How To Clean Your House From Top To Bottom Like A Pro

young woman disinfecting a surface with a spray bottle and cloth wipe

How To Clean Your House From Top To Bottom Like A Pro

By : Angelina
Regular dusting of different household surfaces prevents the dust build-up, but it is not enough to eradicate the dirt and germs. For that, you need a thorough cleaning of the house. However, it can be very confusing as there are different rooms and so many surfaces to clean. To make the cleaning easier and more effective, you need to follow a strategy. Divide your entire house into four zones – Top, middle, lower and bottom zone. It will make your cleaning more organised. In case you are moving out of the rental property and want to clean it for the final inspection, do not follow the DIY approach. Instead, hire experienced professionals to get the best end of lease cleaning in Canberra. They used advanced tools and follow a standard checklist to clean your home perfectly. However, if you want to deep clean your home yourself, you will need some guidance. Read on to know more about how to clean your house from top to bottom like a pro.

1. Clean the Top Zone

The top zone of your house is the area that is above your eye level. When you perform the daily dusting, this area gets overlooked because all the spots in this zone are hard-to-reach. Remove cobwebs: Get rid of the cobwebs from the ceiling corners. Use a long-handled broom or a vacuum cleaner with extension suction tube. Clean ceiling fans: To remove the dust from fan blades, use a step ladder and a microfibre duster. Wipe both the sides of the blades. Wipe the light fittings: After the ceiling fans, clean the light fittings of all the rooms. To remove stubborn dirt, wipe with a wet rag. Top of the cabinets: Wipe the dust on top of the bedroom cabinets while use liquid soap and sponge to remove sticky dirt from the top of kitchen cabinets.

2. Clean the Middle Zone

The middle zone is the area that you look while standing up. This area covers your walls, tall furniture and wall hangings. So you need to clean the same area in all the rooms. Clean the following spots in this particular area. Remove marks from walls: Use water and liquid soap in a soft cloth to remove spills and hand marks. Eliminate crayon marks with a magic eraser. Clean the picture frames and mirror: Spray all-purpose cleaner on the surface of the mirror, picture frames and then wipe with a dry cloth. Rinse windows: First, remove the dust from the window surface. Then spray vinegar-water solution and scrub with a sponge. Finally, clean it with a squeegee. Window blinds and curtains: Remove dust from the window blinds. Then use an old pair of socks to clean all the slats one by one. Also, wash all the curtains. Bathroom tile grout: Clean the grout with an old toothbrush and baking soda. Then rinse it thoroughly.

3. Clean the Lower Zone

Once you are done with the middle zone, it is time to focus on the lower zone. In other words, it is the entire area below your waist level. This area has most of the common cleaning spots. Toilet: Use a toilet cleaner to remove the stains. If you want to clean your entire bathroom professionally, then hire experts who offer reliable end of lease cleaning in Canberra. Bathtub and sink: Properly scrub the bathtub and sink surface with liquid soap and then rinse. Countertop and kitchen appliances: Wipe the countertop and remove all the stains. Also clean the appliances, particularly the oven. Upholstery: Vacuum your upholstery and remove the stains. Do not use any abrasive scrubber as it can cause damage. Tables: Whether it is a centre table in the living room, dining table or study table, clean all the tables and other similar surfaces with your all-purpose cleaner.

4. Clean the Bottom Zone

Finally, you have the bottom or floor zone. Once you are done with dusting and scrubbing of all other areas of the house, all dust and dirt will get collected in this area. You only have the hard floor, carpets and baseboard in this zone. Clean the baseboard: Wipe off the baseboards of all the rooms with a wet cloth. Remove stains with liquid soap and a sponge. Vacuum carpets: Vacuum the carpets to remove dust mites, dirt, pet hair, food particles, etc. Also, get rid of the stains. You can also opt for the best carpet cleaning service in Canberra. Sweep and mop the floor: Sweep the floor of the entire house with a broom. Then get rid of the food and other stains and finally, mop the floor.


If you want to make sure that your home is free from dirt and germs, a thorough cleaning is required. It will give you a chance to clean the out of sight, out of mind areas. Follow the strategy mentioned above to clean your house from top to bottom like a pro. To save your time and efforts, hire trained end of lease cleaners in Canberra and opt for the additional services they offer.