How To Ensure a Smooth Bond Cleaning Process

How To Ensure a Smooth Bond Cleaning Process

By : Angelina
End of lease cleaning is one of the most important move-out activities as a renter. You have to return the property in a reasonably clean condition to get your bond back in full. Renters whose properties are inadequately clean on the day of the final inspect often end up losing their security deposit partially or entirely. Therefore, many tenants hire professionals for end of lease cleaning in Canberra as reputed cleaning companies offer bond back guarantee. If you are a renter, ending a tenancy soon, planning the end of lease cleaning process is essential.

Thus, here is your complete guide to ensure a smooth bond cleaning process whether you choose to hire professional end of lease cleaners or do it yourself. Have a look.

Understand End of lease Cleaning & Its Importance

End of lease cleaning differs from regular house cleaning, as it is a type of deep cleaning that requires proper planning and preparation. You have to ensure every nook and cranny of the rental property is dust, dirt and stain-free. Additionally, the walls, windows, carpets and other surfaces or fixtures need to be cleaned to get rid of grime, scuff marks, spots and anything else making them look dirty.

You don’t have to leave the property in a better condition than it was in at the start of your tenancy but it must be as sanitary as it was at the start of your tenancy. Without performing end of lease cleaning in Canberra adequately, you cannot get a complete bond refund. Furthermore, it can lead to dispute with the rental provider and make vacating the property a bitter experience for both parties. Thus, end of lease cleaning is important and you must perform it well to move out successfully.

Follow A End of lease Cleaning Checklist

If you are performing the task yourself, streamline the cleaning chores to reduce stress and do the task up to a professional standard. Professional cleaners also follow end of lease cleaning checklists to complete tasks according to importance and urgency. Therefore, make sure you have a detailed checklist to deep clean the kitchen, bathroom, living room and outdoor areas of the rental property.

Empty The Property Before End of lease Cleaning

Performing end of lease cleaning in Canberra before moving your belongings is counterproductive. Schedule to complete this task after you have emptied the rental premises to access surfaces and fixtures without restrictions.

You must ensure the house or unit is empty even if you hire professional bond cleaners. Many professional cleaners will ask if the premises will be vacant before booking a job to ensure they can complete their work expertly and without hinderances. Taking this measure also reduces the risk of injury or damaging property contents during the cleaning process.

Book Cleaners Early

Don’t wait until the last moment to book professional end of lease cleaners in Canberra especially during peak moving seasons. As a rule, start looking for cleaning companies services offering end of lease cleaning in Canberra at least 6 weeks before the end of your tenancy and book the cleaners 4 weeks before.

It is ample time to look for reliable cleaners near you, get no-obligation quotes, compare the end of lease cleaning quotes and choose the right cleaning company.

Refer To The Original Condition Report

While performing end of lease cleaning yourself, look at the photos, videos and written information in the original condition report to ascertain the cleanliness of the rental property. It will help you know which areas need more attention and increase your chances of getting a complete bond repayment.

You can also judge what is fair wear and tear by referring to the original condition report. This step also helps make the exit condition report correctly and avoid dispute with the rental provider.

Be Prepared For Recleaning

Often when tenants perform DIY end of lease cleaning in Canberra, the rental provider can ask for reclean of certain areas. It is to help the tenant get a complete bond repayment. Therefore, be prepared to perform recleans at the end of a tenancy.

If you hire professional end of lease cleaners, ask them their policies about recleaning. If a company offers bond back guarantee, during the guarantee period they will do recleans. This period varies from company to company and you must know what it is before hiring a cleaning service.

Know What Need Professional Cleaning

Rental providers cannot make renters hire a professional cleaning service. However, if you are a pet owner or the property was professionally cleaned before your tenancy, you are obligated to take professional help. Pet owners may need to hire expert end of lease cleaning in Canberra based on reasonable cleaning conditions in the lease agreement.

Also, if the landlord or previous tenant had the entire property or certain areas professionally cleaned, you must do the same. Ask your rental provider for the receipt of expert cleaning services availed before your tenancy, to hire the same services.

Wrapping Up

End of lease cleaning is an important task renters must perform at the end of a tenancy if they paid a rental bond at the start of their tenancy. It is a time-consuming and challenging process. But, with the insights above you can easily make the end of lease cleaning process smooth and stress-free.