How To Get Your Security Bond Back In Canberra At the End Of Lease

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How To Get Your Security Bond Back In Canberra At the End Of Lease

By : Angelina

The biggest concern for people at the end of the lease period is the uncertainty over getting back the security bond back. No matter how good a relationship you have with your landlord, things can quickly get change once the lease period is over.Substandard cleaning of the rental property is usually considered as the main reason for losing bond money. Thus, people hire professionals who carry out an excellent end of lease cleaning in Canberra.

But apart from the cleaning, there are many more ways to make sure that you get the amount back. Here are a few effective ways to get your security bond back in Canberra at the end of the lease. Let’s have a look!

Read the lease agreement properly

A tenant should always read the lease agreement properly. It may seem not so important, but it can actually help you to get back the bond money. Many people sign the lease agreement without reading the conditions properly. It can make a difference at the end of the lease period when the person decides to move out of the property.

Lease agreements often have vital information like whether the tenants can have a dog or not, the date of rent, minimum notice period the tenant need to serve, etc. If you read it properly, you would be able to meet the requirements of the property manager. It will help you to get your security bond back.

Take pictures before moving in

Moving to a new property can be exciting, but you should not get carried away. Experts believe that before you move into a rental property at the start of the lease period, inspect the property properly. And to do that properly, you should take pictures of the entire property room by room and maintain a file.

If there are any damages, the pictures will capture it. Talk to the landlord and inform about the damages that are already there in the property. These pictures will help you at the end of the lease period. The property owner won’t be able to blame you for the damages that are already there when you moved in.

Focus on the cleaning of spots that matters

One of the most common reasons why tenants lose their bond money is the inadequate cleaning of the rental property. So, you need to make sure that you clean the house perfectly. When you are cleaning to impress the landlord, you need to pay more attention to those particular things/surfaces that will be carefully observed during the final inspection.

Such surfaces include the carpets, windows and blinds, light fixtures, oven, toilet, walls, etc. Spend more time and the right cleaning products to clean these things. If they are sparkling clean, your landlord is most likely to get impressed, and that will increase the chance of getting back the bond money.

If you are unable to clean these things perfectly, hire professionals who offer reliable end of lease cleaning in Canberra. They ensure efficient cleaning in a hassle-free manner.

Pay the rent on time

Being a tenant, it is your responsibility to pay the rent on time and throughout the lease period. Many people make a mistake and do not pay the last month rent because they assume that the landlord will deduct it from the security deposit.

However, this thorough process is wrong, and you need to pay the last month rent also. It allows the property managers to deduct a hefty amount from the security deposit and challenge you legally for the missing rental amount. Thus, if you want to avoid any legal action and get back the bond money, pay rent right on time.

Give Proper notice to your landlord

A tenant should serve a proper notice to the landlord. The property owners usually include a clause in the lease agreement that the tenant needs to give at least two months notice period to the landlord.

So, the moment you decide to move out, send a notice to your landlord in written and asked the person to send you the acceptance also in written. If you fail to do that, you can end up losing your bond money. The landlord needs sufficient time to get a new tenant for the place.

Serve the notice as mentioned on the agreement and then hire professionals who offer end of lease cleaning in Canberra, just a day before the inspection day.

Make essential repairs

When you are moving out, a little wear and tear can be acceptable to the property manager. However, if there are any major damages like nail holes in the wall, damaged carpets, broken window glass and other similar things, you are most likely to lose your security deposit.

Thus, if there are any such damages in the property, make sure you repair them properly and then hand over the keys to the property managers. If there is a lot of repair work on the walls, the patches will be visible to everyone. So, you might need to paint the walls properly and make it look as smooth as it was when you moved in.

Hire professional cleaners

The easiest way to get your security bond back at the end of the lease period is by hiring professionals who offer efficient and cheap end of lease cleaning in Canberra. They also use modern tools to make sure that the rental property is sparkling clean. Whether it is the walls, windows, floor, carpets, toilet or kitchen counter, they clean each and everything in a flawless manner.

End of lease cleaners follows a standard checklist to make sure they do not skip even the tiniest part of the property. They have so much experience that they understand what the property manager look for during the final inspection. Thus, they clean the property according, and you get your security bond back.


Getting back the security money is always a matter of concern for the tenants, but experts believe that there are several ways to make sure that you get back the amount.

All you need to do is follow the basic duties of a tenant and make sure that the condition of the property is as good as it was when you moved in. Follow the ways mentioned above and get your bond money without any disputes.