How to Remove Hard Water Spots From Windows

How to Remove Hard Water Spots From Windows

By : Angelina
Do you want spotlessly clean windows all year round? The glass may look sparkling on the interior, but it may have unpleasant hard water stains on the exterior due to rain and snow.

There is no denying that clean windows allow the entry of natural light or sunlight indoors and embraces positive vibes. You can also enjoy beautiful views of your neighbourhood.

You need to deep clean your windows using safe and sound products to do that. If you are prepping your rental property in ACT, look for a reliable company that can offer you a quality end of lease cleaning Canberra. They will follow a proper cleaning checklist which includes windows, ceiling walls, blinds, kitchen areas and bathroom surfaces so that you can get your full bond back.

However, if you still see the signs of hard water spots on your windows after a thorough cleaning, look at the following guide and make them shiny and sparkling again.

What Causes Hard Water Spots on Windows?

Before treating the water spots, understand how these stains developed on the surface. Hard water spots develop when mineral-laden water dries instead of being wiped off the glass. Minerals tend to accumulate on the surface when water evaporates.

Many people have also installed windows that come with factory-applied treatments to prevent water spots. You can also apply a glass sealant, rain repellent product or carnauba paste wax to protect your windows from rain and water spills.

If you encounter hard water spots on your window glass, try out the following natural cleaning products for desired results.

Ways to remove water spots from windows

Instead of using store-bought cleaning agents, you can use safe, eco-friendly and effective products to tackle stains and grime.

1. Remove Using White Vinegar + Warm Water 

The chemical formula of white vinegar is CH3COOH, which is a colourless liquid and a weak acid. Luckily, it works wonders in removing tough stains, hard water spots, mould, mildew and grease without causing any damage to the surface. Make sure you don’t use the cleaning agent on marble surface. You can use it on glasses, wood and other surfaces.


  • Mix one part of white vinegar and one part of warm water in a spray bottle. Spray the solution on the spots or dirty windows.
  • Let it sit for 2 minutes. Re-spray the surface as it dries.
  • Wipe the surface using a damp cloth
  • Scrub the surface using a rough towel.
  • Dry the window with a dry cloth and see if water spots are left behind or not.
  • Repeat the process if needed.
  • Professionally-trained cleaners who offer end of lease cleaning Canberra also use white vinegar to treat tough stains and grime from almost all surfaces.

    2. Baking Soda and Water 

    Commonly known as Sodium Bicarbonate, the formula of baking soda is NaHCO3 and is a natural deodoriser, stain remover and disinfectant. It is a versatile cleaning product that can be used to remove hard water stains from glasses and other surfaces.


  • Create a thick paste using water and baking soda
  • Apply it to a cloth and scrub the surface.
  • The granules of baking soda help you remove water spots
  • Rinse the glass using clean water
  • Run a squeegee to eliminate excess paste or water to achieve streak-free windows.
  • Believe it or not! Baking soda is one of the essential cleaning products every home needs. So, you should add this in your cleaning caddy.

    3. Lemon 

    High in citric acid, lemons work great when removing stubborn stains like hard water stops. It has a low pH value and antibacterial properties that can help you achieve desired results.


  • Slice a lemon in half and rub it over the stained surface.
  • Gently rub the surface because the lemon juice will help you break down spots with ease
  • Wipe off the surface using a damp microfiber cloth
  • Finish with a spray of white vinegar solution and run a squeegee for a streak-free look.
  • 4. Hydrogen Peroxide + Baking Soda

    It is a neutral chemical with the formula of H2O2. Hydrogen peroxide is used to make medicines and now it is also used as a cleaning agent.

    It can help you get rid of stubborn stains, soap scum and hard water stains in no time. It is eco-friendly yet effective when it comes to treating hard water spots.


  • Mix baking soda and 3 per cent of hydrogen peroxide with a few drops of water
  • Apply the paste to the affected area and leave it for half an hour
  • Scrub the surface with a towel
  • Rinse away
  • Repeat the process if required.
  • Hire Professional Cleaners

    If you still see stains on windows, hire a professional cleaner for a thorough window cleaning service. You can also hire professional house cleaners in Canberra for quality results.


    Removing hard water stains from windows requires proper tools, products and techniques. This guide will help you achieve shiny and streak-free window glasses without causing any harm to the environment.

    Use white vinegar, baking soda and other natural cleaners for sparkling results. You can also book professionals for an affordable end of lease cleaning Canberra to get the full bond back if running at the end of your tenancy.