If Your Home Smells Funny, Check These 7 Problem Areas

young woman covering her mouth because of bad house smell

If Your Home Smells Funny, Check These 7 Problem Areas

By : Angelina
Tracking down funny and musty smell in the house seems to be one of the most intimidating tasks. Identifying the sources of strange odour can be overwhelming because a home can harbour different types of lingers- such as pet urine, fried fish, cigar smoke, clogged garbage disposal, wet and damp surfaces and much more. While some household smells are merely noxious, others can lead to harmful diseases, especially if you have kids at home. If you are living in a rented property, keep your house clean and keep the bad odours at bay. Also, consider hiring certified professionals for a detailed end of lease cleaning in Canberra if you are at the end of your tenancy. They not only remove visible dust and grime but also detect the sources of bad smells and banish them before the final inspection. If you want to get rid of the funny smell on your own, then check these 7 problem areas and make your abode smell fresh again.

1. Check Your Bathroom

If your home is lingering with sewage or bathroom odour, then check your bathroom as soon as possible. That funny odour may indicate a clogged vent pipe or plumbing system. So, make sure you run water through all drains to unclog the pipes. Do this once a month to avoid this problem. The water heater can also cause a sewage smell. If the smell lingers while running the hot water, then replace the anode rod of the heater.

2. Rotten Smells

Is your nose sending out the rotten smell in your home? If yes, then it could be an old tomato or potato that has fall into the back of your heavy kitchen appliances and cabinets. But the chances are more that a rat has collapsed inside the walls, crawl space or chimney of your kitchen. So, call the professionals in Canberra and get your chimney and crawl space checked as soon as you encounter this nasty smell.

3. Pet Urine

Having a furry friend at home means experiencing distinctive odour from carpets, upholstery furniture and other areas. The smell of pet urine can be an indication of a mould and mildew problem that needs to be resolved as soon as possible. Make sure you vacuum clean your carpets and furniture regularly to avoid such smells. You can freshen up these areas by sprinkling a generous amount of baking soda after removing pet stains. Leave it overnight and vacuum the carpet to get rid of residue and lingering smell. You can also hire the professional end of lease cleaners in Canberra if you are at the end of your tenancy. They will vacuum the carpets and spruce up every nook and cranny of the premises to help you get the bond back.

4. A Fishy Smell

If something fishy smells in your abode, it might be a sign of an overheating or burning electrical component. The funny odour can linger due to frayed cords or wires, faulty outlets, overloaded circuits or other electrical faults. Make sure you address the problematic area quick otherwise it could create a more dangerous situation, such as a house fire. Tip: Call the electrician to resolve the problem quickly.

5. Musty Smell Due to Mould

If you are noticing a musty odour in your home, then it could be because of mould and mildew growth in moist areas. Both are two different types of fungi that harbour in the moist or damp environment, such as kitchen, bathroom, and basements. The black spores can leave the unpleasant smell behind if not treated quickly. It can also cause allergy and respiratory issues. So, detect the mould and mildew infestation in your home and keep the windows and doors open. Make sure your pipes are sealed, and a basement is dry, or you can run a dehumidifier to minimise the amount of moisture in the indoor air. If you want to keep your house free from musty smell, then treat mould immediately. Remove the black spores using white vinegar and dishwashing liquid solution. You can also apply hydrogen peroxide and baking soda because they don’t contain harmful chemicals.

6. Smells Like an Rotten Egg

If your home smells like rotten eggs, then it could be due to the gas leak in the house. Make sure you check the burner valves immediately to ensure no sources of gas have been left on. If you can’t detect anything, then open all your windows and call the professional.  This can be an emergency situation, so handle it patiently.

7. Trash Odours

Are you one of those who don’t throw their trash daily? If yes, then you can experience a funny or nasty smell around your home. The household trash can become unbearable due to leftover food or rotten vegetables, etc. It is good to throw your trash, especially kitchen trash daily and clean the can using vinegar and baking soda. First, clean the garbage can using the white vinegar solution. After that, banish bad smell by applying baking soda paste. Wash and rinse it for better results.


Finding the source of a funny smell in the house is quite challenging but not impossible. You can check these 7 problematic areas and get rid of unpleasant odours. In case you are preparing your rental for the final inspection, hire professionally-trained people for an affordable end of lease cleaning in Canberra and impress your fussy landlord.