How to Resolve Tenancy Issues at the End of Lease?

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How to Resolve Tenancy Issues at the End of Lease?

By : Angelina

Are you moving out of your rental property in Canberra? If you are a tenant, then you have to hand over the rental house in its original condition to your landlord or property manager. But if any tenancy dispute occurs, make sure you resolve the issue and get your bond amount back. The same goes for the landlord or property agent. It is important to resolve the issue without any issue or dispute.

There is also the Residential Tenancies Act 1997 that aims at resolving and decides rental property disputes. Tenancy or rental property disputes include a lease agreement. Both should know their respective rights and responsibility as a tenant and a landlord before finalising the lease or tenancy agreement.

If you are at the end of your tenancy, make sure you take assistance from professionals for a thorough end of lease cleaning in Canberra. It is done as most of the disputes happen because of the untidy condition of the rental premises. That’s the main reasons why tenants are advised to take professional assistance at the end of the lease.

Apart from this, there are many issues related to a tenancy that needs to be resolved. It is best to be patient and proactive while resolving such problems. Below are some great tips that will keep things under control.

1. Communication is a Key

Communication not only brings people together but also helps in resolving complicated issues. Don’t forget that the leased property is the tenant’s home, the landlord’s investment and the property manager’s business. It is important to keep each other’s perspective in mind while trying to reach a lease agreement.

Apart from knowing your rights and responsibilities, you can take some time out of your busy schedule and understand the other party’s perspective as well.

Communicate your views or ideas with the landlord or property manager and try to think positively while resolving tenancy issues. This will bridge the gap between two individuals via the flow of information and understanding – which is vital if you are at the end of your lease period.

Tip: Always cross-check the tenancy agreement if you are not sure about your rights and duties.

2. Encounter the Problem

Before getting into any conclusion, it is vital to find out the tenancy issue(s) because nobody wants to lose the hard-earned deposited money. Whether it is about leaving the property without giving the notice or without thorough end of lease cleaning, make sure you address the issue and resolve it to avoid dispute.

It will be great to note down a few notes related to the tenancy issues along with their respective solutions.

3. Be Clear

Most of the landlords hold back the security deposit because of potential tenancy issues. It can be anything –outstanding rent, damaged property, breach of the lease agreement, lack of bond cleaning, etc.

So, it is important to be clear about the tenancy issue. If you are a landlord, then make sure you describe the problem clearly and communicate directly to the other party and try to resolve the problem at the end of the lease period.

4. Stay Calm and Relaxed

No matter how big your tenancy issue is, make sure you stay calm and relaxed because it can assist you in resolving the problem without any dispute. You should respect the professional relationship and discuss your point with patience.

5. Keep the best worst case scenarios in Mind

This is something that needs to be considered if you want to resolve tenancy issue at the end of the lease period. Think of both the aspects- best and worst to get the most out of your decisions. Try to be realistic about the desired outcomes if you want to resolve the dispute. And also have a plan B that you can use if you don’t reach the expected outcome.

6. Taking Professional Assistance

Most of the tenancy dispute occurs due to the lack of cleanliness. According to the tenancy agreement, the landlord or property manager has the right to withhold a part of your bond amount if the property is not thoroughly cleaned. As a tenant, it is your responsibility to return the rental premises in a pristine condition.

If you have spruced up your leased house on your own and the landlord is not happy with the condition, then resolve the issue by hiring professional end of lease cleaners in Canberra. They come fully-equipped with the latest cleaning tools, REIA-approved checklist to impress even the fussiest landlord.

Professionally-trained end of lease cleaners knows the right process when it comes to clean the leased property thoroughly. They will spruce up everything- from top to bottom using environmentally-friendly cleaning products.

Whether it is about removing accumulated dust from air vents or scrubbing off tough stains from surfaces and floors, experts leave no stone unturned to give you quality outcomes. You can also ask them to assist you in property inspection so that you don’t get into the dispute with your landlord at the end of your tenancy.

Tip: Do your thorough research and shortlist the five best bond cleaning companies. Choose the best and most experienced ones for thorough and reliable service at the best price.

7. Seek out for Mediation & Arbitration Options

If you are a landlord and want to resolve the dispute with your tenant, then you can take assistance from a neutral third party. You can find a free to low-cost mediation and arbitration options in your local area.

Mediation is a non-binding procedure that involves a neutral mediator who listens to both the parties and assists them in resolving the issues. This option can bring positive results to landlords and tenants and make things pretty clear at the end of the tenancy.

Tip: If your dispute with a tenant is not behind on rent, then opt for mediation option.


Disputed between landlords and tenants can take different forms- from repair issues to outstanding rent, potential eviction to dirty condition of the premises. With the help of the tips mentioned above in this article, you can resolve the tenancy issue at the end of the lease.

You can also consider hiring professionals for the best end of lease cleaning in Canberra if you want to secure your bond money without any dispute.