House Cleaning Tips For 2020: Thing You Should Know

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House Cleaning Tips For 2020: Thing You Should Know

By : Angelina
2020 has been a challenging year for everyone in the world due to the outbreak of the dangerous COVID-19 pandemic. It has caused governments to impose lockdown, ask citizens to stay home, and iterate the importance of social distancing. The outbreak of the pandemic has also made apparent that there is an increased need for optimum personal hygiene and keeping your adobes clean.

According to professional cleaners in Canberra, more and more people are being cautious and willing to take measures for cleaning and disinfecting their homes to remain safe during the pandemic. If you are among them – here are some useful house cleaning tips for 2020 that every member of your household should know.

Follow the Two-Step Sanitation Process: Clean then Disinfect

Illness-causing bacteria, viruses, and fungi can survive on different surfaces for hours or days depending on their type. If these surfaces are covered with dust, dirt, grime, or other contaminants then removing the germs becomes harder.

Thus learning about the two-step sanitation process is crucial, as it can help keep your abode free of pollutants and dangerous microbes like Coronavirus, E. coli, H1N1, etc.

The process involves cleaning a surface or object first to remove any dust, debris, or grime then the second step is to disinfect with a potent and safe solution. Professionals who provide deep cleaning services like end of lease cleaning in Canberra use this process that makes it reliable.

Adopt the S-Pattern When Wiping

It is common for people to be unaware about the correct way to wipe surfaces while cleaning or disinfecting. Usually everyone wipes in a circular pattern which isn’t effective as it causes spreading of dirt and germs from one surface to another. The correct way is to adopt the S-pattern to avoid recontamination of a cleaned area.

To achieve the best results adopt this technique used by experienced end of lease cleaners in Canberra. For vertical surfaces start from the top towards the bottom and for horizontal surfaces start from the farthest point wiping making small s-shapes towards you.

Pre-treat a Surface or Object

Pre-treatment of surfaces is a technique professional end of lease cleaners in Canberra employ for removing stains, grime, built, germs, etc. effectively and without exertion. For those who want to clean and disinfect different surfaces in their homes to keep safe during the pandemic, learning this technique is essential.

To pre-treat any surface spray the cleaning/disinfecting solution and give the product time to work. After a surface is pre-treated the contaminants or germs on it are surprisingly easy to remove. Most cleaners and disinfectants take about 5 to 10 minutes to work effectively, but read the label to make sure.

Use the Right Products and Tools

Using the right products and tools is necessary to effectively clean or disinfect a surface. For example to keep safe during the pandemic you should invest in TGA-approved disinfecting products that are capable of killing Coronavirus.

Some of these include disinfects by Pine-O-Clean, Dettol, Lysol, MYO, etc. By reading the label it can be deciphered what the product is effective at removing or killing.

In addition, to obtaining the right products having proper tools is necessary for complete sanitation. Therefore, stock on microfiber cloths, spray bottles, brushes, mops, wipes, etc.

Have a Daily and Weekly Cleaning Routine

Keeping the house clean and free of germs is a continuous process that requires repetition of chores. Hence, it is wise to establish routines for daily and weekly tasks that can be divided among every household member and given deadlines.

By having daily and weekly cleaning routines, you can reduce the risk of contracting diseases and transmission of germs. To create the checklists you can search for them online and make a customised one according to your house.

Don’t Procrastinate Cleaning and Disinfecting

Completing tasks for household sanitation can be tiring and most people don’t feel motivated to perform them. During a pandemic, procrastinating cleaning and disinfecting should be avoided because it can heighten the risk of contracting the disease.

Hence, make sure all the areas in your home are paid attention regularly. Special focus should be on cleaning and disinfecting high touch surfaces, floors, footwear, etc.

Get your Home Deep Cleaned

Getting your home deep cleaned during this time is wise because professionals can purge the entire property. Deep cleaning is different than regular cleaning because it also targets areas that are hard to reach and not focus on generally. By hiring professional cleaners in Canberra, you can have peace of mind and keep your family healthy and safe.

For people who are at the end of their tenancies booking professionals to perform the end of lease cleaning is the need of the hour. Professional end of lease cleaners in Canberra are experienced, knowledgeable, the right equipment, and trained. They ensure the property is adequately sanitised and your bond money is returned as well.

Wrapping Up

Keeping your house clean in 2020 is of greater importance than any other time due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 outbreak. Thus knowing about the house cleaning tips mentioned above is vital to keep your family healthy and safe. These useful tips are shared by professional cleaners in Canberra and among the things you should know.