End Of Lease Cleaning Tips To Get 100% Bond Back

young couple sprucing their house for end of lease

End Of Lease Cleaning Tips To Get 100% Bond Back

By : Angelina
Moving out of a rental apartment or unit can be stressful for many tenants. From packing household belongings to arranging a thorough clean-up before the final inspection, you have to manage everything on your own. Most renters end up losing their bond money or security deposits due to half-baked cleaning.

A tenancy agreement clearly states that a tenant is obliged to perform a detailed end of lease cleaning and return the property in a pristine condition. On the other side, a landlord has the right to withhold a part of deposited money if you fail to achieve sparkling results.

That’s the reason why people consider hiring seasoned experts for a detailed end of lease cleaning in Canberra. They leave no stone unturned to give you quality service to help you get 100 % bond back.

If you want to spruce up on your own without any professional assistance, then keep the following tips in mind. A clean and organised rental premises will help you impress the landlord and pass the final inspection without any dispute.

Let’s Get Started!

1. Follow A Standard Checklist

Landlords or property agents follow the Property Condition Report while inspecting the rental property at the end of a tenancy. So, it is good to use this or create your own for better results.

Professional end of lease cleaners in Canberra follow a REACT-approved checklist which includes all rooms- a living room, bedrooms, bathrooms, a kitchen, a laundry room, a patio area and garage walls. You should also follow a standard checklist and return the property in a spick-and-span condition.

2. Start From the Top

It is advisable to begin the cleaning process from the top of your rooms. If you clean the floor first and remove dust from ceiling fans last, then the dirt will fall on the floor and you have to clean it again.

To save that effort, you can start eliminating dust from ceiling fans, walls, light fixtures and fittings, shelves, windows and make your way down towards furniture, carpets and floors. Follow this top-to-bottom cleaning hierarchy and cover every nook and cranny of your rental property. This will definitely take you a step closer to your bond money.

3. Clean the Walls

Clean the walls to improve the overall look and feel of your rental property before the final inspection by your landlord. You can use a wet microfiber mop to treat tough stains, grime and other marks from your walls.

It is good to start from the left to right for better outcomes. Rub the white chalk over the grimy and greasy areas and wipe it with a clean microfiber cloth.

4. Empty The property

Since you are leaving the rental property, make sure you pack all your household belongings and put them outside in a safe place. This will speed up the cleaning process and help you cover every inch of the premises without any distraction.

You should remove heavy kitchen appliances and other objects from the property so that you can get rid of dust, dirt, grime, stains and mould from the corners and other important spots.

5. Spruce up Carpets & Rugs

Do not forget to clean your dirty carpets and area rugs before the final inspection. Many tenants forget to vacuum their delicate floor coverings. Since they experience everyday wear-and tear, it is imperative to treat tough stains and bad smells using safe and sound products.

First, use a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter to fetch dead skin cells, dust pollens, allergens, pet hair and other loose debris that are embedded deep inside your carpet.

After that, apply the homemade cleaning solution (white vinegar+ mild detergent +warm water). Use a microfiber cloth and blot the affected surface until the stain transfer to the cloth. You can sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda on the surface to banish bad smells and kill germs. Leave it overnight and vacuum it properly the next day for great outcomes.

6. Pay Attention to Kitchen Appliances

Apart from wiping the countertop, gas stove and cabinets, make sure you clean your oven, microwave and dishwashing machine. You can prepare a white vinegar cleaning solution and warm water to get rid of burnt food particles, grease, grime and other stubborn stains from appliances.

Use the same solution to clean your fridge- including doors, handles, shelves and other removable parts.

7. Make Your Windows Sparkling Clean

Let the fresh air get inside your property through crystal clear windows and impress your landlord. However, for that, you need to deep clean your windows inside and out. Use natural all-purpose cleaner and spray it on the window sills and glasses. Wipe the surface with a clean cloth or run a squeegee to get rid of excess water.

Do not use newspaper as it can leave the streaks behind. Also, pay attention to scrubbing stains and clean the windows outside if reachable or you can also hire professional end of lease cleaners in Canberra and get your 100 per cent bond money back.

8. Deep Clean Your Bathroom

Make sure you thoroughly clean and disinfect your filthy bathroom, including walls, tiles, tile grouts, shower head, shower glass, bathtub, toilet seat, sink, counter and taps. You can use eco-friendly cleaning products to kill germs lurking on high-touch surfaces.

A clean and organised bathroom can help you pass the rental inspection because most landlords thoroughly inspect bathrooms from top to bottom.


These are some great hacks that will help you get 100 per cent bond money back without any rental dispute. Make sure you follow these cleaning tips carefully and achieve the best possible results using only environmentally-friendly products. You can also hire trained people for a thorough end of lease cleaning in Canberra and retrieve your full security deposit.