How To Clean 8 Difficult-To-Reach Spots Before A Rental Inspection?

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How To Clean 8 Difficult-To-Reach Spots Before A Rental Inspection?

By : Angelina
When you move out of the rental living space, you have to tackle several difficult tasks. But perhaps the most challenging one is cleaning the property. As tenants, it is your duty to give the property back to the landlord in pristine condition.

If the property owner finds that the cleaning is not up to the mark during the final inspection, you are most likely to lose a hefty amount from the security deposit. Tenants, who clean the rental property on their own, often forget to clean essential areas, including the hard-to-reach spots.

It happens because you also have to focus on several other moving-related tasks. Therefore, it is advisable to hire professionals who offer the best end of lease cleaning Canberra. They use modern tools and advanced methods to ensure that the entire property looks flawless. That can help you to get the bond money back. If you want to carry out the task on your own, you will need some guidance.

Read on to know how to clean 8 difficult-to-reach spots before a rental inspection.

1. Ceiling Fans and Light Fixtures

A microfibre duster with an extendable handle is an excellent way to capture dust and spider webs on ceiling fans and light fixtures. Select a microfibre duster over a feather duster because microfibre dusters are made of materials that trap the dust and do not spread it. If you use a ladder, make sure you have someone to hold it for you as it will help you if you slip or fall.

2. Ceilings and Mouldings

If you take a moment to look up, you might be surprised to notice how much dust and cobwebs have accumulated on your ceiling and crown mouldings. However, you can easily clean the dirt with the help of a long-handled duster, a broom or a clean and dry sponge mop. Always start the cleaning from the top and move your ways downwards.

3. Cabinet Tops and Tall Furniture

When purchasing a disposable duster with an extension handle, look for one that has a pivoting head so you can vary the angle to reach the top of cupboards and tall furniture. If dust and grease particles have accumulated on your kitchen cabinets, clean them with a soft cloth dipped in a solution of warm water (2 cups), dishwashing liquid, and household ammonia (1 teaspoon each). Wipe away the soil using a towel dipped in simple water before rinsing. Dry with a clean, soft cloth.

4. Window Blinds

Tenants often forget to remove the thick layer of dust from the window blinds. It is essential to avoid mistakes during the end of lease cleaning. It is important because property owners thoroughly check the windows of all the rooms. Cleaning window blinds used to be a challenging task, but not anymore.

All you need to do is to purchase a microfibre blind duster. It will help you to complete the task perfectly and quickly. Professionals, who offer reliable end of lease cleaning in Canberra, also use similar tools. Hold one slate of the blind with this tong like tool and wipe from one end to another.

5. Window, Sliding Door and Shower Door Tracks

Window, sliding door, and shower door tracks accumulate a lot of dust and dirt, and they can be difficult to remove because of the tight spaces. You need to remove the screens to give them a proper cleaning. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove as much grime and loose dust as possible because it will make the rest of the cleaning easier.

Then prepare a solution by mixing warm water (2 cups), dishwashing liquid and household ammonia (both 1 teaspoon). Use a flexible stiff-bristled brush to scrub out the tracks and then rinse with plain water.

6. Behind the Toilet

Cleaning the toilet is a difficult and unpleasant task, but cleaning the area around and behind the toilet is even harder. So, people often overlook the spot. However, you can make this laborious housekeeping task a lot easier by getting the right cleaning tool. The angled scrubber is perfect for cleaning around the toilet’s curving base.

7. Garbage Disposal

Dirty garbage disposal makes your kitchen smell bad, and that can be a problem during the final inspection. To clean it, you don’t need to use any costly store-bought products. You can simply opt for eco-friendly products like citrus peels, baking soda, etc. First, run the machine with a full stream of cold water.

After turning it off, flush all the debris. To eliminate the bad smell, you can either grind a few citrus peels while running cold water or add some ice cubes and sprinkle some baking soda. Then grind with cold water.

8. Under Appliances and Furniture

There is probably a heavy layer of dust and crumbs beneath your oven, refrigerator, dishwashing machine bed and wardrobe. Invest in a thin microfiber duster that can slide below appliances and furniture to clean this hard-to-reach area. You can also wrap a microfiber cloth around the end of a broom and fasten it with a rubber band for a quick fix.


Cleaning rental property is a complicated task, so make sure you have a proper plan to carry out the task. Always follow a checklist, and do not forget to include all the aforementioned spots in that list. It will help you to clean the property perfectly.

If you want to pass the final inspection and improve the chance of getting back the bond money, contact experienced end of lease cleaners in Canberra.