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Remarkable Office Cleaning In Canberra

A cleaning service that ensures excellent service quality!

We are the commercial cleaning experts in Canberra who offer world-class services for all types and sizes of commercial properties. We aim to provide the highest standard of cleaning using the most advanced methods and practices. We have been offering custom-made solutions to business owners who need professional and thorough cleaning of their commercial spaces. We are proud to say that we are the leading office cleaning partners for several high-profile brand names in Canberra – thanks to our technical expertise, professionalism and total quality management. Our highly motivated cleaners check every corner of your office and create a tidy and hygienic workplace within your estimated budget. With our services, you can rest assured about making your office an attractive and highly productive workplace.

Excellent Support

We never shy away from fulfilling our duties. You can provide us with your needs, and we will get the job done.

Value For Money

Our packages offer the complete value for the money and comfortably fit into your monthly budget.

Checklist Compliant

We follow a customised checklist which adheres to the one approved by the REIACT and meets all the requirements.

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With our office cleaning service, you can make a lasting impression on your customers and business partners.

With our office cleaning service, you can make a lasting impression on your customers and business partners.

A commercial premise acts as the reflection of the business and thus should be flawlessly clean and tidy. It must create a favourable environment for the workforce to put their best foot forward. Here are the qualities which set us apart from others.

Highly Recommended

We are the trusted partners of a variety of businesses in Canberra and have been servicing them for years.

Proficient Staff

Our teams are highly-qualified and extensively trained to service the commercial premises with ease.

Strong Support

We know the importance of a guiding force and thus are available to guide you at every step.

Transforming Office Spaces

Trusted Office Cleaning Partners In Canberra

Make your employees and customers happy by keeping your commercial space clean and hygienic. Bond Cleaning in Canberra is the ultimate choice for thorough and professional commercial cleaning. We offer tailored packages to meet the specific requirements of a variety of commercial spaces within their budget. Our customer-driven approach and proven methodology have enabled us to build long-term partnerships with our clients. We take care of every aspect of the property, from the entrance, workstations, and windows to washrooms and cafeteria. So if you are looking for office cleaning in Canberra at affordable prices, then give us a call today for the best offer.

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We Create Pristine Office Spaces That Make An Impression!

Why Choose Office Cleaning In Canberra?

We are the experts when it comes creating immaculate office spaces within your budget. This is the reason why we are the first choice of business owners in Canberra.

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Commercial Cleaning Without Any Fuss

As a leading cleaning company in Canberra, we aim at leveraging the best technologies and green-cleaning products. Our dedication towards providing accurate and environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions are consistently gaining momentum and encouraging people to move towards safer cleaning services. We recruit the best cleaners in town and train them to handle challenging situations. With a strong reputation in Canberra, we continue to grow and expand our business and strive to achieve nothing but the best for our customers. With us by your side, you can rest assured about the quality of cleaning as we are the best in the business.

Specialist Services For Commercial Properties

At Bond Cleaning in Canberra, we have the potential to meet all your custom cleaning needs without resorting to the use of harmful chemicals to get rid of the stubborn stains. We arrive at the property at the given time and clean every corner with efficiency. We re-check all the spaces before leaving and let you inspect the place for your satisfaction. We don’t disappoint our customers because we love what we do and our cleaners always put your needs first. Our primary aim is to meet your specific requirements and offer you the ultimate cleaning experience so that you can create the best impression on your stakeholders and consumers.

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1000Happy Customers
850Bond Cleans Completed
Office/Commercial Cleaning
  • Removing all the current rubbish and replacing the Bin Liners
  • Dust all the horizontal surface like desks, furniture, chairs, etc.
  • Damp wipe all furniture and disinfect them using all natural chemicals
  • Vacuum and mop all the hard floors, Cushion, etc.
  • Cleaning light switches, walls, removing marks and fingerprints
  • Removing cobwebs from entry and cornices
  • Perfectly Spot Clean Glass and windows without leaving a single streak mark
  • Polish all steel and brass items
  • Remove splash marks from walls and basins
  • Polishing taps and make them sparkling
  • Wipe down all cabinet covers and cupboards inside out
Entrance/Reception/Office Area
  • Remove Rubbish and replace Bin Liners
  • Vacuum all carpets and Mats
  • Vacuum all hard floors
  • Vacuum under all Cushions
  • Dust all Horizontal Surfaces like chairs, desks, other furniture.
  • Damp wipe all furniture with Disinfectant
  • Mop and disinfect all hard floors
  • Remove marks and finger prints from all Light switches and walls
  • Remove cobwebs from entry and cornices
  • Clean automatic glass door inside & out
  • Spot clean all Glass
  • Polish all brass and bright work
  • Spot clean all walls and painted surface
  • Collect all rubbish, bottles etc. from the front entrance of the building
  • Ensure all the area is cleaned and arranged properly
Toilet & Bathroom Areas
  • Stock Toilet Tissue, hand towels, facial tissues and hand soap
  • Empty Rubbish bins and wipe if needed and replace bin liners as required
  • Clean and polish mirrors
  • Wipe hand towel cabinet covers/hand dryers
  • Wipe down door sills – remove all dust
  • Toilet and urinals to be cleaned and disinfected on both sides and disinfected/sanitised and wiped dry
  • Clean and sanitise all basins. Polish all bright work to basins
  • Dust Partitions, tops of mirrors and frames
  • Remove Splash marks from walls around basins
  • Mop clean restroom floor with disinfectant
    • Remove all Rubbish from all areas
    • Polish all brass and bright work
    • Vacuum all hard floors
    • Mop all hard floors with disinfectant
    • Spot clean internal glass in Lifts
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What our client are say

We wanted a get the house cleaned before leaving as it had become really shabby over the years. We were surprised to see that it looked spotless after you guys were done. Spectacular job! Thanks a lot for the great work.”

Olivia McAuley

Things were looking bad when we were shifting the furniture. The house needed an overhaul and these guys did just that. It was awesome. We are going to recommend you to all our friends. Thanks guys!

Samantha Sturgeon

Called here for last-minute clean...but didn’t expect such a good result! Definitely saved me! Maria was an awesome cleaner.

Edward White

One of the best experience i had with a bond clean. I have experienced bad cleaners before, believe me. You can leave the job to these guys and stay stress free, My inspection went smoothly and got approved by the property manager without any problem arising. A job well Done!

Rob Cabogna4
Lead Manager
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Certified Staff

Our trained professionals are verified by the police and fully insured to provide the safest services.

Lasting Partnerships

We believe in building successful partnerships with our customers who hire us for long-term services.

Quick Cleaning Solutions

With the help of contemporary equipment and methods, we are able to provide quick cleaning solutions.


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