Clean And Green For Sustainability: House Cleaning Guide

Clean And Green For Sustainability: House Cleaning Guide

By : Angelina
Do you want to spruce up your house while reducing your carbon footprint on the environment? Adopting green cleaning practices by avoiding harmful chemicals, non-renewable resources, and plastic-based cleaning tools can help maintain a healthy indoor as well as outdoor environment. Using natural or organic cleaning products on a regular basis is one of the great ways to go sustainable. Change your habits slowly and focus on leveraging the benefits of environmentally-friendly options for housekeeping chores. Small efforts can make a huge difference and preserve our ecosystem. In this blog post, we will discover a practical house cleaning guide on using green cleaning ways to maintain a healthy living space all year round.

What Does Green House Cleaning Means?

It is also known as sustainable or eco-friendly cleaning, which allows people to use environmentally-friendly cleaning practices and products. It is a consistent effort to reduce the use of store-bought cleaning products that contain ammonia, chlorine, triclosan, formaldehyde and other volatile organic compounds. These substances can cause air and water pollution and also lead to various health issues, such as respiratory illnesses, skin allergies and eye irritation. Instead, use green or eco-friendly cleaning products that contribute to a cleaner and healthier home. You can use the following products and achieve sustainability:
  • White vinegar
  • Lemon
  • Baking Soda
  • Castile Soap
  • Borax
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Warm Water
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Key Tips to Clean a House Sustainably

Here are some of the best tips to help you spruce up your home using green cleaning practices: Choose Reusable Cleaning Products Believe it or not! Disposable cleaning supplies, such as single-use wipes, paper towels, traditional sponges and plastic brushes, contribute to huge waste generation. These can add up to landfill and pollute the environment. Instead, prefer choosing reusable tools to spruce up your home. This includes microfiber cloths, mops, eco-friendly sponges and old toothbrushes that are durable and can be used multiple times. Here are some great hacks on using magic erasers that are effective and can be used multiple times to achieve sparkling results. Avoid Toxic Products Many people bring chemically-laden cleaning products to tackle stubborn stains, grime and grease around the house. Some chemicals can cause health hazards, including cancer. So, be careful and dispose of them to keep your kids and pets safe. Conserve Energy and Water Be mindful when using water and energy when sprucing up your home. This is one of the best ways to go sustainable. Turn off the tap when not using it and buy energy-efficient vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners, rechargeable cleaning gadgets and much more. It is also good to wash your cleaning mops and cloths in cold water to minimise greenhouse gas emissions. Prepare Green Cleaning Products Look for cleaning products that are labelled as green or eco-friendly. However, some companies scam people by falsely advertising their toxic cleaning products using green cleaning labels. They add alternatives to harsh chemicals that are equally harmful. Choose products that come with eco-label certifications and also read customer reviews to make the right decision. You can also create DIY cleaning products to spruce up your house like a pro. You can use:
  • Vinegar to remove stubborn stains
  • Baking soda to disinfect and deodorise areas
  • Lemon to kill germs
  • Hydrogen peroxide to tackle mould
  • Clean Your Home with Castile Soap
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Best Natural Cleaning Products For Your Home

Here are some of the best products that you can use to spruce up your home and maintain a healthy home environment. Use Vinegar as a Multi-purpose Cleaner White vinegar has antibacterial properties, and therefore, it is one of the most effective natural cleaning agents these days. It can help you clean puppy pee stains, food splatters, and mould from different surfaces. The acidic nature of vinegar helps cut down dirt and grime, even from carpets. However, avoid using it on natural stone surfaces, such as ceramic tiles and stone countertops. Etc. You can prepare all-purpose cleaner by mixing: 1 part of vinegar 2 parts of water, dish soap and a few drops of essential oil. This can be used to clean windows, blinds, microwaves, ovens, carpets, floors and other surfaces. Baking Soda to Remove Grease and Oil Stains Baking soda is a mildly abrasive scrubbing tool that can help remove grease stains, oil splatters and grime from almost all surfaces. It can also be used to clean, disinfect and deodorise surfaces. Use Lemon as a Natural Disinfectant Lemons have acidic properties and can help you kill germs and bacteria with ease. You can use it to scrub cutting boards, microwaves, ovens and other surfaces that need disinfection. Kill Mould Spores with Hydrogen Peroxide Mix 3 per cent hydrogen peroxide with warm water and spray on mouldy surfaces. Leave it for a few minutes and scrub it using an old toothbrush to achieve desired results. You can also book pest control service before moving out of your rented property and maintain a healthy indoor environment. Apart from this, hire end of lease cleaning Canberra professionals for desired outcomes.

Wrapping up

This guide will help you embrace green cleaning practices to keep stains, grime, grease and mould at bay. You can maintain a healthy and hygienic living space while choosing sustainable and eco-friendly products and tools while protecting the environment.