End Of Tenancy Cleaning: Your Checklist To A Spotless House

cropped image of man and woman vacuuming and wiping a room

End Of Tenancy Cleaning: Your Checklist To A Spotless House

By : Angelina

Although several factors can lead to deduction of the security deposit, end of tenancy cleaning is the most common one that makes people lose money. It is a tenant’s responsibility to clean a rental property once the lease period is over. To ensure the return of bond money, people usually contact professional bond cleaners in Franklin as they have sufficient experience in cleaning properties according to the pre-approved checklist.

If you have decided to clean the entire property on your own, you need to consider two things – there should be at least one helping hand, and you should start cleaning as early as possible. Here is a checklist that will certainly give you expert advice and useful tips to turn your rental property into a spotless space. Let us have a look:


You should always start cleaning the house from the kitchen because it is the most challenging area to clean, and it takes the maximum time.

  • Wash and polish all the countertops, worktops and the sink area
  • Throw leftover food and trash bags away
  • Clean the cupboards, shelves and drawers properly
  • Properly wash and polish the sinks taps
  • Get rid of the accumulated limescale
  • Clean the wall tiles with soapy warm water to get rid of grime
  • Brush the burner rings and the knobs of the gas stove
  • Remove the garbage and disinfect the bins
  • Wipe down ledges, sills and frames and clean the windows inside-out
  • Remove the dirt from woodwork like doorframes, skirting boards and furnishings
  • Clean the plugs and light switches
  • Properly vacuum, mop, and if required, polish the floors

Give special attention to all the appliances because they require a lot of cleaning.

  • De-grease and clean the ovens inside and out
  • Clean the microwave efficiently
  • Meticulously clean the entire fridge and particularly the freezer
  • Deep clean the washing machine and dishwasher


Apart from the kitchen, the bathroom is the place that requires a lot of cleaning because dirt and mildew are visible and least acceptable during the inspection. Showers, toilets, tiles, sink, etc. should be appropriately cleaned and polished.

For proper cleaning, people often contact professional bond cleaners in Franklin as they have the latest cleaning equipment and green cleaning products, but with the help of the following checklist, you can also make sure that the bathroom is expertly sanitised.

  • Properly clean the sink, taps and fittings
  • Remove the hard water stains
  • Get rid of the limescale
  • Scrub and rinse the soap dispensers
  • Clean and polish the towel rails and radiators
  • Wipe and rinse the toilet and bidet
  • If possible, clean the plumbing behind the toilet
  • Clean all the stains and marks from the shower glass
  • Wipe and if required polish the mirrors
  • Scrub and deep clean the dirt accumulated in the toothbrush area
  • Rub the reachable bathroom tiles to remove all dirt and moulds

Living Rooms and Bedrooms

All the living rooms and bedrooms in a house are almost similar, so you can follow a standard checklist for all the rooms. If you have multiple floors in your home, you need to pay special attention to the staircases and the hallways. Get rid of all the waste and damaged items and send them for recycling and then follow this checklist for clean and organised rooms.

  • Clean the cobwebs from the roof corners
  • Use a duster to wipe up the wardrobes, cupboards and shelving
  • Remove the dust and dirt accumulated on the top of doors and picture frames
  • Clean the dust from the curtain rails
  • Properly vacuum and dust both sides of blinds and curtains
  • Clean and polish pictures, other wall hangings and mirrors
  • Get rid of the dust from decorations and skirting boards
  • Dust off the lampshades and all light fittings
  • Properly clean and polish all metal frames
  • Remove all the dirty marks from the walls and repaint
  • Carefully clean the extension cords and power sockets
  • Properly vacuum all the mattresses
  • Mop the laminate and hard floors

Carpet Cleaning

Give special attention to carpets because they are one of the major reasons for bond money deduction and in some cases complete rejection. This is because it is tough to clean rugs at home using basic cleaning equipment. The best way to do it is to hire professional bond cleaners in Franklin. But if you want to clean it yourself, use the following checklist.

  • Properly vacuum all the edges of the carpet
  • Move the heavy furniture kept over the carpet and vacuum underneath
  • Remove all kinds of stains and marks from the carpets
  • If possible, perform steam cleaning
  • If a carpet cleaning machine is not available, try hand-washing stains


End of tenancy cleaning is essential to get the bond money back. Tenants make tireless efforts to clean their property, but the inspection agents in Franklin somehow manage to find flaws in cleaning, and this gives them a chance to deduct the bond money. However, with the help of the checklist mentioned above, one can ensure a spotless property and claim the entire security deposit.