How To Clean Blinds And Curtains For A Bond Clean

How To Clean Blinds And Curtains For A Bond Clean

By : Angelina

Bond cleaning is one of the intense tasks carried out by tenants at the end of their tenancy in Canberra. In this process, all rooms and important spots are thoroughly cleaned according to the pre-approved checklist.

However, most people forget to clean their window blinds and curtains and lose a part of their hard-earned bond money. These are some key spots where dust, grime, and other allergens accumulate and cause indoor pollution. These allergens can even trigger allergy and asthma symptoms in susceptible individuals.

Here are some great tricks to help you clean window blinds and curtains before the final rental inspection. The best part is that all cleaning products mentioned below in this article are chemical-free, affordable and super-effective.

Let’s Get Started!

What it is Important to Clean Blinds and Curtains?

Whether you are moving out of your rental property or not, make sure you regularly spruce up your window treatments for the following reasons:

  • Blinds and curtains accumulate in thick layers of dust and allergens that can cause various health hazards. Keeping them clean will automatically improve the indoor air quality.
  • Dirt and stains on window treatments can ruin the clean look of the entire house. You may find difficulty in getting your bond back.
  • Dust can affect the functionality of your blinds, and you end up replacing them with a new one.
  • The clean look of windows, blinds and curtains leave great impression on the landlord and help you pass the rental inspection.

Instead of doing it yourself, book budget end of lease cleaning Canberra and get your windows, blinds, curtains and other key areas cleaned in no time. They can help you secure the full bond money without any dispute.

If you want to do it yourself, consider the following guide and clean all types of blinds and curtains like a pro:

Steps to Clean Plastic or Metal Blinds

You can easily clean these blinds using basic tools and products. Here is a step-by-step cleaning guide and always include your blinds in deep cleaning house checklist for better results:

  • Close your blinds so that each slat can be cleaned with ease.
  • Get rid of accumulated dust, debris, pollens and allergens from each blind using a Swiffer Duster. You can use an extendable handle to reach the blinds at a certain height. If you don’t have this tool, use a microfiber cloth and achieve great results.
  • Prepare a cleaning solution using mild dish soap and white vinegar with hot water.
  • Dampen the sponge and wipe down each slat from top to bottom.
  • Reverse them and repeat the process.
  • If blinds are greasy and stained, soak them in soapy hot water for half an hour and scrub them with gentle hands using a sponge.
  • Dry all your slats using a clean microfiber cloth.

Quick Tip: Plastic and metal blinds should be cleaned once or twice a month. If you are preparing them at the end of your tenancy, use eco-friendly multi-purpose cleaner and get rid of dust and stains.

Steps to Clean Wood Blinds

Wooden surfaces are prone to damage due to abrasive scrubbing and excessive moisture. So, you need to be extra careful when tackling stains and grime:

  • Close the blinds and dust each slat using a soft cloth.
  • Vacuum them using a brush attachment. This will help you eliminate remaining debris, cobwebs and grime with ease.
  • Prepare a mild dish soap or wood cleaning agent in a bowl and dip a clean cloth in it.
  • Wring out excess solution and wipe down each slat. Cover both sides properly.
  • Take a clean cloth, dampen in clean plain water, wring out it and wipe it down again to get rid of soap residue.
  • Dry them using a clean cloth.

Quick Tip: You can also hire seasoned end of lease cleaners Canberra for the entire property, including window treatments and get your rental bond back.

Steps to Clean Window Curtains & Drapes

Curtains are the most overlooked things when sprucing up your rented property for the final rental inspection. The stains and dust on your drapes and curtains can ruin the entire look and feel.

  • Remove weights and hooks from your curtain.
  • Vacuum them using a hose attachment to fetch dust specks and pollen. Regular cleaning with a HEPA-filter vacuum machine can help you create an allergy-free home with ease.
  • Check the washing instructions on your curtains and clean them according to the fabric type.
  • If there are no instructions, hand wash them in cold water using mild dish washing soap.
  • Do not wring out or abrasively rub them.
  • Dry your curtains in the air or run through the dryer on a low heat.
  • Meanwhile, you can clean window sills, frames, tracks, and rods using vinegar, soap and warm water solution.

Read on the complete guide on DIY window cleaning for sparkling results.

Quick Tips for Non-Washable Curtains

  • Some fabrics are non-washable, and that’s why it is important to avoid the usage of excess water and cleaning solution
  • Prepare a cleaning solution of warm water and soap to clean stains and smells. Use your favourite essential oil to banish the bad smell.
  • Steam clean your curtains using a steamer with an upholstery attachment.

Wrapping up

You can follow these simple yet effective cleaning tips and tricks to keep your window treatments clean, dust-free and shiny for a bond clean. It is also advisable to book trained people for a quality end of lease cleaning Canberra to help you pass the rental inspection without letting you face any rental disputes.