How to Clean a Dishwasher Using Household Items

woman doing dishes in a dishwasher

How to Clean a Dishwasher Using Household Items

By : Angelina
The dishwasher is one of the most important appliances you have in your kitchen. It cleans your dirty plates, bowls, glasses, etc. and saves your time and efforts.

However, like any other appliance, it requires cleaning and maintenance. If you don’t keep it clean, it won’t be able to clean the plates the way it should be cleaned. And that will lead to various stomach related diseases.

This is why many people prefer to contact companies who perform end of lease cleaning in Canberra. They know how to clean a dishwasher perfectly. However, it is not that difficult to clean it on your own – all you need to do it know the procedure and use effective products. Here is the entire cleaning process but before that lets’ see why you should use household products to clean a dishwasher.

Why Clean Dishwasher Using Household Items

The market is flooded with commercial dishwasher, but you should opt for household products like vinegar and baking soda. The commercial products have harmful chemicals that spread toxic chemicals into the appliance that spread from the dishwasher to the plates and ultimately enter your body. On the other hand, household products are entirely safe for your health.

Moreover, the chemicals present in the commercial products pollute the indoor environment and also not safe for the appliance in the long run. Thus, you need to opt for the eco-friendly product. They are also cheap in comparison to the branded products and always available in the kitchen pantry.

Clear the garbage disposal

Before you start cleaning your dishwasher, it is essential that you clean the garbage disposal. This is important because the drain of the dishwasher is connected to a pipe which is also linked with the sink pipe. So, if you want to make sure that the water of the dishwasher drain efficiently, run the garbage disposal first and clear it.

Look into the drain of the appliance

When you are cleaning your dishwasher, you must clean it thoroughly. And for that, you need to clean the drain. Remove the bottom rack of the appliance and see if there clumps of debris. If you don’t remove it, the performance and longevity of the machine can be affected.

So, check it properly and remove anything clogging. If you hire professionals who offer end of lease cleaning in Canberra, you will find they also follow the same approach for cleaning this appliance.

Clean the interior using vinegar

Take a dishwasher-safe cup and fill it with vinegar. Then keep it on the top rack of the dishwasher and close the door. Make sure that the dishwasher is empty except for the cup of vinegar.

Then turn on the appliance and set the water temperature at the highest point.
The vinegar will loosen the grime and grease. It will also eliminate any odour that the appliance might have acquired. Use specialised cleaning vinegar or distilled white vinegar.

Clean the interior using Baking Soda

After the vinegar wash cycle, sprinkle baking soda at the bottom of the dishwasher. After that run the appliance, but this time for a shorter duration. Like the first wash cycle, set the temperature of the water at the highest level. If there are any stains in your dishwasher, the baking soda will help to remove it. This wash cycle will give your appliance deep cleaning.

Clean the edges of the door

The area around the door of the dishwasher often accumulates debris and grime. So you need to check it properly and if required, clean it thoroughly. Some dishwashers cannot clean this area on their own; thus, you need to clean it. Use a wet cloth to wipe the area.

Cleaning a dishwasher is not an easy thing to do, so if you want to save your time and efforts, hire professionals who perform end of lease cleaning in Canberra. They know how to clean it perfectly.

Clean the filter properly

The filter of the dishwasher collects large debris and prevents them from entering the drain. To the filter, you might need to open it, and for that, you will need a screwdriver. Some newer dishwashers have filters that pop out when you turned then.

Once you have detached them, rinse the filter in the sink using warm soapy water. If you find that the dirt is stubborn, use an old toothbrush to scrub the filter and dip in the soapy water. You need to remember that not every dishwasher has a filter.

Clean utensil rack of the dishwasher

The utensil rack is attached to the dishwasher rack. To clean them properly, remove it and wash it under the warm water. To clean any dirt, use a sponge wet with warm, soapy water. Rub the rack gently with the sponge. It is a time-consuming and challenging task. Thus people prefer professionals who carry end of lease cleaning in Canberra. However, you can try cleaning it once before taking professional help.


The cleaning of a dishwasher depends on the frequency of its use. For instance, a dishwasher that cleans plates daily requires more cleaning than dishware, which clean dirty plates once a week. Effective cleaning agents and the right procedure is the key to a deep and perfect dishwasher cleaning. To deep clean your dishwasher, focus on the steps as mentioned above.