Pre And Post Christmas Cleaning Tips

Pre And Post Christmas Cleaning Tips

By : Angelina
The Christmas holidays are about family gatherings, fun evenings, celebrations and good food. However, most people are always concerned about the cleanliness aspect of their home pre and post-festive season. They hire professional cleaners who offer end of lease cleaning Canberra at the best prices.

Families prepare their homes for the festival. They clean the entire house from top to bottom according to the checklist. From walls to windows, curtains to cupboards, carpets to countertops, everything will be taken care of when preparing the house for the Christmas celebration.

However, the stress level increases when you are at the end of your lease. Moving out before Christmas Eve is good so you can celebrate the festival. You can hire professionals for quality end of lease cleaning Canberra, ACT.

If you feel overwhelmed with the seasonal task, here is a complete list of pre and post-Christmas cleaning tips to make your work easier:

Pre-Christmas Cleaning Tips

It is good to follow these tips and prepare your house for the festive season:

1. De-clutter Your rooms

It is good to purge unnecessary things from the common areas to make your house look spacious. This will also save your cleaning hours before as well as after the event.

De-clutter room at a time and categorise items into three different sections: keep, toss or donate.

2. Pay attention to your Living Room

This is the place where you enjoy Christmas Eve with your guests. Make sure you deep clean it using a proper checklist.

  • Start by eliminating the accumulated dust and grime from fans, air ducts, walls, light fixtures, windows and blinds.
  • It is good to vacuum your upholstery furniture like a sofa, carpets, rugs and floors two days before Christmas.
  • Spot clean your walls
  • Treat stubborn stains from carpets using white vinegar and water solution
  • Clean windows inside and out
  • Vacuum door tracks
  • Make space for a tree
  • Clean the dining table
  • Decorate your living room.
  • Clean wooden blinds
  • 3. Clean Your Fridge, Oven and Microwave

    Do not forget to de-grease your microwave and oven using white vinegar/lemon and warm water solution. You can also use baking soda to remove stains, oil splatters and grime from your oven and microwave.

    Empty your fridge and toss unnecessary food items to make more space for the cake, beverages and other items for the party.

    4. Clean Special Glassware and Cutlery

    If you have special glassware and dishes for Christmas Eve, take them out so that you can remove stains and grime.

    5. Bedroom Cleaning

    It is good to change the sheets so that your rooms look clean and organised. Make sure you wash dirty linens in a washing machine. Change the pillow covers and other linens.

    6. Bathroom cleaning

    This is one of the important areas to clean before 25th December 2022. Make sure you scrub the bathroom walls, doors, and shower screen. It is important to clean the bathtub and remove mineral deposits from the toilet and rim. Clean and disinfect the sink and faucets. You can also follow the complete bathroom cleaning checklist by pros for sparkling results.

    Post-Christmas Cleaning Tips

    The Christmas holidays are always joyous when celebrating the festival with loved ones. However, the seasonal mood fades quickly when you see a messy home. So, here are some quick tips for post-Christmas cleaning:

    1. Strip the Christmas Tree

    Take your tree down carefully and save your headache for the next year. Wrap the lights and loop the cord of lights and secure it in a plastic bag.

    Also, take down decorative items, like balloons, stars, and Christmas balls, from the tree and pack them.

    2. Treat Carpet Stains ASAP

    The longer stains stay, the more challenging it becomes to remove. So, blot the affected area using a damp cloth. You can spray white vinegar and warm solution and apply baking soda to remove stains.

    3. Clean Your Appliances

    Get rid of spills and splatters from your oven or microwave if you cooked something. Wipe the countertops, stovetop and dining table as well.

    4. Clean the Dishes

    Make sure you clean the dishes, glassware and other special cutlery, ornaments and other utensils using mild dishwashing liquid and warm water.

    5. Wash Your Linens

    Wash all ornaments and bed linens and put them away for other festive occasions. Dry clean certain things and keep them in safe storage.

    6. Sweep and mop the Floor

    It is important to clean your floor to remove dust and any loose debris. Sweep every nook and cranny before mopping the surface. Use water and mild dishwashing liquid to remove stains and grime.


    These quick and easy pre- and post-Christmas cleaning tips will make your work much easier. Make sure you use safe and sound products and treat stains, grime and grease. If you are at the end of your tenancy, hire professionals for an affordable end of lease cleaning Canberra to get your bond back without any dispute or conflict. They will come to your place and spruce up every nook and cranny to give you quality outcomes.