Castile Soap to Clean Your Whole House

cropped image of a woman pouring castile soap into a bottle with measuring spoon

Castile Soap to Clean Your Whole House

By : Angelina

Cleaning a house from top to bottom is one of those tasks that need both time and elbow grease. There are plenty of conventional cleaning products that can be used to clean the dust and grime from the dirty surfaces, but they can cause various health problems due to the presence of hazardous chemicals.

If you want to promote a healthy and safe environment inside your house, you have to find out some natural ingredients that can help you get rid of stubborn stains and spots. One of the safest and eco-friendly cleaning ingredients is Castile Soap.
The soap is originated in the Castile region of Spain and also popular in Canberra and other regions of Australia. It is a biodegradable soap that is free of harmful chemicals, artificial foaming agents, and other toxic elements. It is made up of various essential oils that are mild and safe for babies and pets.

In fact, most of the reputed cleaning companies in Canberra incorporate Castile Soap in their non-toxic cleaning kit. If you want the professional and safe end of lease clean, then hire a reliable end of lease cleaning company in Canberra that aims at using only eco-friendly products including this super-magical soap.
Since it has long-preserved essential oils such as tea tree or eucalyptus, you can use it to clean your entire house. From carpets to ceilings, castile soap can be used to spruce up almost anything. We bring you some great tips that can help you clean your house using Castile Soap.
Here we go!

Get Sparkling Floors

Clean and sparkling floors can be achieved without using harsh and harmful chemicals. It can be possible with the use of castile soap. All you need to do is to add 2 cups of hot water to a bucket for mopping.

Or you can directly spray the soap and mop the floor with a microfiber mop. This can help you remove mild stains, dirt and dust with ease. For tough or build-up stains, mix the castile soap with a solution of white vinegar and hot water – it works great as an eco-friendly floor cleaner.

Note: Avoid using castile soap on waxed wooden floors.

Revamp your Carpets

Add a few drops of castile soap in carpet cleaning machine to bring back the actual shine of your carpets, First, vacuum the carpet to get all the dust and hair dandles out of the fibres. After that, wash your carpet with a castile soap and rinse it with distilled water.

You can also use vinegar to break down the tough stains and traces of solvent.  Here, the castile soap will work as a carpet shampoo to ensure thorough cleaning without the use of harmful chemicals.

Achieve Neat & Clean Walls

Removing greasy spots and oily fingerprints from walls seem difficult. It won’t be cleaned with a mild cleaning detergent. You need something effective and powerful. If you are moving out of the leased property and want a thorough cleaning of your house, then opt for a trusted and experienced end of lease cleaning company in Canberra.

If you are doing it on a regular basis for a healthy home, then it is good to add liquid castile soap in a ¼ cup of hot water to remove the greasy mess from the textured walls. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe off the marks. For hard-to-reach areas, use a broom (sprayed with a castile soap).

Clean up your Kitchen

In the kitchen, castile soap can work as an all-purpose cleaner. It allows you to clean countertops, cooktops, dirty sink, floors, etc. A small amount of soap has the potential to help you get rid of oil spots, fresh spills and stubborn stains in a matter of few seconds. You can even use it to clean the dishes and make them shiny again.

Disinfect your Bathroom

Yes, you can use this magical soap to disinfect your dirty bathroom. It can be used to clean the tiles, tubs, shower, tap, washbasin, floors and bathroom countertops. You can mix liquid castile soap in 1/8 cup of hot water and scrub the dirty surfaces until they get clean and shiny.

Clean Sealed or Painted Woodwork

Damp the microfiber cloth in the solution of castile soap and hot water to get those painted and sealed woodwork cleaned without using any chemicals. The soap can break down the built-up dust even between the nooks and corners of the woodwork.

Tip: Use an old toothbrush as your cleaning tool while cleaning the edges and crannies of the object. Make sure the woodwork is not oiled or waxed; otherwise, it will break down the wax.


Castile Soap is a multi-purpose cleaning solution that can make your job daily house cleaning job a bit easier. It is a safe, environmentally-friendly and effective cleaning solution that is popular among various renowned end of lease cleaning companies in Canberra. You can make a castile soap spray with water and use it to remove dust and dirt from your house.