How To Clean Wood Floors In Your House

maintaining hardwood floors without using hard chemicals

How To Clean Wood Floors In Your House

By : Angelina
Many people prefer wood floor over carpet or tiles for their homes because it adds elegance to the interior of the house. The floor is also quite sturdy and lasts longer if you can properly take care of it. There is no doubt that the wood floor looks exceptional but keeping it perfectly clean and shiny can be a little tricky. The floor accumulates a lot of dust, dirt, grime, and debris that you bring inside the house from outside. Adding kids and your loving pets to the mix takes the dirt and mess to the next level. So, you should know how to clean-up the floor perfectly. Otherwise, you can end up damaging the floor. If you want a thorough cleaning and also don’t want to take any risks, contact a company that offers reliable end of lease cleaning in Canberra. Such companies also provide additional services, which include thorough cleaning of the house. The professionals have in-depth knowledge of how to clean the wood floor, so you can expect to get the best possible result. If you want to clean the floor using DIY methods, you will need some help. Read on to know more about how to clean wood floors in your house.

Basic Cleaning Hardwood Floor

If you want to keep your wood floor spick and span, then you need to follow some basic cleaning tips. It will prevent the build-up of dust and dirt on the surface of the floor, so it will look sparkling clean. As a result of that, it will last longer. Know About Your Wood Floor Finish If you want to keep your wood floor clean, it is important for you to know the type of finish on the floor. Choose a hidden spot for the test. Use extra-fine steel to rub it on the floor. If a light grey smudge appears on the floor, it means your floor has a wax finish. To check whether the floor has a seal or not, pour a few water drops on it. If there is a seal, you will be able to remove the droplets easily. Choose the Right Broom to Sweep the Floor To prevent any scratch marks on the wood floor surface, make sure that you remove the large particles like sand or grit. You also need to make sure that you use a soft-bristled broom to sweep the floor because anything that is too harsh can leave behind scratch marks. Clean the Floor Regularly The wood floor can quickly collect dust, dirt, and food particles. So, it is advisable to sweep the floor or vacuum it regularly. To remove the stubborn dirt, mop the floor only once a week. Quickly React When Notice Spills Always remove the spills immediately because the longer you will take, the more damage it can cause to the floor. So, use a paper towel or a rag to soak the liquid as much as possible and dry the surface quickly.

How to Remove Stains from Hardwood Floor?

Removing stains from the wood floor can be difficult and a risky task. Inappropriate tools, products or methods can damage the surface and leave behind scratch marks. Therefore, you must know the right way to get rid of stains. If you are not sure how to carry out the task or have a busy schedule, hire professionals who offer the best end of lease cleaning in Canberra. They can give you flawless cleaning. However, if you are doing it on your own, follow the ways. To Remove Greasy Stains Before removing the stains, determine whether the source of the stain is a greasy item or a non-greasy item. To get rid of the greasy stains such as butter and oil, use liquid dish soap with high lye content. Hydrogen peroxide is also an excellent option to clean such stains. Take a cotton ball and soak it with hydrogen peroxide before placing it over the stains marks. To Remove Non-Greasy Stains If you want to remove Greasy Stains like food, nail polish etc., you can use dish detergent. Dip a soft cloth into the soapy water and rub the spot.

How to Add Shine to the Hardwood Floor?

Once you have removed all the stains from the wood floor and you are sure that it is free from dust and dirt, you need to make sure that it looks shiny. However, to make it look sparkling clean, you do not need any commercial products. Use the following natural products. Mix Olive Oil with Lemon Juice Fill a small bucket with 3.8 litres of hot water. Then pour 180 ml of olive oil and 120 ml of lemon juice in it and then mix it properly. Soak the mop in the bucket and wring it properly to keep it only wet. Wipe the floor properly and make it look sparkling clean. Use Teabags Pour boiling water into a bowl and dip a couple of tea bags in it. After a couple of minutes, dip a soft cloth in the tea water and wring it properly. Finally, wipe the floor and allow it to get completely dry.

The Bottom Line

Neglecting the dusting of the wood floor diminish not only its appearance but also damage the surface. You should always remember that it can be costly to replace, repair or refinish your wood floor. So, follow the ways mentioned above to make sure that the wood floor remains immaculate. If you want professional cleaning, then hire trained end of lease cleaners in Canberra. They will get the job done perfectly.