1. Microfiber Cloths: Dust, Absorb and Wipe

    These are affordable, durable and versatile cleaning tools to simplify dusting. It can help fetch dust particles, dirt, pollen, and other loose debris from hard surfaces without leaving scratches behind.

    It can also help absorb excess moisture or liquid from delicate surfaces like couches, carpets or rugs. Whether it is about sparkling mirrors or wiping down countertops, microfiber cloths and dusters can do everything without any stress.

  2. A High-Quality Vacuum Cleaner

    Investing in a good vacuum cleaner can be a game-changer for your home. It is a must-have tool for picking up embedded dirt, dust and grime from floors, carpets and crannies. However, choosing the right machine depends on your specific requirements. Below are some of the most popular types to help make the right decision for speed cleaning.

    • Upright Vacuums: These are heavy-duty vacuums with powerful suction. These are apt for cleaning large carpets and floors.
    • Canister Vacuums: Comes with separate canister units; these vacuum machines are ideal for stairs, upholstery and carpets. However, you need to empty the bin after every cleaning.
    • Stick Vacuums: These are cordless and lightweight, ideal for quick cleaning. You can easily clean tight spaces with a cordless vacuum machine.
    • Robotic Vacuums: These smart gadgets automatically navigate and detect dust on floors. It uses sensors and motions to keep your floors and crannies clean.

    Decide what you want as per your estimated budget and specific requirements.

  3. Telescoping Dusters for Hard-to-Reach Spots

    Professional end of lease cleaners in Canberra recommend using a long-handled duster. It enables you to remove dust and debris from hard-to-reach spots, such as ceiling walls, window casings, top of cupboards, cabinets, etc.

    The best part is that you don’t need to climb a ladder or bend down. So, this tool is ideal for elders and people with mobility issues.

  4. Drill Scrub Brush

    Believe it or not! Drill scrub brushes are revolutionary tools in the cleaning industry. These scrub brushes can help you clean grout lines, tiles, and other hard surfaces without putting any elbow grease.

    From built-up grease to soap scum and other messes, you can efficiently clean surfaces using different types of brushes. It can help you clean hard-to-reach spots without any stress.

  5. Magic Erasers For Scrubbing

    woman holding a magic eraser in her hand

    Nothing works better than magic erasers. These are environmentally-friendly tools to help remove soap scum, scuff marks and paint from almost all surfaces.

    A magic eraser is made of melamine foam to make your scrubbing task easier and more effective. Wet it and scrub off the stains. It can help clean walls, windows, sinks, faucets, and other surfaces.

    Tip: Test a small area before scrubbing the painted walls of your home.

  6. Assorted Sponges

    Stock up on different types of sponges in your cleaning caddy to wash dishes, wipe surfaces and absorb liquids. A non-abrasive sponge is ideal for removing spills and splatters from delicate surfaces and stainless steel. It is a perfect tool to clean your kitchen.

    Buy a Scrub Daddy sponge from Amazon for efficient cleaning. It becomes soft when it comes in damped in warm water, while it turns abrasive to tackle stains and gunk when you use it with cold water.

  7. A Rubber Squeegee

    Achieve streak-free windows and glass shower doors with this single tool. It can help remove excess water or soap from the glass surface and hard areas without leaving scratches or streaks behind.

  8. A Toilet Brush

    A toilet brush is also a scrub brush designed especially for toilet bowls. Make sure you apply white vinegar and warm water solution to tackle brown stains and grime from the surface.

    To dislodge stains, scrub the surface with a toilet brush. It can help you get into nooks and crannies.

  9. Steam Cleaner for Carpets

    This is one of the most efficient tools to make your life a lot easier. The tool uses hot water and steam to dislodge accumulated dust, dirt, pet stains, and germs from delicate floor coverings and upholstery without causing discolouration.

    Make sure you pre-treat stains with vinegar and a warm water solution instead of using harsh chemicals.

  10. Microfiber Mop or A Mop Stick

    Microfiber mops are perfect for removing grime, gunk and spills from hardwood floors. It requires less water and effectively mops the surface without much effort.

    A mop stick is also an advanced gadget that can help remove stains and grime from hard surfaces, blinds, tiles and other delicate areas with ease.

    If you are preparing a rented apartment during the end of your tenancy, contact the best professionals for a budget end of lease cleaning Canberra and avoid unnecessary rental disputes.