Do You Need to Remove All Furniture To Clean Carpet?

Do You Need to Remove All Furniture To Clean Carpet?

By : Angelina
Did you know that carpets can contain up to 200,000 bacteria per square inch, putting you at great health risk? The five most common bugs and bacteria in your carpets include salmonella, E.coli, dust mites, carpet moths and mould. These can accumulate over time and get released into the air when you walk across your carpets. To avoid getting sick with all these bacteria and germs, you should clean your carpet regularly.

It is also a good idea to hire professional bond cleaners in Canberra to help you deep clean your carpets every few months so that they can get rid of the embedded grime and dust. During this cleaning process, if you are wondering whether it is better to move your furniture out of the way or leave it as it is, then read below.

Why You Should Move Your Furniture

If you are cleaning your carpets on your own, it is advisable to move your furniture items to get rid of the hidden dirt and dust that may have been collected there. This will also improve the life of the carpets as you can avoid dents and heavy traffic areas by moving around your furniture.

Here are some benefits associated with moving your furniture:

1. Removes Hidden Dust Particles

Bond cleaners in Canberra recommend that you move your furniture when cleaning your carpets to eliminate any hidden dust particles underneath and behind the furniture.  this is also one of the main reasons why you should clean your carpets all year round so that you can get rid of all these dust mites and keep your indoor air quality clean.

2. Saves Your Carpet From Dents

When you keep your furniture in one spot for a long period, then it makes a dent in your carpets. This dent will damage the fabric and life of your carpet; thus, it is better to avoid this by moving your furniture. You can clean your dents with vinegar and water and move your furniture to another spot, so your carpets are free of dented spots.

3. Saves You Time

If you move your furniture out of the way, you can clean your carpets without any hurdles and finish vacuuming and spot-treating them quickly. You won’t waste time changing attachments on your vacuum or bending to reach tough spots, as everything will be out in the open.

4. Move High-traffic Areas Around

You can also move your furniture around when cleaning carpets to change the high-traffic areas. If you are constantly cleaning one spot on your carpet, it will damage the life and fabric of the carpet. Thus, you can extend the life of your carpet by placing your furniture in different areas to change the high-traffic areas.

However, if you are wondering whether it is okay to avoid moving these furniture items in some cases, you should first see what cleaning methods you use. In some cleaning instances, you can avoid moving the furniture items around, such as:

Different Carpet Cleaning Methods

1. Vacuuming

If you are vacuuming your carpet regularly, you do not need to remove your furniture items. You can use a lightweight vacuum to get rid of all the loose dust and grime on your carpet to keep it clean.

Also, you can use different vacuum attachments and handles to clean hard-to-reach spots and hidden areas behind and under your furniture.

2. Spot Cleaning

If you are only cleaning and wiping away spills and stains on your carpets, you do not need to move your furniture around unless the stain is also on the furniture. You can use homemade carpet cleaning solutions and spray it only on the stain to remove it.

3. Carpet Shampooing

If you are hiring bond cleaners in Canberra to shampoo your carpets or do this on your own, you will need to wet the whole carpet. For this cleaning method, you will have to move all your furniture items, so they do not get damaged. Once you have applied the shampoo and cleaned your carpet, you must let it dry for at least 24 hours and then place back all your furniture carefully.

4. Dry Foam Cleaning 

Dry foam cleaning is also a form of deep cleaning your carpets where you use dry shampoo to clean all the dirt and bacteria from your carpet and extend its life. In this method, your carpet will get wet, and thus you must move your furniture when cleaning and place these items back only after the whole area is dry.

5. Professional Cleaning

When you hire experienced bond cleaners in Canberra to deep clean your carpets, they will use specialised techniques to get rid of all the dust mites and mould embedded deep in the fibres and will improve your indoor air quality. These experts will also make sure they move all your furniture items on their own.

Make sure you choose the most experienced and reliable bond cleaners who use advanced techniques to move your furniture and clean your carpets. You should also look for a company that has insurance coverage so that you are covered in case any furniture item gets damaged while moving them.

When You Can’t Move Furniture

If you are a senior citizen, have a back issue or have very heavy-duty furniture items, then it is better to avoid moving them when cleaning your carpets. Instead, you can use some precautions to protect your furniture items, such as:

  • You should use furniture caps to protect your items from getting wet and also from any cleaning solutions.
  • You can place blankets and plastic wrap over your furniture items to clean them easily without damaging the material and fabric.
  • You can always hire cleaners who offer professional end of lease cleaning Canberra to clean your carpets and move the furniture for you using advanced tools and equipment that will also keep your items safe.
  • Conclusion

    You can clean your carpets more easily and deeply if you move your furniture out of the way.

    However, in cases where it is unavoidable or if you use a specific cleaning method, you can take some precautions to keep your furniture items safe. This will help you avoid the hassle of moving your furniture and keep your carpets and surroundings hygienic and clean.