Complete House Clean for a Gift?

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Complete House Clean for a Gift?

By : Angelina

Giving a professional and thorough house cleaning gift to families, friends and loved loves has become one of the latest trends in Canberra, Australia. Whether it is about scrubbing kitchen floors or dusting furniture, removing grease or vacuuming carpets, you can reduce the stress out of the back-breaking cleaning chores by gifting them a neat and cleaned house.

You can give house clean service for a gift on special occasions like New Year, Birthdays, Baby Showers, Marriage Anniversary or Mother’s Day. All you need to do is to hire a professional cleaning company in Canberra that possesses a team of highly-skilled and experienced cleaners.

Since this is your surprise gift, make sure you plan everything ahead and schedule your cleaning day accordingly. If this gift is for your mother or wife, then take her out of the house for a few hours (may be out for shopping or a movie).
Professional cleaners can come in and clean up the house as per your given requirement without leaving any stone unturned.
Apart from hiring an experienced and reliable cleaning company in Canberra, you can make your loved ones happy by doing small cleaning chores such as:

1. Cook their favourite food and clean afterwards

It is absolutely a great idea to prepare food for your mom or wife on their birthdays. She would love your gesture, but make sure you clean up the entire countertops and dishes after cooking.
No matter how good you cook your meal, make your efforts count by giving a special dinner treat to your loved ones. Also, take out the time to clean all the dishes and de-cluttering the kitchen when you finish. This is how you can bring an elated smile on her face!

2. Spruce up hard-to-reach areas

If your mom is too busy and doesn’t get enough time to clean those nasty cobwebs on the ceiling walls, then she would love this house clean gift. With the help of the reliable and professional cleaners in Canberra, you can spruce up those areas that are hard to reach such as ceiling fans, wall corners, exhaust fans, etc.

A well-trained team of trainers always carry the right cleaning tools to help you get those difficult to reach areas cleaned in a matter of a few minutes. Whether it is about cleaning light fixtures or kitchen cabinets, let the professionals do their job because they know better than you.

3. Vacuuming Carpets

A clean and sparkling carpet not only enhances the overall look of the house but also plays a vital role in maintaining the healthy environment. Since carpet gathers unwanted dust, bacteria and other harmful particles from the air, make sure you give it a thorough clean by hiring professional carpet cleaners.
On this Mother’s Day, you can clean up your carpets and furniture as a gift for your mom.

A well-experienced team of carpet cleaners have the right set of cleaning tools and techniques that can remove the dust and stains from the fibres and bring back its shine in a matter of few hours.
It doesn’t matter how tough the stains are on your carpet; professional cleaners always carry the right technology to get rid of spots or discolouration on carpets using eco-friendly cleaning tools.

4. Give Thorough Kitchen Cleaning as a Gift

The kitchen is one of the dirtiest areas of a house and getting it cleaned professionally can be a perfect gift for your mom or wife. Sanitise the dirty countertop, sink, dishwasher and taps of your kitchen to stop the breed of bacteria and build up germs.
Most of the experienced cleaning company offers the following kitchen cleaning services:

  • Dusting
  • Disinfecting
  • Tile and floor scrubbing
  • Cabinet cleaning
  • Exhaust fan cleaning
  • Chimney cleaning (outside)
  • Fittings cleaning
  • Sink and taps cleaning
  • Gas burner and countertop cleaning
  • Gas burner cleaning and a lot more.

Tip: Don’t forget to get your oven or BBQ cleaned if you want to gift your mom or wife a well-organised and clean kitchen this Christmas.

Schedule a House Cleaning Day

Giving the gift of a clean and healthy house on special occasions can be an ideal way to show how much you care for them. If this gift is for your mother, then schedule the day for house cleaning.

Hire an experienced cleaning company in Canberra that can create a custom cleaning schedule to fit your needs. They can come and scrub every corner of your house while letting your mom enjoy her special day in her way.


Gift your loved ones a professional and thorough house cleaning service by hiring a reputed cleaning company in Canberra. A house cleaning gift holds true value for those who love their home. So, this Christmas, take the stress out of their shoulders and give them a hassle-free cleaning experience.