Housecleaning Habits To Teach Your Kids

a mother is sprucing up a house with her daughter

Housecleaning Habits To Teach Your Kids

By : Angelina
You are the first teacher of your kids! They observe your activities and try to imitate them. That is why it is your responsibility to teach your kids the good habits, including housecleaning.Many people think their kids are too young to get involved in household chores, but studies reveal that dusting and scrubbing household surfaces can play a vital role in improving your kid’s personality.

Such good habits develop a sense of cleanliness in your children and make them independent as well as responsible. However, you need to ensure that the task does not become a burden for them.

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If you intend to teach your kids about the significance of a clean house, then you need to follow some specific ways. Read on to know more about housecleaning habits you should develop in your kids.

Use of Natural Products

One of the most important housecleaning habits you must to teach your kids is the use of natural products. The Canberra market is full of commercial products, but most of the products are loaded with harsh chemicals. The toxic substances not only pollute the indoor air but also lead to various pollen allergies.

If your kids have asthma or any other health issues, using commercial products can be a massive risk. So you must teach them the importance of natural products like vinegar, baking soda, lemon, salt, etc. They should follow green products for a young age.

Clean Home Regularly

Another good habit that you must develop in your kids is including dusting and scrubbing in their daily chores. If you avoid the dusting and scrubbing of the household for a long time, it allows the dust, dirt and germs to settle down. Then it becomes very difficult to clean the house perfectly.

If your kids understand the fact, they will have to make only a few efforts regularly so that the house looks spick and span. Daily dusting of the house makes the thorough cleaning process a lot quicker, easier and effective.

Make a Schedule for Cleaning

Your kids must understand the importance of maintaining a schedule. It makes the task more organised, so it becomes a lot easier to execute. Segregate all the tasks into daily, weekly and monthly chores and involve your kids when you carry out the tasks.

It will help the children to understand the significance of preparing and following a schedule. This habit can help your kids a lot in the long run as they will never struggle to take out time to clean the house.

Manage the Clutter

Managing the clutter is also a very important task that doesn’t take much time, but it makes your room look perfectly clean. So, make sure that your kids develop a habit of collecting the toys scattered all over the place and keep them into the toy box.

They should also rearrange their books, crayons, etc. and keep it on their study table or shelf. Even if the kids are small, they can at least pick up their used plates and keep them into the kitchen sink. Developing this habit not only keep their room clean but also make them more organised in future.

Select Appropriate Chores

Being parents, you must assign your kids a cleaning as per their age. If you give them anything that is too difficult for them, they will simply back off and that is not what you want to do! You should know about the tasks appropriate for 5-year-old and things that an 8-year-old can easily perform.

Any difficult task can not only cause boredom but it can also be risky. In case you want to clean your house at the end of tenancy, involving the kids can be a bad idea. Hire experts who offer professional end of lease cleaning in Canberra. They perform the task perfectly and help you to pass the final inspection.

One Room at a Time

If you want to clean your house in the best possible manner, then you should focus on one room at a time. It is an excellent habit that you should teach your kids. When you try to clean the surfaces of all the rooms simultaneously, it becomes a lot difficult for you to focus and keep track of all the spots.

So, clean a room thoroughly and move to another room only after finishing the first one. Developing this habit will help your kids to clean a house perfectly.

Set Timer to Complete a Task

When the kids are involved in the cleaning of a surface, it is advisable to set a timer. It will help you to ensure that the children do not spend the entire day on the same task. Moreover, when the time is on, it will motivate the kids to finish the task as quickly as possible.

If the kids know, they need to spend around 10 to 15 minutes a day; they will perform the task sincerely and get a better result. This habit also develops time management skills, which help the children a lot in every sphere of life.


If you want to develop some good housecleaning habits in your kids, you need to make sure that they enjoy every task instead of feeling it like a burden. So, never use dusting or scrubbing as a punishment or raise your voice if they make a mistake.

Also, in a pressure situation like the end of tenancy, hire experienced end of lease cleaners in Canberra to get your bond back. Do not try to clean yourself and involve kids in it.