End of Lease Carpet Cleaning: Complete Guide For Tenants

End of Lease Carpet Cleaning: Complete Guide For Tenants

By : Angelina
Inadequately clean or damaged carpets are among the top reasons renters lose their rental bonds. Losing your bond entirely or getting it after significant deductions is a serious issue in Canberra because its rental market is the most expensive. Median house rent in the capital is $690, making rental bonds costly give up because it is a maximum of four weeks of rent. Therefore, you must keep and leave the rental premises and carpets in the same condition they were in at the start of tenancy. However, maintaining appearance and structural integrity of carpets is challenging when you cannot clean regularly or have small children or pets. During a tenancy, normal wear and tear of carpets is acceptable, but not damage due to cleaning negligence. Renters must know how to check whether the carpets need professional cleaning or if they can get their bond back with DIY carpet cleaning. You can hire professionals for end of lease cleaning Canberra to get the carpets & entire rental property cleaned well. But, before you do, look at this complete end of lease carpet cleaning for tenants to gain valuable insights.

Check If You Must Get Carpets Professionally Cleaned

Although rental providers cannot make renters hire professionals for carpet cleaning in Canberra, you can be obligated to seek professional help in certain circumstances. Pet owners usually need to get carpets professionally cleaned to get their bond back in full. Landlords can put conditions for consent to keep pets in rental properties. These conditions should be reasonable like the number of animals allowed, certain expectations for cleanliness and maintenance etc. Therefore, it is common for rental providers to sign a lease agreement with pet owners after ensuring the renter will get the carpets cleaned professionally or pest control is done at the end of a tenancy. Additionally, if the landlord had professionals perform carpet cleaning in Canberra before your tenancy, you are obligated to do the same. Therefore, read your rental agreement for terms and conditions for keeping and leaving the property reasonably clean.

Choose The Right Carpet Cleaning Service

Professionals can perform multiple carpet sanitation methods as per requirement and help you get a complete rental bond refund. Therefore, if you must hire a professional service for carpet cleaning in Canberra, here are the most common and popular methods.
  • Hot water extraction, also known as steam carpet cleaning
  • Carpet shampooing
  • Encapsulation
  • Bonnet cleaning
  • Dry carpet cleaning

  • Discuss which method is the best for the carpets in a rental property with the professionals, or ask your landlord which service they had availed to get the same one done and get your bond back without dispute. Make sure to get a copy of the receipt for professional end of lease cleaning in Canberra or carpet cleaning to avoid getting duped.

    Tips For DIY End of Lease Carpet Cleaning

    If you can clean the carpets yourself at the end of tenancy, keep the following things in mind.
  • Spot-test cleaners before using them on the entire carpet to avoid end of lease cleaning mistakes. Choose an inconspicuous spot to test the products. Also, follow the instructions carefully & go ahead with the products if there is no reaction or damage.
  • Divide carpets into four quadrants to make cleaning easy. It is a professional trick end of lease cleaners in Canberra use to streamline the process. Also, while cleaning, move from the centre towards the edges.
  • Most carpet stains can come off with a soap and water solution. Mix dishwashing liquid in water and spray on the dirty area. Dab until the stain and cleaner transfer to the paper towel or microfiber cloth.
  • Never rub messes on carpets as it will cause the stain to spread and embed deeper into the fibres. Always dab spots to remove them effectively and efficiently.
  • Follow the right carpet cleaning method to get the best results.
    • Pre-clean carpets with a napping brush to remove dust, dirt and debris.
    • Main clean with a carpet cleaning solution. Make sure to remove scuff marks, stains and spots.
    • Vacuum the fixtures last to clean any remaining contaminants and fluff the fibres.
  • Never steam clean carpets if you have pets because the heat will bind pet enzymes with the fibres & become impossible to remove.
  • Don’t DIY clean carpets under warranty because it can void the warranty. Ask your landlord if the carpets should be professionally cleaned to prevent warranty infringement.
  • To sanitise and deoderise carpets, mix crushed lavender flowers with baking soda and sprinkle this mixture generously on the carpets. Wait 30 minutes, then vacuum the fixture to reveal clean and odour-free carpets. It is an effective eco-friendly cleaning tip that comes in handy.

  • Wrapping Up

    Carpet cleaning at the end of a tenancy is a crucial task. If the carpets in your rental property are dirty or stained during the final inspection, you can lose your rental bond partially or entirely. Therefore, use this complete guide for tenants to know everything for successful end of lease carpet cleaning.