How To Clean An Upholstered Couch?

Cropped picture of a woman vacuuming a couch

How To Clean An Upholstered Couch?

By : Angelina
Upholstered couches area common furniture in Canberra’s homes as they are an integral part of house décor. They not only add an aesthetic appeal but also providesuperior comfort.

Depending on the preference of the household members, these can be heavily or lightly padded with leather or fabric covers. To keep this furniture item in good condition and maintain its hygiene, cleaning and sanitising it regularly is necessary.

Couches can become breeding grounds for illness-causing microbes since they are high-touch objects, plus they get dirty with stains, spots, spills etc.

If you are a tenant at the end of a tenancy and need assistance with house and upholstery cleaning, consider hiring end of lease cleaning experts in Canberra. However, for regular cleaning and maintenance of your couch, here is a complete guide outlining valuable tips. Have a look.

Follow Instructions on the Couch Care Guide

People with couches under warranties should pay attention to the maintenance and cleaning instructions provided in the care guide. Most manufacturers recommend customers use company-approved cleaning kits or get their couches cleaned by professionals to avoid violation of warranty terms.

Therefore, whether you own the sofa in your home or it is part of your rental property, make sure you read the care guide carefully or hire professional end of lease cleaners in Adelaide if you need to get your bond back in full.

Keep Necessary Cleaning Supplies On-hand

The key to keeping your couch smelling great looking spotless at all times is to have the necessary cleaning supplies on hand. Adopt the clean-as-you-spill policy, meaning remove spots, stains, dust, debris, and other contaminants from your couch as soon as you see them.

Additionally, keep vital cleaning products and tools accessible to vacuum, wipe, dust, and spot clean the sofa whenever required. Here are some of the things that will come in handy.

  • A mild and suitable cleaner
  • Microfiber cleaning products – cloths, towels, and duster
  • Napping brush for fabric upholstery couch
  • A high-performance vacuum cleaner with a brush-head, crevice tool, and other attachments

Dry Brush before Vacuuming

Loosen debris, dust, dried stains, and other contaminants on the couch with a soft but firm bristled napping brush. Whether the couch has a fabric or leather upholstery, brush along the material’s grain from top to bottom. Professional end of lease cleaners in Canberra use this technique to agitate pollutants and bring them to the surface for vacuuming effectively.

Sanitise with Baking Soda

Sodium bicarbonate, commonly known as baking soda, is an excellent cleaner that can sanitise almost any couch surface without causing any discolouration or damage. It is organic and natural, making it an eco-friendly sofa cleaner that many green end of lease cleaners in Canberra use.

Sprinkle the powder on the couch generously and let it dwell for at least 30-45 minutes to absorb moisture and dirt. After the dwell time, vacuum the couch with slow strokes from top to bottom. Baking powder will not only clean the couch but also deodorise any odour as it absorbs bad smells.

Don’t Use Harsh Cleaners

Today’s market is saturated with commercial sofa cleaners that contain various harmful and toxic chemicals. They are effective cleaners, but it is best to avoid using them because they can damage your couch and compromise your indoor air quality. Therefore, while buying commercial cleaning products, make sure they are made with eco-friendly and non-toxic ingredients.

Also, test a cleaner before using it globally on the couch by applying it on an inconspicuous spot and letting it dwell for at least five minutes before removing it. If the colour, texture, and integrity of the upholstery remain unchanged, proceed to use the product as per instructions on the label.

Dab Stains and Never Rub

While spot cleaning any couch upholstery, make sure you always dab the stains and never rub because it increases the chances of stains embedding deeper into the material. Using this technique is particularly important when you sanitise fabric upholsteries. Here are the steps for cleaning couches using the dabbing technique.

  • Try to treat a stain or spill immediately after it happens by dabbing and absorbing as much moisture as possible with a microfiber cloth/towel
  • Next, spray with cleaner and let it dwell before dabbing again to remove the cleaner and stain
  • Spray water to wash, pat to remove moisture, then let the spot air dry.
  • Repeat the process until the stain is removed completely.

The Bottom Line

Use the tips mentioned above to sanitise and clean your upholstered couch increasing its longevity and improving its appearance.

In case the couch is heavily soiled, or you need to clean it to get your bond back, consider hiring professionals who offer upholstery cleaning and end of lease cleaning services in Canberra. Professionals can sanitise any type of couch and get optimum results.