How To Clean And Sanitise Your Refrigerator?

How To Clean And Sanitise Your Refrigerator?

By : Angelina
The refrigerator is one of the most important household appliances, as it preserves food and prevents food-borne illnesses. However, during routine kitchen cleaning, this appliance often gets neglected when you should clean it every week to maintain sanitation. Refrigerators can accumulate a ton of dust and grime. Additionally, due to moisture and food, the appliances get mouldy and smell bad without routine cleaning. If your fridge is dirty, the risk of cross-contamination is high, which can make your household members seriously ill. Moreover, at the end of the tenancy, if the refrigerator is unclean, you can lose your bond. You can hire a professional bond cleaning service in Canberra to deep clean your rental property and fixtures in it. However, even with professional help available, you must know how to clean and sanitise your refrigerator thoroughly. To know how to do well, keep reading.

Declutter Before Cleaning & Sanitising the Refrigerator

Food containers, fruits, vegetables and meat often get pushed in the back, and you can forget about them until their rot and make the entire fridge smelly. Additionally, you can have expired canned and packed items inside the appliance. Therefore, declutter the fridge every week before deep cleaning it. Get rid of spoiled and expired food first by smelling it and checking the date on the labels. Additionally, check the drinks to ensure they are fresh and replace the water in the bottles daily to have sanitary water to drink. Note: While decluttering pay close attention to the refrigerator doors as it has small sections. These sections can clutter like medicines, make-up items, sachets, and much more which needs removals.

Take Proper Measures Before Cleaning the Refrigerator

Since the refrigerator is an electronic device, you must exercise caution while cleaning it. Once you have decluttered, move to clean your refrigerator, but before you do that, take the following safety precautions especially while performing end of lease cleaning in Canberra.
  • Empty the appliance completely, then defrost it.
  • Turn off the power supply and take out the plug.
  • Additionally, remove water from the bin at the bottom of the appliance and dump it in the sink or a drain.
  • Also, get personal protective equipment like gloves, rubber shoes, masks and overall to clean and sanitise the fridge without stress or hassle.
  • Invest in green cleaners like white vinegar, baking soda etc. Clean for the planet to avoid air, water and land pollution.

  • Clean Your Refrigerator

    Most refrigerators have a stainless-steel body, plastic interior and glass shelves. To clean all these areas well, here are the right steps you must take to sanitise the appliance like a professional when it is an end of lease cleaning requirement.
  • Take out all removable parts like shelves, containers, boxes and trays.
  • Wash them thoroughly with dishwashing liquid and warm water.
  • Dry them with a terry towel and keep them aside for air drying and aerating.
  • Next, make a solution of water, white vinegar and dishwashing liquid in a spray bottle.
  • Apply this solution generously on the exterior and interior areas of the appliance and wait 5 minutes.
  • Wipe everything away with a damp microfiber cloth and then a dry microfiber towel.
  • If there is stubborn grime, common household stains, mould or spills, remove them with baking soda mixed with dishwashing liquid.
  • Vacuum the back of the refrigerator, focusing on the coils and wires to remove cobwebs, dirt and dust effectively and efficiently.
  • Don’t forget to wipe the top of the refrigerator and the wheels.

  • Sanitise Your Refrigerator

    Cleaning the refrigerator is not enough to remove germs from it that have spread from the food and drinks. You have to sanitise the appliance’s surfaces as well to have a clean and sanitary fridge. Thus follow these steps.
  • In a spray bottle, make a solution of 1 part of bleach and 10 parts of water.
  • Apply this solution to the fridge inside and out.
  • Leave the solution to work for 10 minutes.
  • Wipe with a clean and damp microfibre cloth
  • If the solution dries before the dwell time is over, you must reapply it.

  • Make sure you never disinfect surfaces before cleaning, as it is ineffective. The contaminants will shield the germs and render your hard work useless. Additionally, don’t wipe away the sanitiser immediately after application, as it won’t give the solution enough time to kill all germs.

    When to Hire Professionals for Refrigerator Cleaning?

    Cleaning and sanitising the entire appliance is challenging when you don’t have the time, expertise and cleaning supplies. Therefore, you can hire professionals for refrigerator cleaning to ensure the appliance is deep cleaned. This step is best when you are ending a tenancy and need to get your bond back in full. You can hire professionals to give you a fresh start as well and show you how to deep clean the appliance like an expert. After they clean, it can be easier to maintain the sanitation of the fridge.

    Wrapping Up

    If you don’t clean and sanitise your refrigerator routinely, you must start doing it now to prevent the appliance from getting heavily soiled and becoming a health hazard. Therefore, use this guide to declutter and prepare the fridge for cleaning and sanitising. Additionally, follow the steps mentioned above to manage the process in the correct order and get excellent results.