How To Clean Your Oven Without Using Any Harmful Chemicals?

cropped image of a man wiping oven window using natural products

How To Clean Your Oven Without Using Any Harmful Chemicals?

By : Angelina

Ovens are used vastly for cooking purposes. If you have a family or you yourself are food addicted and want to experiment with taste then surely ovens are a perfect choice for you because they help in getting quick easy as well as finger licking cuisines. When talking about the use of ovens largely, cleanliness too plays an important role as it then influences the health and hygiene of the family. Many people avoid proper cleaning as the stinky smell comes around and the process requires a lot of brushing and rubbing.

There is surely nothing so poorer than scrubbing and rubbing your dirty grills, to avoid such stuff, there are many who use harmful toxics for cleaning as it is a quick process, but they are unaware that it may lead to several disastrous effects on health. One should avoid the use of such harmful chemicals as it has many side effects. The question arises what to do for good and effective cleaning? As the world is transforming day by day, one is switching towards modernity, but still there are various homemade techniques available which will surely help the homemakers in achieving a shiny, clean as well as a hygienic oven. The products are easily available as they itself are present in your kitchen. The requirement is to be a little smart and aware.

There are few easy to go methods given below which will help one in getting a clean as well as a health friendly oven.

Clean your oven with baking soda and vinegar

All it requires to get a clean oven is just a baking soda and vinegar. Say bye to harmful chemicals! The good thing about this method is that it is safe and natural. Moreover, every product required is easily available in your kitchen. It just requires some muscle work, but it is worthy. Few steps that must be followed for cleaning up your oven include:

    • First remove all the racks, grills and everything set inside.
    • Make a thick paste of baking soda and water, which can be easily applied on the interiors of the oven, at every corner of the heating material. Apply it especially on the greasy portions. One can wear gloves so as to avoid the dirt which can get into the nails.
    • Let it remain overnight, mean time one may clean the racks.
  • Wash off the dried paste with a wet cloth. Sprinkle some vinegar so as to take away the left out baking soda and then give a final wipe to the oven.

Clean your racks with the following easy steps

If your racks are dirty then all one requires is a bathtub, two towels, hot water, detergent (liquid or powder), sponge and hot water.

    • Firstly lay down both the towels and keep the oven racks on it as it will avoid unnecessary scratching and scraping.
    • Fill up the bathtub with hot water until the racks don’t get fully immersed in it, then mix some detergent, mix it up and soak it for few hours or overnight. The racks are soaked for overnight as it helps in getting the dirt soft and easy to take off. When the dirt gets spongy just scrub it off with a scrubber or a brush.
  • Finally, rinse it with water and keep it aside for drying.

Use of salt and vinegar in cleaning up off the oven

The ingredients like vinegar and salt are organic. The procedure includes switching on the oven to about 257 degrees Fahrenheit. Sprinkle the vinegar inside and then the salt onto the grills and spills. Switch off the oven, let it cool down and wipe off the oven. The further procedure can be continued with the use of baking soda and vinegar method. This method is useful for normal cleaning but to remove obstinate and stubborn dirt the baking soda paste is well effective and efficient.

Use lemon to get a tidy and clean oven

Lemons works as a great natural cleaner. It proves to be the most easiest and handy method to clean your oven. One just requires a few lemons.

    • Slice up the lemon, squeeze it and also put the peel into the water.
    • Keep the lemon water in the microwave until it gets a boil. Let it be placed inside to give a steam as it will help in loosening the food substances and dirt.
    • Carefully remove the lemon water bowl, and start scrubbing and wiping it in the sides, ceilings and corners. Also, remember to clean the doors as well.
  • Give a final wipe with a clean towel.

These are some easy and accessible methods which will surely help you in getting a clean and shiny oven.