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Whether your rented property is in Ngunnawal or any other suburb, we at Bond Cleaning in Canberra can help you retrieve your bond with ease. Our bond back guarantee for seven days (Ts and Cs apply) is the surety that helps customers to become relaxed during the end of the tenancy. We also promise to offer a free reclean within 72 hours if you are not satisfied.

End of Lease Cleaning in Ngunnawal

The fear of losing the bond is always at the back of your mind when you reach the end of the tenancy. If you want to make this hectic and stressed period relaxed, then you must think about hiring end of lease cleaners in Ngunnawal 2913 ACT. Located in the district of Gungahlin, Ngunnawal 2913 is just 12-km away from the bustling city of Canberra. The region extends all comforts needed for an ideal suburban life and has a sizeable population with a retirement village in the vicinity. It has a splendid well-knit community that boasts of shopping centres, churches, and schools. Its proximity to ACT makes it a favourite among office workers and business owners who need professional end of lease cleaning services when relocating to the region. Our bond back guarantee (Ts and Cs apply) for seven days gives us the seal of trust that most customers need while looking for a reliable bond cleaning company in Canberra.

We Offer A Bond Back Guarantee for Seven Days (Ts and Cs apply)!

You can trust us to get your deposit back without getting into any trouble with your landlord or property manager. Our reputation bears testimony to our satisfying service.


We are a leading end of lease cleaning company in Canberra which offers its services across the suburbs including the postcode of Ngunnawal 2913.

Our end of lease cleaners in Ngunnawal 2913 ACT are locally available and reach you on time for a comprehensive clean-up. They understand your requirements and work as per your needs to provide you with a tailored service. We follow the REIACT approved checklist to ensure we cover every nook and cranny.

Our bond back guarantee for seven days (Ts and Cs apply) gives our customers the confidence to hire us without thinking twice. We aim to get your deposit back without any cuts by exceeding the expectations of the real estate agent and the landlord. Our assurance helps customers to enjoy a worry-free end of the tenancy.

We are way ahead of our competitors because we utilise the latest equipment and techniques to get the best results. Our knowledgeable and trained end of lease cleaners are determined to remove every last bit of dust and dirt from the rented property. They do not rest until they bring it back to its original condition.

Our customer care executives are fully trained to act in a polite and friendly manner with the customers. They listen to your queries and offer expert advice to resolve your confusions. You can contact them to book a job without any hassles and within a few minutes.

Most customers looking for end of lease cleaning in Ngunnawal 2913 ACT need to book a job a few days before the final inspection. We make sure that they are able to schedule the cleaning on the desired date with our flexible booking options. Thus, you can take advantage of our flexibility.

Call us today to get an upfront quote along with a 10% discount on your first clean!




The median rent for houses in Ngunnawal 2913 is $500 pw and close to 26% of the population lives in leased properties. Naturally, the demand for end of lease cleaning in the suburb is quite high. We cater to this growing demand with our vast team dedicated to offering end to end bond cleaning. Our fully insured and police verified professionals uphold the quality standards of our company. Equipped with advanced tools like telescopic rods, magic dusters, squeegees, etc., they get all the dirt and debris out of the house within no time.



Commercial cleaners are often loaded with chemicals that pollute the water bodies and the environment. Thus, we make sure that our professionals carry organic and biodegradable supplies which are non-toxic. We bring our own cleaning products which do not cause environmental pollution or harm the health of our employees. We cover every part of the suburb from the Broadview Estate to the Groove and even commercial properties located in Ngunnawal 2913. Whether you are vacating a rented house or office, we can help you in getting it spruced up with our natural cleaners.



The attractive suburb of Ngunnawal 2913 is known for Gold Creek Homestead and Tea gardens homestead which makes several people fall in love with the place. As a result, several people move here since the median price for a 3-bedroom house is still affordable and stands at $535,000. With so many relocations taking place, our end of lease cleaning in Ngunnawal 2913 is frequently recommended by satisfied customers. Our bespoke service makes it easier for the clients to get the property cleaned according to their needs and expectations. We turn every dirty corner into a shiny space.

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Bond Back Guarantee for Seven Days (Ts and Cs apply)

Our cleaning checklist ensures that we do not miss out on any space and helps in getting your bond back. With our reliable end of lease clean in Canberra service, you can rest easy about getting the deposit back without any disputes. It is our aim to help you retrieve your money by offering an outstanding cleaning service that gets all the praise from the landlord and the property manager. If they pinpoint any problem with our service, we are ready to provide a free reclean within 72 hours. However, it will not be required because we are the best when it comes to providing bond cleaning in Canberra.


We, at Bond Cleaning in Canberra, have been servicing the length and breadth of the city and cover the suburbs too. The postcode of Ngunnawal 2913 is not too far for us, and we can reach the property within time without causing any delay. Our professionally trained cleaners carry all the equipment and use only organic products to do the job. With our expert cleaning, we are able to transform every rented property without causing any damage or defacement. We work our way from the top to the bottom and take care of covering every neglected part, such as the sliding door tracks, windows, skirting boards, light switches, exhaust fans, air conditioners, toilet floor, cupboards, drawers, etc. Our prices do not make you break the bank and are customised according to the size of the property. Also, we offer an upfront quote which leaves no room for adding hidden costs.


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