How Does Magic Eraser Work?

How Does Magic Eraser Work?

By : Angelina
Are you looking for a chemical-free alternative to scrub off stubborn stains, grime and grease from your home? A magic eraser is a perfect product that can help you maintain a clean and sparkling home without using harmful chemicals and expensive tools. A magic eraser is one of the trendiest things in the global cleaning industry because it is affordable, safer and a powerful scrubbing tool. The best part is that it can tackle all types of stains from different surfaces without causing any damage. If you wonder how a magic eraser works, read this guide and spruce up your home like a pro. Even highly-trained bond cleaners in Canberra use magic erasers and other tried & tested tools to help tenants avoid unnecessary conflicts with landlords and retrieve the full bond money. If you want to maintain a clean home all year round, add this super-powerful scrubbing tool to your cleaning caddy.

What are Magic Erasers?

Magic erasers are white sponges made of melamine form, which have been used as insulation or soundproofing materials for years. In the early 21st century, melamine foam was discovered as an effective tool to remove stubborn stains. Since then, it has been used as a scrubbing sponge. It is made up of an amalgamation of soft and hard structures, carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen, which merge to remove stains without causing any damage to the surface. This is how magic erasers are introduced in the cleaning market.

How Does Magic Eraser Work?

The microstructure of melamine foam becomes as hard as glass and works like sandpaper on stubborn stains, grime and grease. The abrasive foam helps remove grime, and the open microstructure foam fetches loosen dirt quickly. You only need to dampen a magic eraser to clean the surface. The best part is that this magic tool feels soft on the outside, but each eraser is abrasive and utilizes small air pockets in the material to deliver sparkling results. That’s one of the reasons why professionals use magic erasers when performing budget end of lease cleaning in Canberra, ACT.

Are Magic Erasers Safe and Sound for Regular Cleaning?

Despite being porous, these sponges are safe and non-toxic for household use. They are abrasive but won’t cause any damage to the surface. However, do not rub over the skin and keep it away from your kids. Though magic erasers are not biodegradable, they are a safer alternative to ammonia-based chemical cleaning products available in the local market of Canberra. This means it won’t leave carbon footprints in the environment, and that’s why you can use it for regular housekeeping chores. Note: Do not use it on delicate and polished surfaces, as it can remove the exterior finish or cause damage to the surface. Doing a patch test on a hidden area is always good before sprucing up the larger spot.

How to Clean A Home with Magic Erasers?

Below are some brilliant cleaning uses of melamine foam pads to help you maintain a clean and hygienic home. 1. Easy to Remove Scuff Marks From Walls Damp magic erasers can do wonders in removing scuffs and tough marks from walls and baseboards without causing any discolouration. Make sure you test it on a hidden spot before tackling scuff marks from the larger area of your walls. Make sure you gently scrub off the affected area. For better results, you can use baking soda paste and wet your foam for scratch-free scrubbing. 2. Restore the Whiteness of Grout Lines Remove dirt, grime, mould and mildew from the space between your bathroom or kitchen tiles using this magical tool. Use 3 per cent hydrogen peroxide, warm water solution, and a damp magic eraser to scrub off stains and bring the white shine back to life. 3. Get Rid of Rust Residue with Magic Eraser Tackling rust rings from hard surfaces can be challenging. Instead of using a harsh scrubbing tool, you can use this less abrasive that can help you remove rust residue with ease. You can prepare a cleaning agent by mixing:
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Vinegar
  • Warm water

  • Spray the solution over the affected area and leave it for a few minutes. After that, scrub the rust stain or ring using a wet sponge (melamine foam). 4. Remove Built-up Grease from a Stovetop A stovetop collects grease, grime, food splatters, spills and oil stains that can ruin its overall look and feel. Whether you are doing a regular cleaning or preparing a rented property for the final inspection, this tool works wonders on all types and sizes of cooktops and can help you maintain a clean kitchen. This tool can be used to remove grease from a range hood and other surfaces with ease. 5. Freshen Up Your Leather Furniture Use a damp magic eraser to remove scuff marks, pen or crayon marks, food stains, pet stains, etc from your leather furniture. You can also clean other items made up of leather, such as luggage, shoes and other accessories. 6. Clean Your Shower Glass Door and Curtains Gently scrub the glass door and curtains to get rid of mould and mildew. Instead of scrubbing the stains hard, do it gently, and you can use vinegar and warm water solution for sparkling results. Here are some great hacks to make your own green cleaners for different cleaning purposes. 7. Eliminate Built-Up Gunk From Your Microwave Clean your filthy microwave using vinegar and water solution. You can use a damp melamine foam pad to get rid of gunk, grease, oil splatters, food spills, and stuck particles in no time. Make sure you deep clean all the dirty areas within your rental premises. You can also hire professionals for an affordable bond cleaning Canberra and spruce up the entire premises without a hint of stress. 8. Get rid of Stains From Clothes There are plenty of ways to get rid of tough stains on clothes and upholstery. Magic erasers are one of the safest and effective methods that can help you deliver great outcomes. Make Your Toilet Shine Toilets are constantly exposed to hard water which forms mineral deposits. In addition, it gets dirty due to dirt, grime and gunk. These stains and deposits can make your toilet look and smell bad. Thus, if you need a quick fix to sanitise the fixture without investing too much time or energy, scurb the toilet with magic erasers. Use water to activate the cleaning product and move top to bottom while cleaning to avoid backtracking and re-contaminate cleaned surfaces. After scrubbing the toilet, wash it with water and use a disinfectant to kill germs. Using these steps, you can shine the toilet within 10 minutes. It comes in handy when you want to clean the fixture before guests arrive. Remove Crayon Marks from Walls, Baseboards and Floors If you have kids, they can dirty walls, skirting boards and floors with crayons and make these surfaces look unpleasant. To remove crayon marks effectively, you can use magic erasers and get rid of lines and spots within a few minutes.

    Wrapping Up

    Magic erasers are really magical as they can do wonders in removing stubborn stains, grime, and grease from almost all surfaces. It is a mildly abrasive yet safer alternative to toxic cleaning products to help you maintain a clean abode.