How To Clean Wood Floors: A Complete Guide

young woman wiping a wooden floor with a wiper

How To Clean Wood Floors: A Complete Guide

By : Angelina
Installing a wood floor will make your home look more elegant, but it is costly. Therefore, you need to make a little effort, so it lasts for decades, if not a lifetime. Always remember that the floors take the maximum amount of wear and tear in your homes. It accumulates dirt, dust, spills, and many things that can damage the floor over time. If you want to maintain the wood floor, the key is to clean them frequently and systematically. Use of any inappropriate methods or hazardous chemicals can damage the floor. Therefore, people often hire professionals who offer the best end of lease cleaning in Canberra. They have expertise in cleaning all types of floors, including the wood floor. However, if you want to get the job done on your own, you need to follow some guidelines. Read on to know about how to clean wood floors perfectly and without any hassles. Here is a complete guide.

Regular Cleaning and Maintenance for Hardwood Floors

To maintain the shine of the wood floor, you should clean regularly and take some preventive measures to ensure its safety. Figure out kind of hardwood finish Before you start cleaning the follow, it is essential that you about the floor. First, you need to check whether it is sealed or not. Sealed floors are much easier to clean. Use a soft-bristled broom to sweep the floor Large particles such as sand or grit can leave scratch marks on the floor if they come beneath a mop. Therefore, you must clean the floor using a soft-bristled broom. Mop the Floor Once a Week The wood floor is different from the concrete floor, so too much mopping can damage the floor. Therefore, you should only sweep regularly. Mop the floor only once a week. Immediately wipe up any wet spills Whether the floor is sealed or not, never allow moisture to settle down on the hardwood floor. So, clean any spills as soon as your notice them.

How to Clean Hardwood with a Surface Seal

The majority of the new floors are surface-sealed with urethane, polyacrylic or a polyurethane coating. All of these surfaces are water and stain-resistant, so quite easy to clean. If you want to clean the sealed floor, make sure you have essential house cleaning tools & equipment. Follow the steps to make the task easier. Choose the right cleaning agent To eliminate grease and dirt, choose water-based cleaners like soaps and detergents. You can also dissolve baking soda in water and use it. If you want to get rid of mineral deposits or hard water, choose an acidic water-based cleaner like vinegar or lemon juice. Mix the cleaning agent in a bucket of water to make the solution. Mop your floor with the chosen cleaning solution Dip a mop into the bucket that has the cleaning agent mixed in water and wring it properly. Start from the corner and work towards the door, so you never step on wet floors. Spot-clean tough areas with a cloth To clean a particular spot, dip the cloth in the solution and rub it over stains with your hands. Put a little extra pressure. Rinse the floor with the clean mop Once you are done with the mopping, make sure that you remove all the excess moisture from the floor. So, take a dry, clean mop and wipe the entire floor so it can absorb all the excess moisture.

How to Clean All Other Hardwood

Before you deep clean your wood floor that doesn’t have sealing, make sure you get rid of all the dust and dirt. Otherwise, mopping the floor would be very difficult. To deep clean such wood floors, you need some expertise. So, it is advisable to hire professionals who offer reliable end of lease cleaning in Canberra. They will give you the best possible result. Fill a bucket with water If you want to avoid hard-water streaking, it is advisable to use distilled water. You can purchase it from any nearby local supermarket in Canberra. Remove your shoes Before you start cleaning, remove your shoes. It will prevent you from dirtying the floor while you clean. Use a dampened mop to wipe the floor Dip the mop into the bucket filled with water, squeeze it and wipe the floor along with the wood grain. Rinse the mop often while wiping the floor and if the water becomes dirty, refill the bucket. Spot-clean the tough spots If you want to clean any particular spot, use odourless mineral spirits. Spray it over the spot and rub it. Then mop the area. Remove excess moisture Finally, wipe the entire floor with a clean and dry mop, so it absorbs all the excess moisture. Allow the wood floor to get air dry.

Take Away

Cleaning the wood floors can be a risky and stressful task. Even a little bit of negligence can damage your costly floors. If you want to minimise your stress then clean it frequently by following the ways mentioned above. To stay away from the stress and hassle of cleaning, you should hire certified end of lease cleaners in Canberra. They will give you the best possible result.