How To Keep Your House Clean With Pets?

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How To Keep Your House Clean With Pets?

By : Angelina
Having pets is undoubtedly a great feeling, and studies also say that they can keep you happier and stress-free. That is why around 62% of Australian households have pets. However, they can be smelly, make your home quickly dirty and carry parasites like fleas. Pets like dogs and cats lowers the overall hygiene level of the house and thus, every one in five people suffer from a pet allergy. Moreover, a dirty house can also diminish the appearance of the entire house. When you have to deal with the pet hair, urine stains and bad odour along with regular dust, dirt, grease deposit, etc., the cleaning task becomes a mountain to climb. That is why many pet owners prefer to hire a professional company that offers the best end of lease cleaning in Canberra. Such companies provide various additional services, including a thorough cleaning of the abode. They use advanced tools and a standard checklist to ensure that every nook and corner of the house is spotless. However, their many more ways to accomplish the task perfectly, and you should know about them. Read on to know more about how to keep your house clean with pets.

Vacuum Carpets and Upholstery Frequently

One of the best ways to keep your house clean when you have pets is by vacuuming your carpets and upholstery every alternate day. Your vacuum cleaner can suck all the pet hair that is not possible to remove with the help of a broom or duster. Also, make sure that you clean the upholstery perfectly. If required, use the hand vacuum cleaner to reach the corners of the upholstery and couch. Your carpets and upholstery accumulate the maximum amount of hair.

Use Smart Tools

When you have more than one dog or cat, you can expect to see a lot of pet hair on the floor. To solve this problem without wasting your time and energy, invest in a smart cleaning tool like an automatic vacuum cleaner. This small, powerful and excellent machine vacuums constantly, even when you are sleeping. As a result, it removes your pet hair as well as mud and dirt that come inside the house with your pet. It gives you an excellent result and saves you from unnecessary hassle and stress.

React To Pet Accidents Immediately

The pet urine not only becomes difficult to clean when you delay it but also stinks a lot, particularly if you have a cat. That is why it is crucial to clean the pet accidents immediately. Use a paper towel to blot the spot so it can soak maximum moisture. After that, use the combination of warm water and liquid soap, and scrub the spot with a soft sponge.

Cover The Pet’s Favourite Spot

Another excellent way to keep your home clean is by covering the favourite spot of your pets. Every pet owner is aware of the spots that their pets usually use to sit or rest. It could be the corner of the carpet, the left side of the couch, under the dining table or the corner of the bed. Cover the spots with something that you can wash frequently. Otherwise, you will have to clean these areas if your home smells funny. It is an excellent way that many pet owners follow.

Professionally Clean Your Home

Perhaps the most effective and easiest way to keep your home clean with pets is by giving your abode a professional cleaning. Contact the experts who offer reliable end of lease cleaning in Canberra. They provide high-quality and thorough cleaning of the home that is appropriate for the pet owner. The professionals ensure that corner of the property look sparkling clean and the house smells fresh.

Brush the Pet Regularly

It is also essential that you brush your pet regularly, particularly dogs. They shed a lot of hair in the house, which makes the cleaning task more difficult. When you brush them regularly, it removes the dead hair, which prevents them from spreading throughout the house. As a result, your house remains clean for a longer time. You should also groom your pet from time to time with the help of professionals.

Wash Their Feet after Every Walk

Every time you take your pet for a walk or when they play outside, make sure you wash their feet before they enter the house. Otherwise, they will bring mud, dirt, germs, etc. and will spread it everywhere. To avoid the hassle of removing the mud stains from the carpet, wash the feet of your pet.

Improve the Ventilation

One of the most common problems that all pet owners face in their home is that weird smell. If you want to remove the unwanted odour from your house, the best way is to improve the indoor air quality. So, open the doors and windows regularly for some time so the fresh air can enter the house. Improving the air quality is also good for >people who have asthma and other breathing problems.

Take Away

Keeping your home perfectly clean with pets can be challenging and time-consuming. However, you can make things a little easier by following the ways that are mentioned above. A neat and clean home not only protects you and your family but also keep diseases away from your loving pet. If you need professional help, contact seasoned end of lease cleaners in Canberra. They will clean your house in the best possible manner.