How To Clean Outdoor Garbage Cans & Banish Smells

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How To Clean Outdoor Garbage Cans & Banish Smells

By : Angelina
Cleaning a stinky outdoor garbage can is one of those activities people want to avoid. Nobody wants to get into the cleaning process and experience the offending smell. Fortunately, there are some simple and natural ways to neutralise the bad smells without giving you a hint of stress.

If you are one of those who are skipping your outdoor trash can, then keep on reading this article. It includes easy step-by step tips that will help you learn how to clean outdoor garbage can and keep them odour-free all year round without using harsh products.

If you are preparing the rental property for the final inspection, prefer booking an experienced company for a detailed end of lease cleaning in Canberra. They will clean everything according to the standard checklist, including your indoor and outdoor garbage can.

However, if you banish bad smells and keep your outdoor trash can clean all day long, then consider the following tips:

Use White Vinegar For Sparkling Results

Believe it or not! White vinegar is one of the most used natural cleaning agents that work wonders in removing tough stains, grime, mould, variety of bacteria and bad smells. The best part is that it is cheap, non-toxic and can be applied on multiple surfaces around the house. You don’t need to buy expensive cleaning products and a fancy deodoriser.

You can prepare a natural cleaning agent at home by mixing white vinegar, warm water and a few drops of your favourite essential oils, such as lavender, orange, lemon, etc. This solution can help you get rid of stuck food particles, stains and bad odours from your outdoor garbage can.

Steps to Clean A Stinky Trash Can

After preparing the homemade solution, you can get into the cleaning process with the help of the following guide:

1. Empty Your Can

Begin the process by getting rid of trash and large debris. Get into the bottom surface and corners of your garbage can. Do not forget to rinse it with water. This will help you remove everything stuck inside your can. Drain it before applying any cleaning solution.

2. Spray the Solution

In this step, you need to spray the cleaning solution inside and outside the Garbage bin to remove tough stains and grime. Make sure you spray the mixture everywhere on the can and leave it for a few minutes. White vinegar will break down stubborn stains and make your job a bit easier.

3. Scrub! Scrub! Scrub!

So, this step is all about scrubbing off dirty away. For that, you need a long-handled brush that can help you get into the edges of your garbage. Do it with your gentle hands.  You can also fill up your trash bucket with warm soapy water before scrubbing it with a sponge or a heavy brush. This is also a great cleaning tip.

4. Rinse with Water

Scrubbing will remove all the unwanted nasty stains, stuck grime and other debris from your can. After that, rinse it with clean water and turn it on its side. This will allow the gunk to come out.  Repeat the process if required. Make sure your Garbage bin should be looking sparkling clean after all your elbow grease.

Tip: Put a trap beneath the garbage bucket during the cleaning process to prevent the dirt and debris from going into your driveway and yard.

5. Let the Can Air Dry

Most people skip this process and start filling the can with trash. This will allow the dirt to stick inside the walls of your can. So, let the Garbage can air dry completely before using it again. The entire process will also banish bad odours without even using harsh cleaning products and chemical-based deodoriser. Isn’t it fantastic?

Tips to Keep Outdoor Garbage Can Clean

These are some of the easy steps that will keep your trash can clean all day long. Follow these tips for better results:

1. Avoid Overstuffing your Trash bags

When you do this, it makes them tougher to tie up the bag and will create the mess inside your trash can. Since everyone tries to smash the trash down the can so that it can fit in, make sure you do not overstuff your trash can as well as a bag if you want to keep it clean all day long.

2. Do not Throw Loose Items

Do not throw fast food bags and loose food and other debris inside your outdoor garbage can. Seal the bag tightly before throwing anything.

3. Use Crumpled Newspaper

Before replacing the bag, make sure you crumple up newspaper and throw it into the bottom of your garbage can. This will deodorise the can on a regular basis by soaking up all the juices and spills that leak out.

4. Regular Cleaning

According to cleaning experts in Canberra, it is good to spruce up your garbage can inside and out at least twice a week or thrice a month. This will prevent the grime from building and make it easy for you banish bad smell.


These are some quick and easy things that will clean and deodorise your outdoor garbage can like a pro. You don’t need to use fancy and expensive cleaning products to achieve sparkling clean trash can.

If you are preparing for the final rental inspection, then consider hiring trained people for a meticulous end of lease cleaning in Canberra. They cover everything to give you the highest standard of cleaning results.