How To Get Your Bond Back While Vacating Your Residential Property

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How To Get Your Bond Back While Vacating Your Residential Property

By : Angelina

Tenants, who have to vacate their residential property at the end of the lease or rental agreement, undoubtedly want to get their bond back. The initial bond payment they made while renting the house is significant as they can use it for future rental home or purchasing a new property in Canberra.

However, in some cases, the landlord becomes overcritical and finds flaws with the condition of the property, which may result in losing a major portion of the bond money. Fortunately, by taking some precautions, you can avoid such a situation. You can always hire professional end of lease cleaners in Canberra to help you with the cleaning job.

Here are a few steps you should take to keep your bond money secure when you exit a residential property in Canberra.

Check the initial condition report carefully

Before you apply for the refund of your bond, check the initial condition report carefully. It is the report which was prepared by your agent when the property was handed over to you. It contains the detailed assessment of the condition of the property at the time you entered it. It will help you to determine the changes that have occurred in the state of the property during your stay.

Always remember that your agent will be using the same information to find flaws in the status of the property. So, it is essential to take a room by room observation to note down anything considerably different from the report. Be honest with yourself while inspecting the property and note down anything that counts as damage, except for minor wear and tear.

You should especially note the areas which look unkempt and need immediate cleaning. It is a must as your overcritical agent or landlord will be looking for such flaws, and you may end up losing a major chunk of your bond money.

Make sure to do this self-inspection in time so that you have enough time to get the end of lease cleaning done and restore the property back to its original condition.

In case of any damage to the property

If you find any damages to the property while comparing the report, speak to your agent about it. Sometimes the damage is fixable, but your agent may demand the replacement cost for it. In such cases, where the repair cost is much less than the replacement cost, you should consider the first option. Tenancy laws and regulations also state that repairing should be regarded as the first option.

Being honest about the property report will give you an upper hand as your agent will be aware of the fact that you are dealing with the problem. If these things come to light on the final inspection day, then the results won’t be favourable for you as you may not have enough time to get them repaired and would succumb to the demands of the property manager.

Hire the Professionals

Now when it is time to make corrections, always take help of professional end of lease cleaners in Canberra for the job. One of the major causes of losing bond money is failing in cleaning standards. People who think that they can perform the end of lease cleaning job themselves should think twice.

Also, many lease agreements have a special clause for cleaning, which demands professional steam cleaning of the carpet and proper fumigation of the property. In case you have pets, it becomes all the more important.

You can hire professional cleaning company like Bond Cleaning in Canberra for the job as they provide all the facilities required and guarantee to get your bond back. They can also get your property inspected at a very nominal cost.

Vacate the Property

Vacate your residential property in Canberra by the due date. Some people prolong their stay even after the rent agreement gets over or leave their belongings behind, which may include some old furniture, mattresses, appliances that are not working or old newspaper and magazines. In such a condition your landlord may deduct an amount from your bond money as a bill for the removalist or a cleaner or even as rent.

If you are facing a problem and have to leave some things behind for a few days, talk to your landlord and, you both can fix the amount you have to pay, as rent for it.

Return the keys to the agent/owner

By law, date of vacating the property is when you formally hand over the keys to the agent/owner. You should also handover all other things such as doorbell functionalities, fixed wardrobe keys and garage remote controls etc. to the assigned person. Failing this, you may be charged an extra amount for the replacement of locks.

Be prepared for the final Inspection

Make sure to be present when your landlord and agent come for the final inspection of the property. Bring all the cleaning supplies with you to deal with any cleaning flaws that may need attention. If you have engaged Bond Cleaning in Canberra for the job, then there is no need for you to take any tension as they will get the inspection done for you and also guarantee to get your bond back.

Follow the bond refund process

Last but not the least, file the Claim for Refund of Bond Money form and give it to your agent after you both have agreed upon the total money to be paid or deducted from your bond.

Include all the financial details regarding where you would like to get your bond money and also your new contact details. Failing to do this will result in a delay in payment.

Wrapping up

If you keep all the above points in mind, you are sure to get back your bond money. Hope this article proves useful to you.