How Will COVID-19 Pandemic Change Our Lifestyle And Cleaning Habits?

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How Will COVID-19 Pandemic Change Our Lifestyle And Cleaning Habits?

By : Angelina
The COVID-19 pandemic has had a severe impact on everyone’s lives which will be lasting for years to come. Already people have made significant changes in their lifestyles by staying indoors, working from home, practising social distancing, and being proactive about sanitising. This situation is dire, and scientists are working round the clock to find a vaccine for treating COVID-19. Even with the vaccine, life will not be the same as cases will be reported in future as well for which making specific changes and safety measures permanent will be required. Here is an in-depth guide on how will COVID-19 pandemic change lifestyles and cleaning habits.

Cleaning Habits

According to cleaning experts in Canberra, more and more people have become sensitive and attentive towards sanitation actively taking measures to ensure personal hygiene is maintained. Besides understanding the importance of washing hands regularly and using hand sanitisers when required, people are being proactive and focusing on keeping their homes clean as well. Here are some of the cleaning habits that should be focused on during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. 1. Use TGA-Approved Products Using cleaning and disinfecting products approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration for sanitising your home is ideal. Investing in TGA-approved products is wise to clean your house for regular sanitising. Even professionals who perform the crucial tasks of end of lease cleaning in Canberra use these products because they are reliable and effective. 2. Clean then Disinfect It is common to assume cleaning and disinfecting are the same, but both are different activities and part of a two-step process. The first step is to clean the surface or object to remove any dust, dirt, grime, or other pollutants. After the surface/object is free of contaminants, the second step is to apply a potent and safe disinfectant that is capable of killing dangerous pathogens like coronavirus, staph, H1N1, E. Coli etc. Following the two-step sanitising process is effective and practised by experienced professionals who perform end of lease cleaning in Canberra, which is a major sanitation activity that needs to be done correctly. This two-step process will help to remove contaminants and kill germs in your home like a pro. 3. Regularly Sanitise High-Touch Surfaces Stopping the transmission of dangerous microbes like coronavirus, staph, E. Coli, and H1N1, among others, is manageable by cleaning then disinfecting high touch surfaces in your home. According to professionals who perform commercial cleaning, spring cleaning and end of lease cleaning in Canberra, the most effective method to make any home sanitary and safe to live during and after a pandemic is to sanitise common points of contacts. These include switches, handles, doorknobs, remote controls, landlines, appliances, etc. 4. Disinfecting Delivered Packages & Supplies Ask every member of your household to wear disposable gloves and masks while picking up packages and supplies delivered to the doorstep. The next step will be to take the item(s) to a yard or any other outdoor space to dust then disinfect it using a potent disinfecting solution made with one part bleach and ten parts water. This disinfecting solution is used by many professionals who provide end of lease cleaning solutions in Canberra to kill a variety of bacteria, viruses, and fungi for different surfaces. Therefore, it is a reliable and effective solution to kill germs on delivered packages/supplies and can be easily made at home. Alternatives that can be used instead of this bleach-water disinfect include rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, or TGA-approved products.

Lifestyle Changes

People have made significant changes already as the government has imposed a quarantine which means there is social distancing, everyone is staying at home, and venturing out is done only for performing essential activities. At present, these lifestyle changes are being made to flatten the curve and stop the spread of the dangerous COVID-19. However, according to experts, the impact of the pandemic will be lasting, making it necessary to make specific alterations to the ways residents of Canberra and other parts of Australia live. Some of the lifestyle changes that are expected to be made or remain are mentioned as follows. 1. Maintaining Social Distance With the emphasis put on practising social distancing to avoid contracting the disease via water droplets or touch, it will be practised in the future as well. Considering COVID-19 is a highly contagious disease, its eradication completely may take years and social distancing while performing usual outdoor activities will be required to avoid risking contagion. Some safety measures that may be taken will include maintain a gap of at least 1-2 meters at a public space and avoiding unnecessary contact. 2. Wearing Protective Gears Disposable masks and gloves are required during the pandemic and to keep safe, they may be necessary to wear for people exhibiting symptoms like shortness of breath, cold, sneezing, cough, and others that are similar with COVID-19 disease. Masks and gloves should be worn to protect from contracting the virus via water droplets and touch. 3. Strengthen Immunity Most people who contracted the disease facing severe problems have weak or compromised immune systems. Therefore, it is and will be necessary to be proactive by focusing on health and strengthening your immune system. Eating nutritious food, maintaining hygiene while cooking, and getting supplies from a reliable source will help have good health and keep every household member secure.

Wrapping Up

COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way people live and forced everyone to think about their health and sanitation practises. Besides social distancing, people are keeping their homes clean and disinfected by adopting a variety of cleaning habits. Through this guide, you can learn how COVID-19 pandemic will change our lifestyle and cleaning habits. It has information about how to maintain hygiene and what changes are necessary to make during and after the pandemic.