windows, etc. Learning about their extensive checklist helps you make sure no vital aspect of the cleaning process is ignored. It will give you a clear picture of what to expect from the service provider.

3. Are You Insured and Licensed?

One of the ways a company showcases its reliability is by ensuring that they are licensed and insured. Ask the company about the insurance coverage and get details about the policies. The specific details should include coverage for damage, accidents, or liabilities during the cleaning process. Learn about their satisfaction guarantee or re-cleaning policy as well. Make sure they are licensed, as the companies with licenses are often committed to providing the best services. They must have a business license from the state in order to operate legally and provide services like end of lease cleaning in Canberra.

4. Do You Use Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products?

Cleaning products and tools hold major importance when it comes to safety and effectiveness. Ask the company about the types of products and equipment they use for conducting cleaning sessions. It is best to avoid hiring a service provider that uses commercial products that are filled with hazardous chemicals, which cause health problems, such as skin allergies and respiratory disorders.

They are also harmful to the environment. Prefer companies that understand the importance of eco-friendly cleaning and only utilise natural products. Also, request for information on whether they will bring the supplies or if you need to provide them. Having a clear discussion about it can lead to a smooth and efficient cleaning process.

5. Is Your Staff Trained and Qualified?

One of the primary questions to ask when communicating with a cleaning company is if their staff is trained and qualified for the job. It will help you know the quality of service they provide. Trained and qualified professionals are likely to make fewer mistakes as compared to the ones who are new and untrained.

Ask the company about their certifications and training programs related to end of lease cleaning. You should also ask for information about the hiring process and background checks. Lastly, ask if the team that performed the property assessment will clean the house or not.

6. Do You Provide a Bond Back Guarantee?

Another very important question to ask the company is if they offer a bond back guarantee. Reliable end of lease cleaners in Canberra ensure that you will get your bond back. Their services will meet the standards set by landlords or property managers. So, clarify the company’s terms and conditions of this guarantee. Learn about the actions they will take to deal with the issues that might affect the chances of you getting your bond money back. Ask if they will deal with any issues raised by the landlord. This will ensure that they are committed to helping you get your bond money back.

Wrapping Up

There is no better way to get your bond money back than by hiring professionals. However, it is crucial to ensure that the company is authentic and reliable. By asking the questions mentioned in this article, you will be able to hire the best company.