Conquer The Clutter: 10 Easy Steps To A Tidy Home

Conquer The Clutter: 10 Easy Steps To A Tidy Home

By : Angelina

Maintaining a neat home is a time-consuming process. In fact, in most cases, dedicating a significant time to this chore is also not enough. The reason behind this can vary from family to family, such as using sub-optimal cleaning methods or wrong products. This is the reason why cleaning home seems like a testing process. But it does not have to be that way. The secret to a clutter-free home is to develop habits that prevent all the mess from gathering in the first place.

Whether you want to keep your bedroom and bathroom clean or want a visually appealing pantry, a proactive approach is always better. It will also ease the burden of end of lease cleaning Canberra when you are nearing the end of your tenancy. So, here are ten easy steps to a tidy and clutter-free your home quickly. Employ them to keep your residence free of mess.

1. Sort and Declutter Regularly

For most people, decluttering their entire home is quite stressful and overwhelming. So, instead of doing that every season, you should consider frequent decluttering. You can create a schedule that makes the most sense for you and adjust it to your routine. Many people prefer completing a small set of work every day. You can do so by dedicating 15 minutes every day to tidy up your residence. Go through a few items every day and organise them appropriately.

2. Eliminate the Unnecessary stuff

When organising your home, it is crucial not to keep things you are not using. Closely analyse each item and figure out whether you have used it in the last six months. If not, chances are, you do not need it. However, do not just throw them away. If they are in good condition, consider selling or donating them. Donating items to charities will help limit the waste. You can also sell them to earn extra money. Eliminating unwanted items will also make professional end of lease cleaning Canberra easier when you are about to leave your home.

3. Stick to a Cleaning Routine

Establishing and sticking to a cleaning routine is vital to keeping a hygienic and dust-free home. According to budget bond cleaners Canberra, it is ideal to allocate specific days a week for certain cleaning tasks. For instance, you can use Sundays to perform deep cleaning tasks like scrubbing the bathroom and washing windows. On weekdays, you should complete small tasks like decluttering for 15 minutes, washing the dishes, and putting items back in their designated places.

4. Utilise Storage Containers for Organising

Using storage containers is one of the most exceptional methods to reduce clutter while increasing domestic efficiency. They offer an easy way to store and keep items within your reach. It is crucial to remember that the containers must be labelled to facilitate easy identification. You can also use tags to keep the items organised according to their categories.

5. Manage the Papers

You may think that papers such as artwork, cards, bills, etc., do not contribute much to the clutter. However, if not careful, they can accumulate quickly, affecting the tidiness of your home. A simple way to deal with it is to allocate around 15 minutes every week to tend to your papers. You will be surprised to see how much of a difference it makes.

6. Designate a Place for Everything

This is one of the primary rules to follow when eliminating clutter from your home. You must ensure that every item has a designated place. It will ensure that you know where to place the stuff once it is used. Not having a specific place will make the items pile up in random spots around the house. Invest in quality shelves and baskets to keep your items organised and easily accessible.

7. Do not Let Items Pile Up

To maintain a clutter-free home, it is crucial to avoid things from piling up. However, doing so can be difficult, especially if you own many small stuff like toys. Take time out every day to place these items back in their designated place. Your goal can be as small as putting back five items every day. Also, budget bond cleaners Canberra recommend cleaning surfaces such as counters and tables frequently to avoid any sort of mess.

8. Set a Timer to Get the Work Done

If you procrastinate on completing certain tasks, you need to change your routine. The tasks can be anything from unloading the dishwasher to folding a load of laundry. Set a timer and watch how long it takes you to complete them. Once you find that these tasks do not take more than 10 minutes, you are more likely to get them done whenever required.

9. Reduce Seasonal Decor

Many households have boxes of Christmas and Halloween decor. Having them can make your closet cluttered. It is recommended to limit your decor stuff to one bin per season. Simplify the transition from Halloween to Thanksgiving by keeping the season’s bin open and easily reachable.

10. Get the Family Involved

There is no easier and better way to organise your home than by involving your family in the process. Let them know why staying organised is crucial. This is also a great opportunity for parents to teach their kids essential organisational skills. Let them help you with completing specific tasks like putting away the toys.

Wrapping Up

Preparing a plan and executing it to perfection is crucial to ensure a clutter-free home. Making it to habit to focus on the way your stuff is organised is also important. Apply the steps from this article to keep clutter away and make way for a tidy home.