Is Professional Cleaning Required At The End Of Tenancy?

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Is Professional Cleaning Required At The End Of Tenancy?

By : Angelina

Before moving out, every occupant is required to perform end of lease cleaning to return the property in the same ‘sanitary and habitable’ condition it was leased. In standard rental contracts end of lease cleaning, also referred to as bond cleaning is mandatory for the tenant to secure the security deposit or bond.

Since the task of cleaning the entire property for the final moving-out inspection is challenging and time-consuming, more and more tenants are opting to hire professional end of lease cleaning companies in Canberra. However, it doesn’t negate the fact that a lot of tenants still prefer to do it themselves.

Therefore, it is natural the question ‘Is professional cleaning required at the end of tenancy’ arises often. If your tenancy is about to end and you’re contemplating this questions, experts say it is best to hire professionals. Here are the reasons why taking their assistance is wise and tips for finding a cleaning company in Canberra.

The Lease Contract may have a Professional Cleaning Clause

It is sensible to reread the lease contract to refresh your memory regarding the terms & conditions to fulfil before moving out. There should be a section detailing the requirement for end of lease cleaning and if there is a clause stating the property needs to be cleaned professionally, then hiring experts is required.

According to standard contracts, the charges for bond cleaning are born by the tenant. You may have to pay for the cleaning job directly, or your landlord may arrange professionals to do the job and deduct the cost from your deposit.

Hiring Professionals Will Help Save Time and Energy

End of lease cleaning is extremely different than regular or spring cleaning because the entire property is to be covered. It takes a significant investment of time and energy which tenant may not have considering there are so many things to do done while moving out.

Therefore, it is wise to take the assistance of an affordable end of lease cleaning company in Canberra. It will send two-three or more professionals to inspect the property, start the job, and complete it within a few hours. While the cleaners are working, you can take care of some other moving-related task or tend to the needs of your family.

End of Lease Cleaning is Hectic Even for Expert DIY Cleaners

It is common for people adept at DIY cleaning to try to perform the final moving-out sanitation themselves to save money. However, it may not be enough to secure the complete deposit as bond cleaning is a challenging task that cannot be managed alone. It requires cleaning the entire property from top to bottom that includes wall washing, removing mould, professional windows cleaning, vacuuming/steam cleaning/shampooing carpets, and much more.

To perform the tasks, a variety of industrial-grade equipment, effective products, and the right techniques are required, which DIY cleaners don’t have, making the job even more hectic for them. Therefore, it is prudent to plan the expenses to hire an affordable end of lease cleaning company in Canberra that will send a team of professionals.

Getting Professional Cleaning Done Can Help Avoid Deposit Disputes

It is wise to get the property purged by expert end of lease cleaners in Canberra to avoid deposit disputes arising from cleaning issues or inadequate cleanup. It is common for landlords to make deductions from the bond if the property is not deemed clean according to industry standards.

To prevent this from happening, taking the assistance of professionals helps as they follow a certified cleaning checklist to tend to each area and know what the landlord/realtor will check during the final moving-out inspection. The experts are adept at cleaning commonly missed spots, heavily soiled areas, dirty carpets, windows/doors, oven/BBQ, and much more.

In addition, these experts can be contacted for pressure washing, upholstery cleaning, carpet shampooing and other additional cleaning services that are not included in the standard package.

Tips for Finding a Cleaning Company

Here are expert tips for finding a reliable and affordable cleaning company in Canberra to meet your end of tenancy cleanup requirements.

  • Go for a local company because the cleaners will be acquainted with what landlords in your suburb or city require from the end of lease cleanup
  • Before searching the internet for reliable and affordable cleaning companies in Canberra ask your family members or friends for references
  • Shortlist a few companies and call or email them for quotations and to get an idea of what is included in their end of lease cleaning packages. It would be wise to inquire about additional services as well.
  • Compare the quotes, reviews, ratings and market reputation of the shortlisted companies to choose the one that is reliable and affordable.
  • In addition to checking reviews and rating, get client referrals from companies to get live feedback about the company’s cleaners.
  • Also, ask about the cleaners’ availability on different dates in case you have to postpone or pre-pone. Most reputed companies will have resources available seven days a week but ensure you book the cleaners in advance, especially during peak seasons for moving.
  • Furthermore, get an estimate of the hours it will take the cleaners to complete the job and what are the company’s policies for scheduling re-cleans.
  • Always ask what the professionals cost for cleaning furnished and unfurnished properties because the rates may vary as it is easier to clean an empty property.
  • See if the company you’re booking assures doing their best to help you get your bond money back.
  • Also, make sure to know if the company provides green cleaning solutions and uses only biodegradable products.

Wrapping up

Getting your property cleaned professionally at the end of the lease is required for several reasons, as mentioned above. It is wise because it increases the chances of securing your bond besides saving you time and energy. Hence, if you’re planning to move out of a rented property consider hiring professional end of lease cleaners in Canberra.